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energyaudits -- Public Workshop - Energy Efficiency & Co-Benefits Assessment for Large Industrial Sources - Refinery Public Report

Posted: 17 Jun 2013 09:32:44
The Air Resources Board (ARB) invites you to participate in a
public workshop to discuss the Energy Efficiency and Co-Benefits
Assessment of Large Industrial Sources Refinery Sector Public
Report (Refinery Public Report). ARB staff will provide an
overview of the Refinery Public Report as well as a discussion of
the information and provide a forum for receiving public comment.
 The workshop will be held at the following time and location:

Date:		July 9, 2013
Time:		1:30 p.m.  3:30 p.m.
Location:	Cal/EPA Headquarters Building
                Byron Sher Hearing Room
                1001 I Street
                Sacramento, California 95814

The Refinery public report can be found at the following website:
The workshop notice can be found at:
The workshop presentation will be posted here prior to the

Background: On July 22, 2010, the ARB approved the Energy
Efficiency and Co-Benefit Assessment of Large Industrial
Facilities (EEA Regulation).  The regulation required
the largest industrial sources in California to conduct a
one-time assessment of fuel and energy consumption, and emissions
of greenhouse gas, criteria pollutants, and toxic air
contaminants.  Affected facilities were also required to identify
potential improvements in equipment, processes, or systems that
could result in energy savings.

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