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newsclips -- ARB Newsclips for June 25, 2013

Posted: 25 Jun 2013 14:02:03
ARB Newsclips for June 25, 2013. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


U.S. justices to hear EPA appeal over air pollution rule.  In a
win for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Supreme
Court on Monday agreed to consider the legality of a
controversial Obama administration effort to regulate air
pollution that crosses state lines.  Posted. 

Air Pollution May Have Suppressed Storms, Research Suggests.  To
the ever-growing list of ways humanity seems to have altered the
earth, add another candidate: Air pollution may have had a major
soothing influence on storm cycles in the North Atlantic. 

ARB fines Thermo King Corporation $213,200 for violating air
pollution laws.  The California Air Resources Board (ARB)
announced today that it has fined Thermo King Corporation
$213,200 for violating air pollution regulations. The
Minneapolis-based firm was penalized for continuing to sell
diesel particulate filters after an ARB approved conditional
verification had expired.  Posted. 


Obama aims to tackle pollution, climate change. President Barack
Obama declared the debate over climate change and its causes
obsolete Tuesday as he announced a wide-ranging plan to tackle
pollution and prepare communities for global warming. In a major
speech at Georgetown University, Obama warned Americans of the
deep and disastrous effects of climate change, urging them to
take action before it's too late. Posted.


Other related articles:


http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/stories/1059983415/print  BY

Obama May Establish Green Investment Bank, Climate Lobby Says.
Anthony Hobley, president of the Climate Markets & Investors
Association and head of climate change at law firm Norton Rose
Fulbright LLP in London, comments on President Barack Obama’s
plan to protect the climate, which is to be announced today.
Hobley commented in an e-mailed statement. Posted.

Ice mass the size of Greenland overlooked in climate models. Far
more of Earth’s water was locked up as ice at the height of the
last ice age than previously thought, and current climate change
models may need to be adjusted to account for it, according to a
new study. The research is the latest salvo from geophysicists
who are reexamining assumptions made about Earth’s crust by
climatologists calculating ancient sea levels. Posted.

Climate change: Why does President Obama's plan skirt Congress?
With Republicans implacably opposed – and some Democrats still
wary of fallout at the polls – there's little prospect of getting
climate change reform through Capitol Hill. When President Obama
lays out his agenda to fight climate change at Georgetown
University on Tuesday, there won’t be a grand push for sweeping
climate legislation. Posted.

Environmentalists hope carbon rules on power plants will be
achieved in Obama's last term. Environmental groups are hoping a
presidential push for carbon regulations could set a clear
timeline for a process mired in missed deadlines, political
opposition and bureaucracy. Most importantly, they want President
Obama to prioritize his resources to tackle the largest sources
of emissions -- the fleet of aging electric power plants across
the country -- before his term is up. Posted.


Truck regulation enforcement may doom some. The Air Resources
Board is stepping up enforcement of its diesel truck regulations,
and some feel that small Mexican companies won’t survive the
change. More than 100 people attended an informational session on
the issue in Calexico on Thursday. The regulations are to ensure
that only vehicles in compliance with state anti-pollution laws
travel into the state. Posted.

Purchase order deadlines for TRU compliance near.  The California
Air Resources Board (CARB) recommends that transport
refrigeration unit (TRU or reefer) owners take action to plan and
order compliance options to ensure TRU model year 2006 engines
(or units manufactured in 2006) comply with in-use performance
standards by the end of 2013.  All model year 2005 and older TRU
engines (or units manufactured in 2005 or earlier) should be in
compliance now.  Posted. 


Ethanol Fluctuates Against Gasoline on Signs of Increased Demand.
Ethanol fluctuated against gasoline on speculation demand for the
biofuel will climb while stockpiles are at seasonal record lows.
The spread, or price difference, widened 0.13 cent to 29.79 cents
a gallon at 11:13 a.m. New York time as the four-week average of
gasoline demand has increased 6 percent from this year’s low in
January, data from the Energy Information Administration show.


VW Passat diesel gets Guinness trophy for 78 mpg. It's not an
official government rating, but it's pretty impressive
nonetheless: 78 miles per gallon in a Volkswagen Passat TDI
diesel. It was anointed a Guinness World Record, so it's more
than your neighbor bragging about his eco-abilities. The team of
auto blogger Wayne Gerdes and electronics engineer Bob Winger ran
up 8,122 miles, using 104.94 gallons of fuel…Posted.

A Fully-Charged Electric Car In 93 Seconds? If this works out in
the real world, say goodbye to electric car "range anxiety." At
an event in Southern California last week, Tesla Motors founder
Elon Musk demonstrated a way his company's Model S electric cars
can be "recharged" in less than half the time it takes to fill a
25-gallon gas tank. We say "recharged" in scare quotes because
the process doesn't involve pumping power into the car's battery
so much as swapping out the drained battery for a fully charged
one. Posted.

Nissan offers battery replacement plan for Leaf electric car. 
Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. has announced a $100-a-month battery
replacement plan for U.S. owners of its electric Nissan Leaf. 
The plan calls for participants to get a new or upgraded battery
once their current battery capacity falls below 70 percent of
initial output.  Posted. 


Solar Boat Harnessed for Research. Last year, after it became the
first solar-powered boat to circumnavigate the globe, the Turanor
Planetsolar could have taken its 5,500 square feet of
photovoltaic cells and eight tons of lithium-ion batteries and
sailed off into the sunset. Instead it is becoming a scientific
research ship, at least for the summer. Posted.

BARSTOW: Calico solar plans withdrawn. The developer of a
controversial plan to cover as much of six square miles of public
land with solar panels east of Barstow has abandoned the
endeavor, citing changed market conditions. It is the second
massive solar project dropped in the past six months in Riverside
and San Bernardino counties. Posted.

GE agrees to help China's solar industry expand and meet quality
standards. U.S. power systems giant General Electric Co. will
lend its power conversion expertise to Chinese solar
manufacturers under a memorandum of understanding announced
yesterday. The agreement among GE, its Chinese partner Yingda
International Leasing Co. and Chinese engineering firm Sinoma
International Engineering Co. calls for the firms to "share
resources and cooperate closely to develop the solar energy
business in China and abroad." Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/stories/1059983388/print BY

San Onofre closure generates mixed feelings. There's relief,
sadness, hope and lingering concerns among the San Clemente
neighbors of the nuclear power plant. The picturesque beach city
of San Clemente has hummed along for decades just up the highway
from the ominous concrete domes of the San Onofre nuclear plant.
To residents, there were always reminders of their neighbor's


Letters: Denying the climate-change deniers. Re "Time to act on
climate change," Editorial, June 20.  Thank you for your
editorial on the need to take action on climate change. With 97%
of climate scientists agreeing we have a problem, it is
refreshing to see the conversation shift from "is it happening?"
to "what can we do?" Anyone not on this bandwagon will drag us
all down, so let's go full out focusing on action. In this
conversation, there is no space for deniers. Posted.

Obama and Congress must fight climate change like they do
terrorism. President Obama is expected to announce steps to limit
greenhouse gases today. That's fine, but they are half measures
without the help of Congress. Both must take this issue as
seriously as they do terrorism. Climate change, too, has killed
people and the financial damage is real. For a man with his hands
tied, President Obama is offering a decent enough plan to fight
climate change. Posted.

Obama climate plan: bold, but will China go along? President
Obama's climate plan aims to address climate change with an eye
toward global partnerships. Without cooperation from China and
the developing world, international climate treaties have fallen
short – a shortcoming Obama hopes to remedy with his climate
plan.  Posted.

Lomborg: Obama should confront climate change fantasies.
President's speech promoted policies both brilliant and useless.
Here's why. President Obama on Tuesday outlined his new climate
policies. It had both brilliant and useless ideas for tackling
this real problem. The confusion stems from Obama's unwillingness
to confront three climate fantasies:     Renewables are a major
part of the solution today. No, they are almost trivial. Posted.


Obama’s Ambitious Global Warming Action Plan. In advance of
President Obama’s speech Tuesday afternoon laying out his
three-pronged plan to cut releases of greenhouse gases and the
impacts of global warming, White House officials circulated
detailed fact sheets and discussed the plans with journalists,
including me, last night. They laid out an impressive array of
steps, most of which have long been in the pipeline or
anticipated and which can be carried out without congressional
approval. Posted.

Obama comes out swinging on climate change. President Barack
Obama, in his first speech on climate change since his State of
the Union address, proposed a broad strategy for reducing
atmospheric pollution, including limiting the amounts of
greenhouse gasses power plants are allowed to emit, boosting the
amount of renewable energy the federal government uses and ending
public financing of coal-fired power plants in developing
countries. Posted.

CLIMATE CHANGE: Obama to address plan to limit emissions.
President Obama is expected to announce plans today, June 25, for
sweeping limits on greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power
plants. Obama’s climate initiative also calls for  increased
energy efficiency and promotion of renewable fuels, according to
sources cited by Bloomberg news. Posted.

Obama Emissions Plan Seeks to Revive Climate Initiative.
President Barack Obama will attempt a revival of U.S. efforts to
tackle climate change today by announcing a sweeping plan that
would impose limits on greenhouse gas emissions from all U.S.
power plants. The mandatory reductions by operators of power
plants, the biggest single source of carbon-dioxide emissions in
the U.S., are the centerpiece of Obama’s initiative…Posted.

Obama unveiling plan to cut carbon pollution; Colorado efforts
already underway. President Barack Obama today will announce a
sweeping plan to cut carbon emissions from power plants,
following similar moves in Colorado. "Cutting carbon pollution
will help keep our air and water clean and protect our kids,"
according to a fact sheet on the plan issued earlier today by the
White House. "Posted.

Helping the Economic Climate. President Barak Obama is expected
to unveil his administration's new strategy on climate change
today. The strategy will target three major challenges: (1) how
to reduce carbon emissions in the U.S., mostly from power plants;
(2) how to protect the U.S. from damage due to climate change;
and (3) how to work with other countries to negotiate a global
plan for climate protection. Posted.

Supreme Court Won't Reverse EPA E15 Ethanol Rules.  The U.S.
Supreme Court has been slow to rule on many of the biggest cases
on this year's docket. Maybe that's because some of the justices
are prone to procrastination, or maybe, like seasoned TV
scriptwriters, they're just playing America like a violin,
getting us all worked up for a rousing finale.  Posted. 

Justices take up air pollution rules.  The Supreme Court will
review a lower court decision that nullified Environmental
Protection Agency rules aimed at cutting soot- and smog-forming
power plant emissions that cross state lines.  Monday’s
announcement provides new hope for the EPA and green groups that
suffered a big defeat in 2012 when an appeals court nixed the
Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, a pillar of the Obama
administration’s air pollution agenda.  Posted. 

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