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newsclips -- ARB Newsclips for July 2, 2013.

Posted: 02 Jul 2013 12:27:29
ARB Newsclips for July 2, 2013. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


An unintended consequence of reduced pollution: More storms. The
Clean Air Act, which has benefited breathing in many American
cities over the past few decades, may have worsened the weather
in some places. New climate simulations suggest that reducing the
level of atmospheric aerosol particles produced by human activity
might have been the main cause of a recent increase in tropical
storm frequency in the North Atlantic. Posted.

Laser shows? Air board's offer big dud in S.J. A plan to persuade
cities to abandon traditional Fourth of July fireworks shows in
favor of cleaner, high-tech laser displays appears to have
fizzled. San Joaquin Valley air pollution officials offered
$30,000 for cities or organizations willing to make the change.

Port of Long Beach: Harbor leaders to fund demonstration of
pollution-curbing technology. Harbor leaders voted Monday to pay
$2 million to test new technology that would essentially vacuum
up ship-generated pollution. The Long Beach Board of Harbor
Commissioners unanimously agreed to fund the demonstration of a
proposed "wharf-based, 'sock on a stack'" Advanced Maritime
Emissions Control System. Posted.


Obama Climate Plan Seen by Environmentalists Adding Jobs.
President Barack Obama’s plan to use regulations to curb
carbon-dioxide emissions from power plants could result in the
U.S. economy adding jobs -- not losing them -- as well as lower
electricity rates, according to an analysis released by an
environmental group that favors the rules. Posted.

G.O.P. Sees Opportunity for Election Gains in Obama’s Climate
Change Policy. When President Obama announced strong measures to
combat climate change last week, environmentalists who felt he
had long soft-pedaled the issue for political reasons rejoiced.
But many Republicans were just as gleeful — in the belief they
had been handed a powerful issue to use against Democrats in the
2014 midterm elections in energy-rich states from Texas to
Minnesota. Posted. 

Obama Seeks to Reassert U.S. Role in Climate Debate. When
President Obama barged into a meeting of leaders from Brazil,
China, India and other major emerging economies in Copenhagen in
December 2009 that focused on climate change, he managed to
extract a last-minute agreement to set a goal to limit the rise
in global temperatures. It was the high-water mark of Mr. Obama’s
leadership on climate change — even if the deal was less than the
Americans or Europeans wanted…Posted.

Greenhouse gases could cause more frequent El Niño and La Niña
events – study. Understanding the causes behind El Niño and La
Niña is a critical task for climate forecasters. More than 110
million people were affected by the most recent El Niño of 1997
and 1998, according to the U.N. World Meteorological
Organization, and approximately 24,000 died in intense storms
brought on by this weather phenomenon. Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/stories/1059983774/print BY


Big rig goes green. You'd normally give wide berth to an idling
big rig, but a small crowd developed around one such truck as it
sat in front of the Port of Stockton's administration building
last week. There was no need to speak up - the engine noise was
closer to a hum than a roar. Posted.


White House has coal country on the defensive. After several
years of taking a beating from the poor economy, new pollution
rules and a flood of cheap natural gas, the coal industry was on
the rebound this year as mining projects moved forward in the
Western U.S. and demand for the fuel began to rise, especially in
Asia. But almost overnight, coal is back on the defensive,
scrambling to stave off a dark future amid President Barack
Obama's renewed push to rein in climate change. Posted.

Coal industry fears for future under proposal.  The coal industry
was on the rebound this year as mining projects moved forward in
the Western U.S. and demand for the fuel began to rise,
especially in Asia. But almost overnight, coal is back on the
defensive, scrambling to stave off a dark future amid President
Barack Obama’s renewed push to rein in climate change. Posted.

Fracking survives CA Legislature — for now. After sitting through
several recent marathon sessions in the Assembly, it was shocking
to witness the powerful California environmental lobby lose its
attempt to ban oil and gas hydraulic fracturing. For this,
Californians can be thankful. That got me thinking. What if
California’s powerful environmental lobby had been as powerful
during the 1849 Gold Rush as it is today? Posted.

Diesel Drops Again, Declining 2.1¢ to $3.817; Gasoline Drops 8.1¢
to $3.496. Diesel continued its string of recent downturns,
falling 2.1 cents to $3.817 a gallon, the biggest of its six
straight declines, while gasoline plunged more than 8 cents, the
Department of Energy reported. Gasoline dove 8.1 cents to $3.496
a gallon — its biggest drop this year — led by a 15.2-cent plunge
in the Midwest region to $3.394, DOE said Monday following its
weekly survey of filling stations. Posted.


GM, Honda to jointly develop hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles by 2020.
General Motors Co and Honda Motor Co will jointly develop
hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles over the next seven years, the latest
alliance in an industry-wide effort to cut the technology's costs
and meet stricter global emissions rules. The two automakers,
which announced their partnership on Tuesday, will also develop a
refueling infrastructure that will be crucial for consumer
acceptance and the long-term viability of fuel-cell vehicles.

Los Gatos: Five new town vehicles will plug in to fill up. Los
Gatos has five new all-electric vehicles that residents may
already have seen being driven around town. The Los Gatos
vehicles are Mitsubishi i-MiEV models that get approximately 112
MPGe. The "e" stands for equivalent and allows people to compare
the fuel efficiency of electric vehicles to gas-powered vehicles.


Northern California urged to conserve power as heat wave peaks.
California's power grid operator on Monday issued a rare plea for
customers in the north of the state to conserve energy over the
next couple days as a heat wave blanketing the region is expected
to peak just as the work week begins. As consumers cranked up
their air conditioners to escape the brutal heat, power prices in
California markets jumped to at least five-year highs. Posted.

Apple is planning a solar panel farm for its data center in Reno.
Apple, working with Nevada utility NV Energy, is planning to
build another solar panel farm next to a data center, and this
time it’s for its new data center in Reno, Nevada. Apple has
already been building two solar panel farms next to its data
center in North Carolina, and this latest solar farm in

PNM plans to add more solar, wind to portfolio. New Mexico's
largest electricity provider says it has a plan for adding more
solar and wind power to its portfolio. Public Service Company of
New Mexico unveiled its proposal Monday. It must be approved by
state regulators. The plan calls for building three solar
generating stations in the Albuquerque area and purchasing more
electricity from a wind farm in Cibola County. Posted. 

Low-speed, high-tech allure of the 'e-bike.'  Robert “Turbo Bob”
Bandhauer earned his nickname as a hot-rod enthusiast, souping up
Volkswagens and Datsuns in the 1970s. Today he is an expert and
advocate for electric bicycles. So-called e-bikes extend the
range and usefulness of bicycles without generating air
pollution. Posted.

Solar water heaters bloom on China's rooftops but not in the U.S.
Row upon row of tilted boxlike containers holding black glass
tubes top apartment complexes all over China. These solar water
heaters can provide cheap, emissions-free hot water for cooking
and bathing to China's rapidly growing urban population. But for
something that seems like an obvious solution to curbing
emissions, solar heaters haven't caught on at similar scales
around the world. Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/stories/1059983772/print BY


Let’s Not Braise the Planet. According to a report released by
the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace last month, we are
not running out of fossil fuels anytime soon. Since the dawn of
the industrial revolution we’ve used around 1.2 trillion barrels
of oil; the report estimates that with current technology we can
produce roughly five times that much. Posted.

Aruba Promotes Its Sustainable Energy.  Energy-conscious
travelers may soon find the Dutch island of Aruba high on their
list of destinations. The island has announced that it is on
track to become the first sustainable energy economy in the
world. Posted.

Strong June sales push Chevy Volt ahead of Nissan Leaf for first
time since February.  The flash report for monthly sales for the
two best-selling plug-in vehicles* is here, and it was a big
turnaround month for the Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid. Chevy's halo
car sold no more than 1,626 units in any month this year, so
June's sales of 2,698 Volts must be a pleasant surprise for the
General. Posted.

Obama climate plan: the one thing you need to know. President
Obama's plan to address climate change will at most have a slight
impact, Cobb writes, but it is nonetheless a brave and even
historic move towards slowing the effects of climate change. The
one thing you need to know about President Obama's plan to
address climate change is that the most it will…Posted.

These People Are Insane: Using Diesel Generators To Beat Climate
Change. Just when you think that the world has had enough
nonsense about climate change up comes an idea even more absurd.
People and companies in the UK are now being urged to start using
diesel generators, a horribly inefficient method of electricity
generation, in order to beat climate change. Posted.

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