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onrdiesel -- Regulatory Advisory on Compliance Extension for Manufacturer Delayss

Posted: 09 Jul 2013 16:11:04
The Air Resources Board (ARB) has posted a regulatory advisory to
clarify requirements of the extension for manufacturer delays in
the Truck and Bus regulation (regulation).   The manufacturer
delay extension specified in section 2025(p)(8) of the regulation
excuses the owner from immediate compliance with applicable
particulate matter (PM) filter requirements if the PM filter,
engine, or vehicle originally equipped with a PM filter was
purchased at least 4 months prior to the compliance deadline and
has not been received due to a manufacturer delay.  This advisory
clarifies the length of the temporary extension and how
compliance is determined.  For more information, please see the
advisory at: 


ARB has adopted a number of regulations that require diesel
engine owners to reduce toxic air pollution emissions.  These
regulations are part of the State’s plan to meet federal ambient
air quality standards and to protect public health.  Between 2012
and 2023, nearly all trucks and buses that operate in California
with a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating greater than
14,000 pounds will need to upgrade to reduce exhaust emissions. 
To comply with these requirements, fleet owners may retrofit
existing engines by installing ARB verified diesel PM filters or
by upgrading to newer cleaner engines.

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