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newsrel -- Air Resources CORRECTION RE: Board Fines Nine Companies Under Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule

Posted: 12 Jul 2013 11:17:15
Please note this version of the following news release from the
California Air Resources Board includes the full list of all nine
companies fined:




News Release 13-39

July 12, 2013

Dave Clegern
(916) 322-2990

Air Resources Board fines nine companies under greenhouse gas
reporting rule

Violations for late or inadequate reporting 

SACRAMENTO - Nine companies have been fined by the California Air
Resources Board for violations of the state’s Mandatory
Greenhouse Gas Reporting rule. That rule requires facilities,
including those covered by California’s cap-and-trade regulation,
to report their greenhouse gas emissions annually.

“Accurate reporting of greenhouse gas emissions is the foundation
of our efforts to reduce carbon pollution from the state’s energy
and industrial sectors,” said Air Resources Board Chairman Mary
D. Nichols. “We will continue to vigorously enforce the mandatory
reporting rule to ensure that every company follows all its
California’s Mandatory Reporting Rule, adopted by ARB in 2007,
requires facilities that emit more than 10,000 metric tons of
carbon dioxide annually to report their emissions. About 600
facilities have been reporting their greenhouse gas emissions to
the Air Resources Board since 2008.

Industrial facilities must report each April, and utilities must
do so each June. Those reports are then checked for accuracy and
verified by ARB-trained independent third parties with oversight
by ARB staff. The final reports are published on ARB’s website
each fall. The rule ensures that California has the most rigorous
and stringently verified greenhouse gas reporting process in the

The reporting compliance rate for 2012 was 97 percent. Nine
companies have been fined for failure to supply complete
information by the appropriate deadlines for either the reporting
or verification stages. In addition to paying these fines, the
violators must provide the Air Resources Board with plans for
complete and accurate data collection and reporting in the
future. The companies fined are:
ExxonMobil Oil Corporation		$120,000

DG Fairhaven Power, LLC		$55,000

Vintage Production California, LLC	$35,000

Pacific Gas & Electric Co.		$20,000

Veneco, Inc.				$20,000

Cemex Construction Materials, LLC	$15,000

Lehigh Southwest Cement Co.		$10,000

Lhoist North America of Arizona, Inc.	$10,000

Tidelands Production Co.		$10,000

The settlement agreements are available at:
Emissions reported by facility under the Mandatory Reporting Rule
can be viewed here:

Locate facilities emitting greenhouse gas in your area, and
compare to other facilities through interactive Google Earth map
here: http://www.arb.ca.gov/ei/tools/ghgfacilities/

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