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newsrel -- Tucker Rocky and Biker’s Choice fined $500,000 for sales of illegal aftermarket motorcycle parts in California

Posted: 02 Aug 2013 13:16:15
Please consider the following news release from the California
Air Resources Board:


News Release 13-43

August 2, 2013

Karen Caesar

Tucker Rocky and Biker’s Choice fined $500,000 for sales of
illegal aftermarket motorcycle parts in California

SACRAMENTO - The California Air Resources Board (ARB) today
announced that Ed Tucker Distributor, Inc. has been fined
$500,000 for violations of air quality laws related to the sale
of illegal aftermarket “emissions critical” parts in California.

An ARB investigation discovered that two Tucker companies, Tucker
Rocky Distributing and Biker’s Choice, sold, advertised and
offered for sale aftermarket parts that replaced original
emissions-critical components, such as catalytic converters, on
highway motorcycles. California anti-tampering laws prohibit the
sale, distribution and installation of parts that modify the
emissions control systems of vehicles unless the modifications
are proven to neither reduce the effectiveness of those systems
nor cause excess emissions.

ARB investigators found that between 2009 and 2013, Tucker Rocky
Distributing and Biker’s Choice failed to take advantage of an
industry-requested regulation that provided aftermarket
motorcycle exhaust manufacturers, distributors, and retailers a
way to legally sell their products. This regulation allows
modifications to emissions control systems once they undergo an
engineering evaluation to ensure they are durable and continue to
meet applicable emission standards. Parts successfully completing
this process receive an Executive Order exemption that allows
their sale and installation on pollution-controlled motorcycles.

In announcing the settlement, ARB enforcement Chief James Ryden
noted that “Tucker Rocky Distributing and Biker’s Choice promptly
and fully cooperated with ARB during the investigation, and have
implemented a compliance plan to inform their dealers and
customers about the types of motorcycle exhaust systems that are
legal for sale in the State. We encourage other distributors in
the industry to institute similar practices.”

Modified vehicles that no longer meet California's emission
requirements pose a real health danger to California residents.
They create higher amounts of smog-forming pollutants, which can
then exacerbate respiratory ailments and negatively affect other
health conditions.Funds collected will be paid to the California
Air Pollution Control Fund, established to decrease air pollution
through education and the advancement and use of cleaner

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