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arbcombo -- Transfer of the Sud-Chemie EnviCat®-DPF Particulate Filter Verification to Clariant Corporation

Posted: 05 Aug 2013 14:03:24
The Air Resources Board (ARB) has transferred the verification of
the Sud-Chemie Incorporated EnviCat®-DPF Particulate Filter 
system from Sud-Chemie to Clariant Corporation (Clariant).

Sud-Chemie was merged into Clariant on January 1, 2013.  Clariant
has completed all the  verification transfer requirements
specified in the Verification Procedure, Warranty, and In-use
Compliance Requirements for In-Use Strategies to Control
Emissions from Diesel Engines, Title 13, California Code of
Regulations, and will sell new systems as well as provide support
for existing Sud-Chemie customers.  

The EnviCat®-DPF Particulate Filter system reduces emissions of 
diesel particulate matter by at least 85 percent (Level 3 Plus). 
The system is designed for stationary applications using diesel
fuel that contains up to 20 percent biodiesel. 

Specific engine families and conditions for which the
EnviCat®-DPF system has been approved may be found in the
Executive Orders posted on ARB’s website at:

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