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newsclips -- ARB Newsclips for August 6, 2013.

Posted: 06 Aug 2013 12:44:40
ARB Newsclips for August 6, 2013. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Poll: What do you expect from California's newly inaugurated
cap-and-trade program for carbon dioxide? Posted.

California Carbon Trading Would Counteract Emissions From
Expanded Chevron Refinery, State Says.  The hundreds of activists
on hand Saturday at Chevron’s Richmond refinery to protest its
contribution to global warming might be surprised to learn that
California says it has found a way to control the company’s
carbon footprint within the state, despite its plans to expand.

More Hinkley homes in toxic plume's path. Four new homeowners
have been included in the one-mile buffer zone of the toxic
groundwater plume after the release of the latest data from
Pacific Gas and Electric’s monitoring, according to PG&E
spokesman Jeff Smith. Homeowners in the zone receive the option
of a buyout offer from PG&E or a whole-house water purification
system. Posted.


China Battery Maker Investigating Pollutions Claims. One of
China's biggest suppliers of batteries for electric vehicles
suspended its shares from trading Monday in the wake of
allegations from state media reports that pollution from one of
its factories had sickened children and contaminated land. Hong
Kong-listed Tianneng Power International Ltd. told the Hong Kong
Stock Exchange that it and its subsidiaries have taken note of
recent media reports regarding the company's plant in Jiangsu
province's Shuyang County. Posted.

Foul odor in Santa Fe Springs caused by hydrogen sulfide. After
receiving more than 330 complaints about a foul odor wafting
across Santa Fe Springs last week, air quality officials said
Monday they had pinpointed the smell to increases in the amount
of hydrogen sulfide in the air. "Hydrogen sulfide does give you
that rotten-egg type smell," said Sam Atwood of the South Coast
Air Quality Management District. Posted.

BLM to re-examine impacts of western Colo. Wells. In a settlement
with environmental groups, the Bureau of Land Management has
agreed to take another look at potential air pollution associated
with more than 1,300 oil and gas wells proposed in the Garfield
County area. Posted.


Investors See Climate Change as Risk That Influences Decisions:
Report.  Climate change remains a material risk for a majority of
investors and, in many cases, it is increasingly influencing
their investment activities, according to a report released Aug.
5 by a coalition of global investor groups. About 81 percent of
asset owners and 68 percent of asset managers said they view
climate change as a material risk across their entire investment
portfolio in the third annual Global Investor Survey on Climate
Change. Posted.

Climate Change Seen as Threat to Iberian Lynx.  After 20 years
and more than $100 million spent, the effort to save the
endangered Iberian lynx is at risk because it fails to factor in
the effects of climate change, scientists say.  The lynx is a
spotted, yellow-eyed feline from Southern Europe that has long
faced a dwindling food supply. Its preferred prey, the European
rabbit, suffers from disease and over-hunting. Posted.
New Mexico is the driest of the dry. Scientists in the West have
a particular way of walking a landscape and divining its secrets:
They kick a toe into loamy soil or drag a boot heel across the
desert's crust, leaning down to squint at the tiny excavation.
Try that maneuver in New Mexico these days and it yields nothing
but bad news in a puff of dust. Across the West, changes in the
climate are taking a toll. Almost 87% of the region is in a
drought. Posted.

Study Questions Nature's Ability to 'Self-Correct' Global
Warming. Forests have a limited capacity to soak up atmospheric
carbon dioxide (CO2), according to a new study from Northern
Arizona University. The study, available online in the journal
New Phytologist, aimed to explore how rising atmospheric carbon
dioxide could alter the carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) content of
ecosystems. Posted.


Retrofit-DPF sales to satisfy California regulations lag. Sales
of diesel particulate filter retrofits for in-use, on-road,
heavy-duty diesel vehicles operating in California remain lower
than the state’s projections, according to the results of a
survey released today by the Manufacturers of Emission Controls
Association (MECA). The total number of verified DPFs sold by
MECA member companies for diesels operating in California in the
first half of 2013 was 3,508 and includes both passive and active
DPFs. Posted.

CARB Publishes Q&A for TRU Generator Sets.  The California Air
Resources Board has published a series of frequently asked
questions and answers for transport refrigeration unit generator
sets regarding compliance with the TRU regulation requirements
for brokers, shippers, receivers, carriers, and drivers at
California port terminals and depots.  TRU gensets are generator
sets that are designed and used to provide electric power to
electrically driven refrigeration units of any kind. Posted. 


White House May Cut Ethanol Mandate. The Obama administration is
set to announce that it will propose changes to the U.S. ethanol
mandate next year, according to people briefed on the matter,
opening the door to a first-ever reduction of the requirement.
The statement could come as early as Tuesday and would be as part
of the rollout of an Environmental Protection Agency rule
finalizing this year's ethanol requirement, these people said.

U.S. and Canada Vie for Big Gas Projects. Some of the world's
largest energy companies are racing to transform backwaters like
this hamlet of 544 people into boomtowns. The energy giants are
proposing half a trillion dollars in projects to export vast new
finds of North American natural gas. Western Canada and the U.S.
Gulf Coast are competing to see which region receives the lion's
share of the investment. Posted.

Fuel deal reached for NH natural gas station.  Clean Energy Fuels
Corp. of Newport Beach, Calif., on Tuesday announced a 10-year
fueling agreement with NG Advantage of Colchester, Vt. Under the
agreement, NG Advantage has agreed to purchase an amount of
compressed natural gas equal to at least 10 million gallons of
gasoline each year, more than double the volume supplied by Clean
Energy Fuel's highest volume station. Posted.

Obama administration defends fracking safety — again.  For years,
the most common rap used to discredit hydraulic fracturing — the
sharply improved drilling process that uses precisely targeted
underground water cannons to free up oil and natural gas reserves
a mile or more below ground — is that it triggered environmental
nightmares in Pennsylvania. Posted. 

Uinta Basin gas leakage far worse than most believe. Gas
production » New study says up to 12 percent of basin’s methane
escapes. Between 6 percent and 12 percent of the Uinta Basin’s
natural gas production could be escaping into the atmosphere, far
more than commonly estimated, according to a new study led by the
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Posted.


Chevron to pay $2 million for refinery fire. A day before the
first anniversary of the destructive fire at Chevron's oil
refinery in Richmond, the company pleaded no contest Monday to
six criminal charges arising from the incident. As part of the
deal, Chevron agreed to pay $2 million in fines and restitution
and accept additional oversight and inspection of its operations
during a 3 1/2-year probation period, authorities said. Posted.


GM cutting Chevrolet Volt's sticker price by $5,000. The price
cut will make the plug-in hybrid 2014 Chevy Volt more competitive
with other rechargeable cars. Sales haven't been speedy. In an
effort to juice up tepid sales of its 2014 Chevrolet Volt,
General Motors Co. will slash the sticker price by $5,000, to
$34,995, including shipping. The price cut makes the plug-in
hybrid Volt more competitive with other rechargeable cars…Posted.

Data Center: Number of hybrid vehicles in California triples in
five years.  With gas prices hovering near $4 a gallon for the
past several years, the appetite for hybrid vehicles in
California has grown.  About 585,000 hybrid vehicles were
registered in the state on the first day of 2013, according to
the latest figures from the California Department of Motor
Vehicles. That's up from 218,000 hybrid vehicles registered on
the first day of 2008.  Posted. 


Perea advocates high-speed rail at forum.  Henry Perea, chairman
of the Fresno County Board of Supervisors, left no doubt of his
support for high-speed rail Friday as he spoke as a panelist at
the Fresno Grizzles’ Farm Forum at Chukchansi Park.  Perea said
the need for additional transportation and jobs in the area make
it a winning plan, even at a high price tag. Posted. 


More homeowners going solar for electricity, but uncertainty and
cost stops others.  Ben Kunz wanted to do “the green thing” and
save on his electric bill without paying a lot of money up front.
So instead of buying a solar system for his house in Cheshire,
Conn., he leased one.  “I thought it was a pretty good deal,” he
said. “I lean a little environmentalist so I’m concerned about
global warming.”  Posted. 

Edison International acquires solar developer SoCore.
California-based Edison International has acquired solar
developer SoCore Energy in a move that will expand the utility
company's ability to install and operate rooftop solar
installations for commercial and industry customers. Edison said
the Chicago-based SoCore will become a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Solar dilemma: Wash rooftop panels?  It is a question gnawing at
people who live and toil beneath rooftop solar panels: To wash or
not to wash away accumulating dust?
The answer is don't bother hiring a panel washer to let in the
sunshine, according a study by a team of engineers at the
University of California San Diego. Posted.

Move state green power mandate to 90%, and technology will
follow, advocates say. California needs to set more aggressive
targets for renewable energy, aiming to mandate as much as 90
percent of power by 2050, community advocates said here
yesterday. A state official, however, said it's not feasible.
Members of a committee representing low-income and minority
populations, which is advising the California Air Resources Board
as it plans future moves…Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/stories/1059985646/print BY

Europe explores floating wind turbines to expand offshore power,
study says. Massive wind turbines that float far out into deep
ocean waters could go from fantasy to reality in as little as
four years, a new study says. Floating turbine designs are
comparable in cost with fixed-bottom designs in waters more than
50 meters (164 feet) deep and will be key to unlocking a huge
untapped energy potential in remote locations with excellent wind
conditions concludes the study…Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/stories/1059985633/print BY


Environmental groups say radioactive waste is going to landfills.
A coalition of environmental groups accused state regulators
Monday of allowing low-level radioactive waste from the former
Santa Susana Field Laboratory to be illegally disposed of in
landfills not licensed to receive such material. Consumer
Watchdog,  the Center for Race Poverty and the Environment, and
others said debris from six structures from the former nuclear
research facility already had been delivered to municipal
landfills and metal and concrete recyclers. Posted.

Still no agreement on Prop. 65 reform. Stakeholders working to
reform Proposition 65, California’s 1986 voter-approved
initiative on warnings for toxic chemicals, still haven’t agreed
on changes to the law despite several meetings over the past
month. The groups, which include business leaders,
environmentalists, attorney’s groups, consumer organizations and
representatives from Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration…Posted.


California’s ‘truck-n-bus’ fiasco.  Think the Golden State has
come up with every possible regulation known to man? Not quite
yet. As the California Air and Resources Board’s 2008 global
warming regulations begin to phase in, California’s trucking
industry will be virtually exterminated.  The state’s top-down
public policies have made California one of the worst states to
live and own a business. Posted. 


Scientists declare: 'Human activities are changing Earth's
climate'.  With more confidence than ever before, a prominent
scientific body put the blame for global climate change squarely
at the feet of humanity's insatiable appetite for fossil fuels,
which release heat-trapping gases when burned.  "There is only
one thing that is going straight up … that is the greenhouse
gases that we are just pumping at an exponential rate," Gerald

Car wars. FRANCE has banned imports of some Mercedes cars,
claiming they fail to meet European technical standards for
emissions of global-warming gases.  It looks like an arcane
technical dispute, but it is an early skirmish in what could
become a trade war within Europe’s single market. The casus belli
is ever-tighter European Union (EU) rules on car emissions of
carbon dioxide. Posted.

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