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newsrel -- Consumer Products companies fined for air quality violations

Posted: 09 Sep 2013 12:16:42
Please consider the following news release from the California
Air Resources Board:



News Release 13-52

August 9, 2013

Antonio Leaks
(916) 322-2990

Consumer Products companies fined for air quality violations

Settlement of 26 cases generates $377,950 for pollution control

SACRAMENTO - The Air Resources Board announced that since January
of this year, it has settled 26 cases involving air quality
violations by companies manufacturing or selling consumer
products that exceeded California’s standards for smog
contributing gases known as volatile organic compounds. The
excess in emissions of VOCs from these settlements amounted to
over 24 tons.

The amount collected went to the California Air Pollution Control
Fund to support air quality projects and research to improve
California’s air quality.

“With volatile organic compounds present in products we use every
day, it is essential for companies to comply with ARB’s air
quality regulations,” said ARB Enforcement Chief James Ryden.
“Companies can control the composition of the products they sell,
which limits the emissions and benefits us all.”

The fines totaled $377,950. The four companies paying the highest
amounts were:
•    OPI - $58,000
•    Lucas Oil Products - $48,400
•    Lancaster Colony- $48,000
•    Core Products - $45,000

The companies involved in the 22 settlements with fines totaling
$178,550 were:

Personal Products
•    Dasio Holding
•    Rainbow USA
•    Continental Consumer Product
•    Fromm/ Diane Products
•    Proctor & Gamble - Wella
•    Phillip B; Sir Gauuan
•    Spirit Halloween
•    Colomer

Household Cleaners
•    Aromasource
•    Jig- a- loo
•    Western Fragrant
•    SpecChem
•    Sportsman Warehouse
•    TA Emerald

Other Products
•    Gold Eagle/Suzuki
•    Unified Grocers
•    Beacon Adhesives
•    Agustin Reyes
•    Providence Products
•    Wal-Mart & Vijon
•    Radiator Specialty

Volatile organic compounds are gases released from solids and
liquids, contributing to ozone formation once released into the
air. These gases can be found in a number of products such as
paints, wood preservatives, aerosol sprays, cleansers and
disinfectants, air fresheners, stored fuels and automotive
products, and more.

For more information on ARB’s consumer products regulations, see:

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