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omb -- California adds $72.5 million to accelerate its vehicle fleet

Posted: 01 Oct 2013 16:38:38
Truckers to get increased access to loans for cleaner diesel
trucks. Additional funding for deployment of cleanest vehicle

The California Air Resources Board announced September 26, 2013
an additional $72.5 million in funding for state programs that
will improve public health by helping to clean up California’s
fleet of cars, trucks and buses. Heavy duty vehicles such as
trucks and buses are a major source of highly toxic pollutants 
as well as emissions that cause global warming.

“The incentive programs provide critical early investments 
needed to accelerate the transformation of California’s car, 
truck and bus fleets to the cleanest advanced technologies,” 
Air Resources Board Executive Officer Richard Corey said. 
“The Truck Loan Assistance Program complements these long-term 
investments by providing truckers additional access to loans, 
helping clean up the legacy fleet of older, higher-polluting 
diesel trucks.”

The Air Resources Board today voted to move $8 million from 
other clean vehicle projects into ARB’s Truck Loan Assistance 
Program. Additionally, the board was briefed on additional 
funding the Legislature recently made available for clean car, 
truck and bus programs. Funding was approved for three specific 

•	The Clean Vehicle Rebate Project received an influx of 
$44.5 million to help California consumers purchase plug-in 
hybrid  and zero-emission cars and light trucks. The Clean 
Vehicle Rebate Project provides individuals, nonprofits, 
government entities and businesses a rebate of up to $2,500 
on a first-come, first-served basis. This can be combined with 
an up to $7,500 clean vehicle federal tax credit and various 
other regional incentives. More than 33,000 rebates have been 
issued since the program launched in 2010, and consumer demand 
has surged to about 2,500 rebates per month. 

•	Funding for this year’s Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck 
and Bus Voucher Incentive Project was increased by $10 million 
to $15 million. This program provides vouchers of up to $55,000 
to help California fleets purchase cleaner, advanced technology 
trucks and buses. Since its inception in 2010, the program has 
helped deploy more than 1,600 hybrid and electric trucks and 
buses in California. ARB expects vouchers to become available at
participating dealerships beginning this December. 

•	ARB’s Truck Loan Assistance Program received an 
additional $18 million to help small business fleet owners 
finance truck upgrades required under the ARB’s In-Use Truck 
and Bus Regulation. The program has leveraged state funds to 
provide about $210 million in private financing since 2009 to 
help truck owners purchase cleaner trucks, exhaust retrofits 
and truck efficiency upgrades. With this additional funding, 
the program will continue to support small business truck 
owners to gain access to cleaner trucks. The Truck Loan 
Assistance Program is implemented in partnership with the 
California Pollution Control Financing Authority.

The rebate and voucher incentive programs are designed to
accelerate the number of advanced-technology vehicles purchased.
This, in turn, increases production volumes and brings down the
cost of these vehicles, making them more affordable for all
consumers. They work together with the increased access to loans
for trucks to deliver the broadest range of clean transportation
and freight technologies California needs to meet federal air
quality standards and state climate change goals.

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