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ms-mailings -- Light-Duty E-Cert Available October 21, 2013.

Posted: 08 Oct 2013 07:49:40
Electronic Certification (E-Cert) is a database wherein the data
portion of a vehicle’s emissions certification application is
submitted to the California Air Resources Board (ARB)
electronically.  The ARB and manufacturers have worked closely
for several years to craft E-Cert to provide manufacturers a
reasonable format needed for California certification. Light-duty
E-Cert applies to passenger cars (PCs), light-duty trucks (LDTs),
and chassis-certified medium-duty vehicles (MDVs).

Manufacturers have participated in testing the system from August
13 during which time further improvements were made. During the
testing period, staff noticed the following common errors:
•	 Manufacturers were using the EPA assigned manufacturer code
instead of the CARB manufacturer code.
•	 Manufacturers submitted applications to E-Cert without first
validating the application against the XML schema. 

This notice also serves as an announcement that the voluntary
testing program which began in August will come to an end on
October 14th. All data submitted for testing will be erased. The
ARB staff would like to thank all those on-road light-duty
vehicle (LDV) manufacturers who have participated in the
voluntary testing of the E-Cert system.

On October 21st, 2013 the ARB E-Cert system for new on-road LDV
including PCs, LDTs, and MDVs will go live and begin accepting
and processing LDV certification applications. Manufacturers may
begin submitting applications on October 21, 2013 for 2014 and
later model-year vehicles. Note that all applications starting
with the 2016 model year must use the E-Cert system.

More information on the E-Cert system can be found at:

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