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arbcombo -- Notice of Public Comment Period on Proposed Amendments to the Area Designations Regulation

Posted: 23 Oct 2013 14:00:02
The Air Resources Board released a notice of public comment
period on proposed amendments to the regulations designating
areas of California as attainment, nonattainment,
nonattainment-transitional, or unclassified for pollutants with
State ambient air quality standards. 

The public comment period for this regulatory action will begin
on October 28, 2013, and written comments on the proposed
regulatory amendments must be received by December 11, 2013.  No
oral public hearing is currently scheduled, but you may, by
November 26, 2013, request such a hearing. The request must be in
writing and must comply with the requirements of Government Code
section 11346.8(a). Notice of the time, date, and place of the
hearing, if requested, will be provided by separate notice. 

Link for electronic comments submittal:

The notice and the associated regulatory materials can be
accessed from the Air Resources Board’s website at:

Inquiries concerning the substance of the proposed regulations
may be directed to the designated agency contact persons: Mr.
Webster Tasat, Manager, Central Valley Air Quality Planning
Section, at (916) 323-4950 or Ms. Theresa Najita, Air Pollution
Specialist, Central Valley Air Quality Planning Section, at (916)

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