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newsclips -- Newsclips for November 7, 2013

Posted: 07 Nov 2013 14:20:19
ARB Newsclips for November 7, 2013. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Nevada mine pollution deal brings residents $19.5M. Rural
neighbors of an abandoned World War II-era copper mine that has
leaked toxic chemicals in northern Nevada for decades have won up
to a $19.5 million settlement from companies they accused of
covering up the contamination. Atlantic Richfield Co. and its
parent BP America Inc. acknowledged no wrongdoing under the
agreement, which also calls for them to pay $2.6 million in
attorney fees to the legal team…Posted.

Cook with a gas stove? You could be breathing polluted air, study
says.  A big polluter could be blazing inside your kitchen, its
blue flames glowing under your tea kettle or frying pan.  A new
study says cooking with a gas stove can expose you to unhealthy
levels of air pollution.  About two-thirds of Southern California
households that use natural gas burners without proper
ventilation breathe levels of air pollution so high that they
would exceed federal health standards outdoors, scientists with
the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National
Laboratory found.  Posted. 

Prescribed burn scheduled Friday in San Luis Obispo County.  A
prescribed burn is scheduled Friday in San Luis Obispo County. 
The Department of Forestry and Fire Protection is working with
local ranchers to burn a 400 acre area, located nine miles
northeast of Pozo and 12 miles northwest of California Valley. 
The burn is part of CAL FIRE's Vegetation Management Program. The
goal is to get rid of hazardous brush and improve ranging for
livestock and wildlife.  Posted. 

How Biking In Traffic Affects Your Body.  Ever wondered what all
those fumes are doing to your lungs while bike or walk in heavy
traffic? I certainly have, especially when biking up a hill
behind a bus. (Argh, not again!) So I had to check out this Globe
and Mail story about a recent study of just my situation—biking
in traffic exhaust.  A team of exercise physiologists at the
University of British Columbia and the University of Fraser
Valley, both in Canada, asked healthy volunteers to come to their
lab, sit on stationary bicycles, and pedal away while wearing
face masks that pumped at them either filtered air or air
containing diesel exhaust. The researchers measured the
volunteers' oxygen use, heart rate and other physiological
responses.  Posted. 


DOE awards $84M for 18 carbon-capture projects. The Energy
Department has awarded $84 million to 18 projects across the
country to help limit carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired
power plants. The projects focus on so-called carbon-capture
technologies intended to limit pollution blamed for global
warming. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz announced the grants
Friday. He says any serious effort to protect future generations
from the worst effects of climate change must deploy

Brazil greenhouse gas emissions lowest in 20 years. A Brazilian
network of environmental groups says emission levels of
greenhouse gases in Latin America's biggest country fell last
year to their lowest in two decades. The Observatorio do Clima,
or Climate Observatory, is comprised of more than 30
non-governmental organizations focused on climate change. It says
in a report released Thursday that greenhouse gas emissions
amounted to 1.48 billion metric tons in 2012 compared to 1.43
billion metric tons in 1992. Posted.


Redding Council Votes to Gear Up in Battle With State Over
Exhaust Emission Rules.  With a 5-0 vote, the Redding City
Council agreed Tuesday to confront the California Air Resources
Board over looming diesel engine emission standards that
opponents say will deal a crippling blow to the north state’s
already fragile economy.  The vote authorized Mayor Rick Bosetti
to write CARB and invoke Redding’s “coordination” authority.
Coordination is a process that requires federal agencies (and
state agencies that receive federal funding) to work with local
governments before implementing policies or plans that impact the
local community.  Posted. 


Strong dollar drives oil down to near $94 a barrel. The price of
oil fell to near $94 a barrel Thursday, as an unexpected rate cut
by the European Central Bank strengthened the dollar and an OPEC
report depicted abundant global supplies. By mid-afternoon in
Europe, benchmark U.S. crude for December delivery was down 57
cents to $94.23 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. On
Wednesday, it added $1.43 to close at $94.80 a barrel. That was
still about 9 percent below its Oct. 2 close of $104.10. Posted.

Oil Industry May Invoke Trade Law to Challenge Export Ban. The
U.S. oil industry, riding a domestic energy boom, is preparing to
challenge restrictions on crude exports, possibly by arguing that
limits designed to keep petroleum in America may violate
international trade rules.  “Export issues are something we’re
going to have to address,” John Felmy, the chief economist for
the American Petroleum Institute trade group, said in an
interview. “It’s a debate we have to have.” Posted.

Colorado cities’ fracking bans could be canary in a coalmine. 
Three Colorado cities voted Tuesday to ban fracking, the kind of
test that might be coming to states from California to North
Carolina as oil and gas drilling surges from coast to coast. The
Colorado vote, happening in a state with a long history of energy
development, was a trial of whether the oil and gas industry
could overcome passionate opposition to the drilling practice
that’s helped create an American energy boom. Posted. 

Biofuel producers brace for major EPA changes as big lobby groups
clash. U.S. EPA will soon release its proposed biofuel targets
for 2014, and producers are anxiously waiting what could mean a
sea change for the industry next year, and beyond. If the
renewable fuel standard (RFS) gallon amounts resemble the numbers
in a leaked draft circulated last month that indicated a
significant reduction for the corn ethanol and advanced biofuels
targets, then it could mean a shift in strategy for the Advanced
Biofuels Association (ABFA). Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/stories/1059990127/print BY

Emissions from Canada's oil industry are increasing. Canada's oil
industry is producing more greenhouse gas emissions per barrel
than it did five years ago, despite Alberta regulations aimed at
curbing them and growing political pressure on the industry from
foreign governments concerned about climate change. In an
environmental report card released Tuesday, the Canadian
Association of Petroleum Producers said industry per-barrel
emissions were up 21 percent since 2008…Posted.


Tesla Model S electric car hit by third fire.  Another Tesla
Model S electric car has caught fire, this time in Tennessee, and
company shares are falling. Tesla says the fire happened
Wednesday afternoon near Smyrna. The company says it was caused
by a crash and was not spontaneous. Spokeswoman Liz Jarvis Shean
says Tesla has sent a team to Tennessee to investigate the fire.
She says the company has been in contact with the driver, who
believes the car saved his life. Posted.


China’s Dirty Air. Air pollution has reached appalling levels in
China, the world’s biggest carbon emitter. But we all knew this
was coming and should not be surprised. The Chinese economy has
grown spectacularly by following models of advanced economies.
Economic catch-up can be a matter of choosing what and when from
a proven menu, though too often that approach underestimates the
costs connected to a particular development tool. Posted. 

If You Think China’s Air Is Bad ...  For visitors, China’s water
problem becomes apparent upon entering the hotel room. The smell
of a polluted river might emanate from the showerhead. Need to
quench your thirst? The drip from the tap is rarely potable. Can
you trust the bottled water? Many Chinese don’t. What about
brushing your teeth? Posted.

There’s good news on greenhouse gas emissions, but work remains. 
THE COUNTRY’S greenhouse gas emissions have been dropping
significantly. Get excited. But not too excited.  The
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported last month that
the greenhouse gas output from power plants, the nation’s biggest
emitters, dropped by an astounding 10 percent between 2010 and
2012. Last year alone, greenhouse emissions over the whole
economy declined by 4.5 percent. In a separate report, the Energy
Information Administration (EIA) noted that the recent progress
on emissions came even as the economy and the population grew.
The country has been using less energy to produce more wealth
and, in the process, is producing fewer emissions.  Posted. 


China’s Top for Expats (When You Don’t Count the Pollution).
China is a great place for expatriates – if you don’t ask about
the air. The country ranked No. 1 overall among 37 countries as a
destination for expats in an HSBC Holdings PLC survey released
earlier this week, edging out Germany, Singapore and the Cayman
Islands. Its surveys ranked China No. 2 out of 37 countries in
terms of beneficial economics and No. 3 in terms of what the bank
calls “expat experience,” or general quality of life. Posted.

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