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arbcombo -- Enhanced Fleet Modernization Program Assessment Report

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 15:45:14
The purpose of the Enhanced Fleet Modernization Program (EFMP) is
to retire high polluting passenger vehicles and light-duty and
medium-duty trucks by voluntary means. Statute directs that the
program should be focused on the areas with the greatest air
quality impact, and considers cost-effectiveness and impacts on
disadvantaged and low-income populations.  EFMP is designed to
help people move into newer, cleaner vehicles through the
retirement and/or replacement of older, dirtier vehicles.  

During the course of administering the program, ARB staff
encountered substantial anecdotal evidence suggesting consumers
participating in vehicle retirement intended to scrap their
vehicles even without the EFMP incentive.  As the emissions
reductions achieved by the program are dependent on the useful
life remaining on the retired vehicle being taken off the road
sooner than would otherwise happen, staff decided it should
conduct an assessment of a sample of the vehicles being retired. 
Similarly, the low participation in the pilot voucher program
prompted an examination of that aspect of the program.  In order
to evaluate the benefits and performance of the program, ARB and
BAR jointly conducted an assessment where the overall conclusion
is that while EFMP is meeting program goals by purchasing and
retiring high emitting vehicles, the cost-effectiveness and
emission benefits of the program could be substantially improved
by ensuring that only vehicles with significant remaining useful
life are allowed to participate.  Staff also assessed the
retirement plus replacement element under the voucher program
with respect to participation rates and economics.  The key
findings suggest that the program is overly complicated, highly
bureaucratic, and the monetary incentives offered are too low. 
The EFMP assessment report can be found at

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