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cargo -- Updated Fact Sheet for 2011 Amendments to Cargo Handling Equipment Regulation Now Available

Posted: 20 Dec 2013 10:40:35
A fact sheet for the 2011 amendments to the Cargo Handling
Equipment (CHE) Regulation has been updated to reflect the final
version of the amended regulation and is now available. The fact
sheet can be downloaded from the CHE website at the following


The 2011 amendments to the CHE Regulation provide additional
flexibility to owners/operators, maintain the anticipated
emissions reduction benefits of the regulation, and clarify
several provisions in the regulation.  The amendments address
several areas including: retrofit requirements, operational
requirements, emission standards, compliance requirements,
definitions, and other clarifying language.  A more detailed
explanation is available at:

If you have any questions, please contact Michele Houghton at
(916) 327-5638 or mhoughto@arb.ca.gov, or Kirk Rosenkranz at
(916) 327-7843 or krosenkr@arb.ca.gov.

Cargo handling equipment is used to transfer goods or perform
maintenance and repair activities and includes equipment such as
yard trucks (hostlers), rubber-tired gantry cranes, top handlers,
side handlers, forklifts, and loaders.  The Regulation for Mobile
Cargo Handling Equipment at Ports and Intermodal Rail Yards was
adopted in December 2005 to reduce diesel particulate matter in
communities located near ports and intermodal rail yards. 
Additional information on the regulation is available at the
following link:


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