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arbcombo -- Zero Emission Bus Presentation December 3, 2013

Posted: 10 Jan 2014 14:57:41
Presentation for December 3, 2013 Zero Emission Bus Workshop is
now posted. 

The Air Resources Board (ARB or the Board) held a public workshop
on December 3, 2013, in Oakland, California, to discuss next
steps and take input from stakeholders on potential amendments to
the Zero Emission Bus (ZBus) regulation and the status, and
developments of ZBus technology and related systems. 

At the workshop, staff summarized the four panels (fuel cell
electric bus, battery electric bus, ZBus infrastructure, and
transit fleets operating ZBuses) from the first workshop and the
common themes expressed during the individual stakeholder
meetings.  The workshop focused on regulatory concepts, and
regulatory amendments.  The concept that a broader assessment of
the transit fleet rule will occur next year was introduced. 
Based on feedback from this workshop, additional workshops will
be scheduled to discuss specific regulatory language and to take
further comments.

The presentation from last week’s workshop is now posted on our
website: ZBus website: 


The ZBus regulation, first adopted in 2000, applies to transit
agencies with 200 or more urban buses.  The regulation required a
demonstration for diesel path transit agencies and 15 percent of
new buses purchased to be zero emission beginning in 2008 for
diesel path transit agencies, and 2010 for alternative path
transit agencies.  The ZBus regulation was amended in 2006, to
include an advanced demonstration from the diesel path transit
agencies.  The Board postponed the purchase requirement to 2011
for diesel path transit agencies, and 2012 for alternative path
transit agencies.  The Board directed the Executive Officer to
delay the ZBus purchase requirement through Resolution 09-49 at
the July 2009 Board Meeting.  In January 2010 “Mail-Out  #MSC
10-04” notified all affected transit agencies of the ZBus
purchase requirement suspension.  Staff will be providing a ZBus
status update to the Board in May 2014 and proposed amendments in
December 2014.

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