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newsclips -- ARB Newsclips for January 14, 2014.

Posted: 14 Jan 2014 13:48:12
ARB Newsclips for January 14, 2014. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Brown’s budget proposes boosts of UC, ag research.  State
agencies that work with farmers and ranchers would get a boost
under Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed budget.  The California
Department of Food and Agriculture would receive an extra $20
million in cap-and-trade revenue for nitrogen and dairy digester
research and development of renewable fuels, Secretary Karen Ross
explained on the agency’s website.  Posted. 

Calif. legislative analyst calls use of cap-and-trade money for
bullet train 'legally risky' California's legislative watchdog
yesterday blasted Gov. Jerry Brown’s (D) proposal to spend
revenues from the state's carbon cap-and-trade program on
high-speed rail, saying it was "unlikely to maximize greenhouse
gas reductions" and could be "legally risky." The Legislative
Analyst's Office (LAO) cautioned state lawmakers to look
carefully at Brown's draft budget request to put toward the
bullet train $250 million…Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/stories/1059992849/print BY


No Quick Fix for China's Air Quality. To control the pollution
that's choking Beijing, demolition squads recently swooped down
on this industrial city located two hours away by car and
crippled a batch of coal-burning steel works. TV cameras caught
the officially sanctioned saboteurs dismantling massive pieces of
equipment in outdated steel facilities that had long resisted
government orders to close. Some reports say they used explosives
to blow up boilers in what was dubbed "Operation Sunday." Posted.

Gov's Budget Invests In Clean Air for Low-Income Communities. 
Governor Jerry Brown's budget proposal is getting high marks from
those who want to see proceeds from cap-and-trade auctions go
toward cleaning up pollution in low-income communities. The state
borrowed against the carbon-pollution funds last year, but this
time the governor wants to spend $600 million on sustainable
communities and clean transportation.  Posted. 

Red alert: The color purple declared as poor air impacts schools.
 If you thought a "red alert" was bad, try purple.  Each day,
scores of schools in Kern County hoist a color-coded flag to let
parents, students and staff know what kind of air quality to
expect that day.  A green flag predicts good air quality, yellow
signals moderate, orange indicates the air is unhealthy for
sensitive groups and a red flag -- well, that's bad news for
pretty much anyone who breathes.  Posted. 


Top Global Emitter China Best on Climate Change, Figueres Says. 
China, the top emitter of greenhouse gases, is also the country
that’s “doing it right” when it comes to addressing global
warming, the United Nations’ chief climate official said. The
nation has some of the toughest energy-efficiency standards for
buildings and transportation and its support for photovoltaic
technology helped reduce solar-panel costs by 80 percent since
2008, Christiana Figueres…Posted.

The Flood Next Time.  The little white shack at the water’s edge
in Lower Manhattan is unobtrusive — so much so that the tourists
strolling the promenade at Battery Park the other day did not
give it a second glance. Up close, though, the roof of the shed
behind a Coast Guard building bristled with antennas and other
gear. Though not much bigger than a closet, this facility is
helping scientists confront one of the great environmental
mysteries of the age. Posted.


California Issues Reminder over Compliance with Reefer Rules. 
The California Air Resources Board is reminding brokers,
forwarders, shippers and receivers that hire motor carriers to
transport perishable goods on California highways to re-establish
due diligence in their hiring practices with the start of 2014.
That’s because Dec. 31 was the deadline for model year 2006
transport refrigeration unit and TRU generator set engines to
meet state in-use performance standards. Posted.


Lab study cuts fracking waste's radioactivity.  Researchers
believe they have found an unlikely way to decrease the
radioactivity of some hydraulic fracturing wastewater: Mix it
with the hazardous drainage from mining operations. The
wastewater is created when some of the chemical-laced water used
to fracture thick underground rocks flows back out of the
wellbore. Posted.

New trend in gasoline prices: Stability.  Wind back the calendar
a week, a month or a year and the average price for gasoline in
San Diego is nearly the same as today: $3.66 a gallon. The West
Coast, like much of the United States, experienced a narrower
range of price swings in 2013, the Energy Information
Administration has announced. Plentiful gasoline reserves provide
some assurance that the trend will continue, though world oil
markets and smooth refinery operations are key to low consumer
prices. Posted.

California Drivers Use Fuel Made From Trash. An innovative new
fuel is now available here in Southern California.  It’s clean,
cheap, and made from an unlikely source -- trash. Trash that is
thrown away generates pollution as it decomposes, releasing tons
of methane gas into the atmosphere.  Cars also spew out soot and
smog that pollute the air. Now, a Southern California company has
figured out a way of capturing methane that escapes from
landfills and farms, and turning it into clean fuel.  Posted.

Petroleum-coke-to-gas plant gets financial boost from DOE. The
Department of Energy will provide $261.4 million to a proposed
project in Louisiana that would capture the majority of carbon
dioxide emissions from a proposed gasification plant, according
to new documents published in the Federal Register. The decision
provides a financial boost to the $435.6 million Lake Charles
Carbon Capture and Sequestration project, which envisions
capturing 89 percent of the CO2 from a plant that converts
petroleum coke into hydrogen gas, methanol and other projects.
http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/stories/1059992832/print BY


Hybrid offers $55M for bankrupt Fisker in bid war.  Hybrid
Technology, led by Hong Kong billionaire Richard Li, has bid $55
million for Fisker Automotive's assets, just days after a
bankruptcy judge in Delaware rejected Hybrid's plan to take over
the failed electric-vehicle maker in a private sale. Hybrid said
in court papers Monday that it's offering $30 million in cash and
would cancel $25 million in debt that Fisker owes Hybrid as its
senior secured lender. Posted.

Automakers embrace renewable energy. It used to be the main
intersection between automakers and clean energy was the
development and deployment of fuel-sipping hybrid and
electric-powered vehicles. Increasingly, though, automakers
wanting to raise the bar for environmental performance are buying
or even producing their own renewable electricity to run assembly
lines and back-office operations. Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/stories/1059992821/print BY


England’s Clouds Part for Solar as Panels Carpet Fields.  Cloudy
Britain is emerging as Europe’s hottest market to build solar
parks. Cheaper equipment costs and steady subsidies are
attracting developers of large-scale, ground-mounted projects
from nations like Germany and Spain that pioneered solar on the
continent. Britain may build more big plants -- 2 megawatts or
larger -- than any European country, adding as much as 2,000
megawatts of capacity this year, according to
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. Posted.

Julian planners say 'no' to solar farm.  If left to the people of
Julian, an application to build a solar farm in Wynola would be
relegated to the Dumpster. By a unanimous vote of 10-0, the
Julian Community Planning Group recommended Monday night that the
county planning department reject a proposal to place 4,660 solar
panels on property just north of state Route 78 off Calico Ranch
Road. Posted.


High-speed rail in California runs into a low-speed process.  Who
is more powerful, the president of the United States or Michael
P. Kenny of Sacramento? Before you answer, consider this sequence
of events: In April 2009, President Obama announced his “Vision
for High Speed Rail” in America, backed by $8 billion in stimulus
funds. The president pitched the plan in subsequent State of the
Union addresses, signaling his commitment and that of his
administration. Posted.

Editorial: 'Coordination' push leaves city with a red face.  Is
the Redding City Council actually serious about “coordination”?
Or is it just pandering to conservatives hoping a harmless token
gesture will get the crowds to leave them alone?  Because after
an embarrassing snub by the California Air Resources Board, the
councilors really ought to make up their mind. And if they’re not
serious, they should quit wasting their time and precious
credibility.  Posted. 

Exide plant a grim tale of harmful pollution: John Pérez.
Sometimes when it comes to cleaning the air, stories come along
that can muddy the waters. That’s what happened in two instances
here in California: the fight against fire rings in Orange County
and the complaints about health issues and noxious odors coming
from the Sriracha plant in Irwindale. Those stories have received
statewide and even national attention because they include
components of broad media appeal…Posted.


Climate Change Clouds Philippines’ Dream of Rice
Self-Sufficiency. Climate change will complicate the Philippines’
efforts to become self-sufficient in rice, the country’s economic
planning secretary said Monday. Arsenio Balisacan said
preliminary data showed that 74% of the estimated damage from
natural disasters in the country last year came in the farm
sector, primarily affecting rice. The natural disasters include
extreme weather caused by global warming, he said. Posted.

Global warming? Public attitudes often at mercy of the weather,
study finds.
Human-triggered climate change is real, scientists agree, but
only about half of the public concurs. Part of the reason, a
study says, is how people process information when confronted
with complex issues. When much of North America was caught in the
grip of unusually cold weather in early January, images of
ice-encased lighthouses on Lake Michigan and hunche…Posted.

Toyota FT-1 hints at Supra, more aggressive hybrids.  Toyota
showed off the new FT-1 performance concept at the 2014 Detroit
Auto Show today, and the obvious story angle is that this is the
new Supra. That's enough weight for most concept cars to carry,
but then we thought about it a bit more - FT-1 stands for "Future
Toyota 1," after all - and re-read the hints Toyota is dropping
about how the FT-1 fits into the company's future. Posted.

Superchargers power Tesla Model S EVs for over 8M miles.  Ahead
of the company's press conference at the Detroit Auto Show
tomorrow, Tesla is talking up its Supercharger network with some
impressive numbers. Tesla's Alexis Georgeson told AutoblogGreen
that Tesla Model S EVs have driven more than eight million miles
on Supercharger fill-ups. That's the equivalent of 33-and-a-half
trips to the moon and back.

Tesla recalling 29,000 Model S wall chargers to prevent
overheating.  Tesla's big wall charger adapter replacement
program is about to get a lot bigger. For one thing, the
replacement has become an official recall. Secondly, the number
of affected adapters is higher than expected: 29,222 units. The
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration officially
announced the recall today. Tesla says that the problem lies in
"certain NEMA 14-50 (240 volt) Universal Mobile Connector (UMC)
adapters" and that the problem is that the adapter, cord, or wall
outlet can overheat during charging. Posted.

Climate Change Worsens Mercury Pollution. Summary of recent
research shows climate change will increase our exposure to
mercury, a toxic heavy metal that threatens fetal growth and
development and targets the brains of children. Pregnant women
hear a lot about mercury from their obstetricians, who emphasize
the need to limit tuna consumption during pregnancy. New moms
hear a lot about mercury from their pediatricians, who warn
against feeding too much tuna to their toddlers. Posted.

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