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harborcraft -- Correction of the Web Link for Revised Commercial Harbor Craft Brochure

Posted: 21 Jan 2014 10:10:20
The brochure, Commercial Harbor Craft Ė What Owners/Operators
Need to Know, has been revised and is now available. The updated
brochure is part of the Heavy-Duty Diesel Information Series and
includes the regulatory amendments adopted in 2010.  The brochure
can be downloaded from the Commercial Harbor Craft (CHC) website
at the following link:


The 2010 amendments to the CHC Regulation made diesel-fueled
engines on crew and supply vessels and barges and dredges subject
to the in-use engine requirements of the regulation.  Crew and
supply vessels have been included because the information
available to ARB staff indicated that they have similar or
greater emissions than vessel categories already subject to the
in-use engine requirements.  Barges and dredges have been
included to amend a situation where this class of vessels was
subject to two different statewide regulations.  Other amendments
were adopted to clarify requirements and to address issues that
arose during the initial implementation of the 2007 CHC

A more detailed explanation is available at:


The CHC regulation was adopted in November 2007 and became
effective in January 2009.  Commercial harbor craft includes crew
and supply vessels, commercial fishing vessels, ferries,
excursion vessels, pilot boats, tugboats, towboats, barges,
dredges, and workboats.  The CHC regulation has reporting,
recordkeeping, and monitoring requirements.  In addition, CHC
regulation requires existing Tier 1 and earlier auxiliary and
propulsion engines on in-use ferries, excursion vessels,
tugboats, towboats, crew and supply, barges, and dredges to meet
U.S. EPA Tier 2 or Tier 3 marine engine standards in effect at
the time compliance is required.  This regulation is part of
ARBís ongoing effort to reduce diesel particulate matter in
communities located near ports.  Additional information on the
regulation is available at the following link: 

If you have questions, please contact Kirk Rosenkranz at
916.327.7843 or krosenkr@arb.ca.gov, or Zhenlei Wang at
916.322.1049, or zwang@arb.ca.gov.

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