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newsclips -- ARB Newsclips for January 27, 2014.

Posted: 27 Jan 2014 13:02:15
ARB Newsclips for January 27, 2014. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Beijing's mayor urges "all-out effort" to curb air pollution.
Beijing's mayor pledged on Thursday to cut coal use by 2.6
million tonnes and set aside 15 billion yuan ($2.4 billion) to
improve air quality this year as part of the city's "all-out
effort" to tackle air pollution, state news agency Xinhua said.
The announcement by Wang Anshun came as the capital was blanketed
in its worst smog in months. Posted.

Smog-hit China's switch to high-grade raw materials to boost big
miners. Chinese steelmakers and power plants are being forced to
shop around for higher-quality raw materials to meet tougher air
pollution standards, a move that will be a boon for global mining
giants that produce premium-grade iron ore and coal. Beijing,
under heavy public pressure to cut pollution after a series of
hazardous smog crises in many major cities last year…Posted.

Beijing’s Bad Air Would Be Step Up for Smoggy Delhi. In
mid-January, air pollution in Beijing was so bad that the
government issued urgent health warnings and closed four major
highways, prompting the panicked buying of air filters and
donning of face masks. But in New Delhi, where pea-soup smog
created what was by some measurements even more dangerous

A menacing air in the Central Valley. From Stockton to
Bakersfield, the sky is thick with chemical-laced particles.
Residents know there's a risk just being outside. On bad-air days
here in the Central Valley, school officials hoist red flags to
warn parents and pupils that being outside is officially deemed
“unhealthful for all groups.” This winter, though, the most
polluted on record, schools have not only raised red flags.




Over 4,000 rally for clean air in Salt Lake City. More than 4,000
protesters gathered in Salt Lake City on Saturday to press the
government to step up the fight against air pollution in Utah.
Some demonstrators wore surgical and gas masks and others waved
placards during the rally on the steps of the Capitol. The Salt
Lake Tribune reports (http://bit.ly/1bpwF5n) Salt Lake City Mayor
Ralph Becker reaffirmed his commitment to implementing
air-friendly policies…Posted. here:


California air pollution drops over past decade. While overall
air quality in California has improved significantly over the
past decade, about a third of the population lives where
pollution is in excess of federal health standards, according to
state officials. The California Air Resources Board presented an
assessment of smog and soot levels on Thursday in Sacramento, the
Los Angeles Times reported (http://lat.ms/1mR1yI9). Posted.


Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown plans official Mexico trip.  Gov. Jerry
Brown is expected to travel to Mexico this year so California can
partner with that nation on ways to reduce air pollution.  The
Democratic governor made a passing reference to such a trip in
his State of the State address this week.  Posted. 

Hold Your Breath When Visiting These Heavily Polluted Cities. Car
exhaust makes you cough, but pollution in these five cities can
kill you. With the world's worst air quality around, here are the
five cities that will literally take your breath away. Posted.

Gusty winds prompt air officials to issue dust caution.  Gusty
winds have prompted local air-pollution officials to issue a
health cautionary statement through Friday for the western and
southern portions of the San Joaquin Valley due to kicked-up
dust. “Winds may add to the burden of particulate matter already
in the air basin and produce areas of localized blowing dust,
which can result in unhealthy concentrations of particulate
matter 10 microns and smaller (PM10),” …Posted.

30th Bay Area Spare The Air Day This Season Issued For Saturday. 
The Bay Area Air Quality Management District on Friday issued a
wood-burning ban for Saturday, the 30th such ban in the region
during the air district’s winter season.  The district’s Winter
Spare the Air alert bans the burning of wood indoors or outdoors
because of a high-pressure weather system that has caused the
buildup of air pollution to unhealthy levels.  Posted. 

Bill to Preserve California’s Beach Bonfires Advances to
Assembly.  The debate surrounding the popular Southern California
pastime of beach bonfires has been reignited. A bill to protect
beach bonfires on California beaches passed out of an Assembly
committee with unanimous bipartisan support -- 16-0 -- on
Thursday.  Posted. 


Most Latinos want government action on climate change, poll
finds.  Latinos overwhelmingly favor government action to fight
climate change, voicing a level of support exceeded only in their
views on immigration reform, according to a new poll commissioned
by an environmental group. Nine in 10 Latino voters surveyed said
it was important for the U.S. government to address global
warming and climate change…Posted.


Ancient forests stabilized Earth's CO2 – study. An image of a
meandering path dug into an otherwise flat surface looks as if it
could be a model of an oceanic trench, while another picture
appears to be a deep crater connected to a strange canal. In
fact, these features are much smaller, nanoscale in size, but
their implications are putting a new twist on the climate history
of Earth. Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/stories/1059993454/print BY

Scientists identify 'corridors' to help climate-threatened
species move. Scientists at the Woods Hole Research Center have
published maps that overlap biodiversity with tropical forest
habitat and identify "corridors" to help species move and adapt
in the face of a changing climate. Corridors are passages between
protected forests that allow plants and animals to migrate and
disperse. Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/stories/1059993456/print BY

UC Berkeley researchers devise challenge for lowering carbon
footprint. After releasing research that examined household
carbon footprints nationwide, two UC Berkeley researchers are
encouraging city and suburban residents to measure and make
efforts to lower individual carbon emissions. Led by Daniel
Kammen, a director of the Renewable and Appropriate Energy
Laboratory on campus, the research…Posted.


Pollution makes a comeback with warm, dry winter.  So much for a
winter reprieve from air pollution.  The unusually dry and warm
weather that has made us the envy of the frigid East has a toxic
downside.  Southern California is in the midst of an unusual smog
event – an elevation of soot and other harmful tiny particles at
a time of year when our air should be at its cleanest.  Posted. 

Drought Impacts Air Quality Across California.  Warm and dry
weather is being blamed for worsening air pollution in some areas
of California, but overall air quality in San Diego County
remains in the good to moderate range, according to the San Diego
County Air Pollution Control District (APCD).  Posted. 


Getting carbon out of your portfolio is tricky. If you are like
millions of Americans and own a broad stock index fund, you own
parts of Exxon Mobil, Peabody Energy and other companies that
earn money selling oil, coal and other fossil fuels. For some,
that's great. Fossil fuels give us light, keep us warm, help grow
our food, deliver our products and jet us around the planet. 

Analysis: Politics, legacy loom over Obama decision on Keystone
XL pipeline. President Barack Obama will lay out an agenda on
jobs, the economy and the environment during his State of the
Union speech on Tuesday. But he is unlikely to mention the
Keystone XL oil pipeline, a politically charged project that
could shape his legacy in each area. Posted.

China's Guangdong to cut oil, coal use, slow carbon emissions
growth. China's southern Guangdong province plans large
investments in natural gas and clean energy to cut coal and oil
use in a bid to slow rampant growth in greenhouse gas emissions,
according to a provincial climate change plan released Monday.
Guangdong, whose GDP is estimated to have surpassed $1 trillion
in 2013, plans to cut coal's and oil's share of its energy mix to
60.6 percent in 2015, from 73 percent in 2010…Posted.

Inside the Complicated Relationship Between Natural Gas and
Climate Change. The abundant fossil fuel is helping reduce
greenhouse-gas emissions, but not enough to prevent a climate
crisis. The abundant fossil fuel is helping reduce greenhouse-gas
emissions, but not enough to prevent a climate crisis.
Conventional wisdom tells us natural gas is helping us combat
global warming. Like most bits of conventional wisdom, it's not
that simple. Posted.

EPA sends Tier 3 rule for curbing sulfur in gasoline to White
House. U.S. EPA has sent a proposal for limiting sulfur in
gasoline to the White House Office of Management and Budget for
interagency review, setting the stage for finalization for the
much-delayed Tier 3 rule. Tier 3 would cut the amount of sulfur
in gasoline from 30 parts per billion to 10 ppb, while slashing
emissions of smog-forming pollutants and soot from vehicles. That
would also align with the fuel standards in California. Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/greenwire/stories/1059993501/print BY

U.S. biodiesel companies post record production. U.S. biodiesel
companies produced a record amount of fuel in 2013 on the back of
the renewable fuel standard and the reinstatement of a key tax
credit at the beginning of the year. The industry was responsible
for about 1.78 billion gallons of biomass-based diesel, compared
with the previous record of about 1.1 billion gallons in 2012,
according to numbers released Saturday by U.S. EPA. Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/greenwire/stories/1059993502/print BY


Tesla Completes L.A.-to-New York Electric Model S Drive Chargers.
Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA)’s Elon Musk said the electric-car maker
has expanded its U.S. network of rapid chargers to let owners of
battery-powered Model S sedans drive their cars from coast to
coast for the first time. Musk, Tesla’s chief executive officer
and co-founder, said last year the company would set up
“Superchargers” in most major U.S. and Canadian cities to permit
long-distance trips solely on electricity provided at no charge.

Hydrogen cars arrive in Washington — but are we ready for them?
It sounds like science fiction — a car that runs on hydrogen gas,
spits nothing but water vapor out the tailpipe, and can take you
from Washington to New York City on a single tank.  But after a
long and bumpy road from futuristic concept car to real-world
production vehicle, the first mass-produced hydrogen-powered cars
will hit dealerships this spring in the United States…Posted.

Clean Energy hopes natural-gas-powered autos fuel its first
profit. The builder and operator of natural-gas filling stations
is betting that fleet sales of clean-energy vehicles will
increase enough to produce the firm's first annual profit since
its 1997 founding. Clean Energy Fuels Corp., the Seal Beach
company that builds and operates natural-gas filling stations for
some of the nation's biggest bus and truck fleets, is banking on
corporate customers to buy more clean-energy vehicles this year.

US probes Camry hybrids for power brake problem. U.S. safety
regulators are investigating complaints that power-assisted
brakes can fail at times in Camry gas-electric hybrids. The probe
covers about 30,000 of the midsize cars from the 2007 and 2008
model years. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
says it has 59 complaints about intermittent loss of power-brake
assist. The agency says the problem happens without warning.

Tesla's Musk sees Model S' China sales rivaling U.S. levels.
Tesla Motors' Elon Musk said sales of electric Model S cars in
China should match U.S. levels as early as next year, with demand
from the world's largest auto market eventually requiring a local
plant. The electric-car maker said last week the Model S will be
priced at $121,280 in China when deliveries begin. Posted.

US Electric Vehicles sales report for December 2013 + annual
statistics.  The monthly EV sales report is provided by InsideEVs
and is updated with latest information available. Sales of
electric vehicles (EVs) in the US increased in December 2013,
compared to the limited numbers reported in November. 2013
statistics show that an impressive number of 95,859 EVs were sold
in the US last year – a big increase compared to 2012.  Posted. 

Silicon Valley Short on Electric Vehicle Charge Stations. 
Installation of electric vehicle charging ports at some Silicon
Valley companies has not kept pace with soaring demand, creating
thorny etiquette issues in the workplace, along with incidents of
"charge rage." Cars are getting unplugged while they are actively
charging, and employees are insisting that charged vehicles more
out of the way.  Posted. 

An electric-friendly desert?  The last time Rick Walsh and Pat
Dowd stopped at a gas station was in October.  The Palm Springs
couple charge their plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt off the solar
panels on the roof of their super energy-efficient home, but
they’d like to see more electric car chargers in public places. 


Jerry Brown asks California Supreme Court to intervene on
high-speed rail. The Brown administration, which previously
downplayed the significance of court rulings against California’s
$68 billion high-speed rail project, asked the California Supreme
Court to intervene Friday, saying the rulings “imperil” the
project. The request comes after a Sacramento Superior Court
judge in November ordered the state to rescind its original
funding plan for the project. Posted.


China says U.S. should stop new dumping probe on solar products.
China's commerce ministry called on the United States on Sunday
to stop anti-dumping investigations into imports of solar power
products from China, expressing "serious concern" and vowing to
defend its producers. U.S. trade officials on Thursday opened
investigations into imports of certain solar power products from
China and Taiwan, a move that could have a major impact on the
nation's fast-growing solar market. Posted.

Green bond issuance to more than double this year: HSBC. Global
"green bond" issuance should more than double this year to a
record $25 billion as increased information on how the money will
be used attracts more investors to the fledgling market,
investment bank HSBC said. Proceeds from green bonds are
typically used on projects to cut greenhouse gas emissions, adapt
to climate change, increase energy efficiency or expand the use
of renewable energy. Posted.

Renewable power around the world.  Iceland leads a list of
selected countries in renewable energy as a percentage of total
energy supply. The United States is 26th with only six percent.
Read related story. Posted.

Fissures in G.O.P. as Some Conservatives Embrace Renewable
Energy. In conservative politics, solar power is often dismissed
as an affectation, part of a liberal agenda to funnel money to
“solar cronies” of the Obama administration and further the
“global warming hoax.” So one would not expect to see Barry
Goldwater Jr., the very picture of modern conservatism and son of
the 1964 Republican nominee for president, arguing passionately
on behalf of solar energy customers. Posted.

Germany's solar power tax plan a 1st in Europe. Germany is set to
become the first nation in Europe to charge owners of renewable
energy plants for their own use of electricity, part of
Chancellor Angela Merkel's effort to contain rising power bills.
Merkel's Cabinet backed proposals to charge operators of new
clean-energy plants 70 percent of the so-called EEG-Umlage, a fee
paid by power consumers that they're currently exempt from,
according to an economy ministry document. Posted.

Renewable energy advocates push for change.  Moving to a cleaner
economy will require greater investment in education, broader
rollout of energy efficiency, green building programs and a level
playing field that allows renewable power to compete with the
fossil fuel sector, local policy makers, business leaders and
others said Friday. The wide-ranging discussion, featuring more
than two dozen representatives from industry, government and


Lawmakers propose nation’s first statewide ban on plastic bags. 
California would become the first state in the nation to ban
single-use plastic bags if a bill proposed by a trio of state
senators on Friday is adopted. S.B. 270 would end the use of
plastic carry-out bags at grocery stores and pharmacies on July
1, 2015 and at convenience and liquor stores one year later.

Inn on First wins “cool” business award.  The Air Resources Board
announced the winners of the fourth CoolCalifornia Small Business
Awards, “recognizing small businesses that make notable,
voluntary achievements toward reducing their carbon footprint.” 
Napa’s the Inn on First, along with nine other California
businesses, were acknowledged as “Climate Leaders.”  Posted. 


200 Ways to Accomplish Not Too Much on Climate Change.  A report
this week argues that even without Congress, the federal
government can still do a lot of good in fighting climate change.
But it's hard to read the report without sensing that the
opposite is true. The report, by the Center for New Energy
Economy at Colorado State University, makes 200 individual
recommendations to the White House and federal agencies, ranging
from faster rulemaking on clean energy and increasing technical
assistance for states…Posted.

The Mother of All Collective Action Problems.  I am in the
unpleasant position of believing that climate change is a real
problem, and also believing that we are very unlikely actually to
do anything about it. The collective action problem is just too
hard. As recession-plagued Europe pulls back on its
carbon-reduction efforts, Michael O’Hare seems to be in the same
camp. Posted. 

Global Warming Battle Is Over Market Share, Not Science.   Last
week, the New York Times reported that venerable Dow Jones
Industrial Average component Coca-Cola Co. was awakening to the
impact of climate change on its business.  The increase in
unpredictable weather, droughts, floods and other climate-related
events was disrupting the company’s product supply. Some of their
“essential ingredients” are now under threat. Posted.

A Scientist Warning About Climate Change. Because the urgency of
climate change has finally begun to move from the realm of
science to the agendas of policy makers, the president should
invite Ralph Cicerone, president of the National Academy of
Sciences. In the past year, we saw the clearest statements ever
from the world’s scientific societies about the threats from
human-caused climate changes. Posted.

Letters: Combating ignorance on climate change. Re "Climate
change foot-dragging," Editorial, Jan. 21 Yes, the politics
around climate change — denying the overwhelming scientific
evidence, misinforming about weather's relationship to climate
and resisting executive branch action — create a short-term
battleground for localized interests and a long-term offense
against every living thing. Posted.

California's drought, times three. The state is facing three
distinct water crises, each requiring its own emergency and
long-term responses. Southern Californians are facing not one
drought but three, interconnected yet distinct, each bringing its
own hazards and each requiring its own emergency and long-term
responses. The first drought is regional, caused by the lack of
rain in our own mountains and our own backyards. Posted.

Dan Morain: An insider questions so-called science behind toxic
flame retardants. Grant Gillham is a special kind of consultant,
the sort chemical company executives would hire to kill
legislation that seeks to ban the profitable but toxic substances
they produce. A former Air Force AWACS pilot, Gillham worked for
Republicans in the Capitol in the 1990s, left in 1998 to campaign
against a tobacco tax initiative, and later represented Lorillard
Tobacco in California and other Western states. Posted.

California drought lessons - what works, what doesn't. Past
droughts show us that this crisis is not only a challenge, but
also an opportunity for making California's water system better
able to support its cities, farms and environment. The challenge
is to avoid making hasty decisions that provide some short-term
relief at a much higher long-term cost. Posted.

PD Editorial: No drought in California's water wars January 27,
2014. One thing isn't wilting in California's drought: water
politics. If anything, the stakes are higher than ever in this
third straight dry year. And, on Wednesday, we witnessed
contrasting approaches from two practiced political brawlers,
Gov. Jerry Brown and House Speaker John Boehner. Posted.

California’s Agricultural Backbone Imperiled by Drought and
Climate Controversy.  As the “Golden State” of California suffers
from the worst drought and “winter heat” in its history, its
agriculture, key to the state’s well-being, will suffer severely
as this climatic overhang persists.  While most observers focus
on California as the genesis of advanced technology emanating
from Silicon Valley or entertainment spectacles from Hollywood,
as well as all aspects of lifestyle enhancement…Posted. 


On Bad Air Days in India, Staying Inside Doesn’t Help. Air
pollution in this massive city is about twice as bad as it is in
Beijing, infamous the world over for its bad air. But Indians’
poor lung function results from more than just outdoor air
pollution. Indians are exposed to high levels of toxic bacteria
because more than half of the country’s vast population defecates
outside. The ensuing infections stunt growth, reducing lung

India and China, Besieged by Air Pollution.  The United States
space agency published a map in September that showed how rates
of premature deaths from air pollution vary around the world. It
indicated that northern China has one of the worst rates,
attributed to the density of a deadly fine particulate matter,
known as PM 2.5, that often results from coal burning. Posted.

Top 5 Climate and Energy Stories for 2014. The U.S. energy
picture has shifted dramatically in recent years. The country is
currently enjoying booming domestic energy production from
multiple sources. And yet, signs of uncertainty abound,
especially with mounting climate risks and some energy sectors
thriving more than others. We will be watching President Obama’s
State of the Union address on Tuesday to hear the approach that
the administration will take on energy and climate. Posted.

Why Climate Change Is Ignored. Two realities threaten the
well-being of future generations. The first is global warming. In
the words of the most recent report by the Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change, "each of the last three decades has been
successively warmer at the earth's surface than any preceding
decade since 1850." Posted.

BMW NA chief: US won't get enough i3 EVs to satisfy demand. 
Nothing boosts the mystique of a new product like a "sold out"
sign, and it appears likely that BMW will go that route with its
first plug-in sold in the US. The German automaker won't likely
import enough of its new i3 plug-in vehicles to meet US demand,
Bloomberg News says, citing BMW North America chief Ludwig
Willisch. Posted.

Honda ramps up U.S. wind power capability. Honda's plant in the
United States has become the first major car manufacturing site
in the country to source a significant volume of electricity from
on-site wind turbines. Around 10 percent of the overall
electricity consumption of the Russell's Point plant in Ohio will
be met by the turbines, which are expected to produce 10,000
megawatt hours of electricity each year. Posted.


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