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newsclips -- ARB Newsclips for February 11, 2014

Posted: 11 Feb 2014 14:55:13
ARB Newsclips for February 11, 2014. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


China's Hubei plans province's first carbon auction next month.
China's Hubei province will auction up to 2 million carbon
permits at a government-set minimum price next month to
kick-start the nation's sixth pilot emissions trading scheme
(ETS). Hubei's carbon market will be only the second to sell a
share of the permits. In most of the other trial schemes, the
permits have been handed out for free. China, the world's top
emitter of greenhouse gases, is seeking to limit its impact on
climate change…Posted.

EU Carbon Permits Drop as German Official Sees Market Fix in Q2.
European Union carbon prices dropped the most in three weeks
after a German official said he expected a rescue plan for the
region’s emissions market to start in the second quarter at the
earliest. The EU will probably not begin temporary curbs on
supply of carbon permits this quarter…Posted.


Sierra Club threatens lawsuit over EPA's handling of states' SO2
plans. The Sierra Club threatened to sue U.S. EPA yesterday over
what the group called the agency's failure to enforce Clean Air
Act sulfur pollution provisions. The group, in a notice of intent
to sue, said EPA had failed to force states to submit sulfur
dioxide management plans to meet a 2010 standard by the June 2013
deadline. Thirty states have yet to submit plans, the group said,
and EPA has not issued any findings of a failure to submit.
Posted. http://www.eenews.net/greenwire/stories/1059994394/print

Droughts in Amazon rainforest lead to carbon dioxide release –
study  A drying Amazon rainforest is bad news for the climate: It
helps increase carbon releases into the atmosphere, according to
a new study. The Amazon plays a critical role in regulating the
Earth's climate because of its extensive forests, which are half
the Earth's tropical rainforests. The trees in the Amazon when
healthy absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and keep it
stored. Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/stories/1059994348/print BY


Con Edison to Calculate Benefits Of Preparing Utility for Climate
Change.  Electric utility Con Edison will conduct an economic
analysis to quantify the benefits of preparing its infrastructure
for the impacts of climate change, a company official said Feb.
10. Stuart Nachmias, Con Edison's vice president of energy policy
and regulatory affairs, said the analysis will build on the
company's $1 billion post-Hurricane Sandy plan to fortify its
electric and gas infrastructure…Posted.

California vows to press ahead with climate change programs.
California plans to extend its suite of ambitious and
controversial carbon reduction programs beyond 2020, saying the
results to date show the state can grow its economy while
fighting climate change. The state's Air Resources Board (ARB) on
Monday released an update of its plan to meet its goal of cutting
emissions to 80 percent below 1990 levels by mid-century. Posted.


Freezing Out the Bigger Picture. At the exact moment President
Obama was declaring last month that “climate change is a fact,”
thousands of drivers in Atlanta were trapped in a grueling winter
ordeal, trying to get home on roads that had turned into ribbons
of ice. As the president addressed Congress and the nation in his
State of the Union speech, it was snowing intermittently outside
the Capitol. Posted.

California should set interim goal for cutting emissions, report
says. California is on track to reach its target for reduced
greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, but much tougher choices loom
if the state is to meet its goal for the year 2050, state air
quality officials say in a new report. The changes needed to
slash emissions enough to reach the mid-century target will be so
great that the state should set an interim goal for about

El Nino likely late this year. There's a 75 percent chance that
an El Nino will develop late this year, improving the prospects
that Southern California will pull out of a deep drought,
scientists say in a paper published Monday in the Proceedings of
the National Academy of Sciences. The forecast was made by an
international team of scientists who said they've developed a
model that enables them to make such a prediction about one year
in advance…Posted.

White and green roofs fight global warming, study finds. How much
can white or green roofs do to fight climate change? That depends
on the region, says a new study, finding that white roofs offer
less benefit in Northern areas than Southern ones. Painting roofs
white or covering them with plants could help fight global
warming, but they don't offer the same bang for the buck
everywhere, says a study Monday of six U.S. "megapolitan"
regions. Posted.

State urges further emissions cuts to preserve 'California
lifestyle' California officials yesterday proposed expanding
their suite of climate policies to reduce emissions from energy,
transportation and other sectors through 2030 and beyond. A
document put out yesterday by state regulators makes the case
that combating climate change is essential to maintain
California's economic dynamism while protecting its abundant and
varied natural environment. Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/stories/1059994369/print BY

Clean Air Act justifies EPA actions to address warming, agency
says in Supreme Court filing. U.S. EPA this week defended its
program for tackling greenhouse gases from a Supreme Court
challenge, arguing that the agency's actions to address global
warming are rooted in its historical interpretation of the Clean
Air Act. The Supreme Court later this month will hear arguments
from industry and several states that EPA unlawfully applied
greenhouse gas permitting…Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/greenwire/stories/1059994395/print BY


Northern California gets a big drink, but the state is still
thirsty. The storm system that soaked much of Northern California
over the weekend didn't end the state's punishing drought. But it
just may have kept it out of the record books. Posted.

Storm allows boost in Delta water diversions. The U.S. Bureau of
Reclamation was able to take advantage of increased runoff from
the wet weekend storms to boost water diversions from the
Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Reclamation tripled its diversions
from the Delta on Sunday and expects to increase that pumping a
little more on Tuesday. Posted.

California drought: Storm a reprieve, not a cure. Last month, the
small Mendocino County city of Willits faced a real possibility
of running out of water. The city's two reservoirs were
approaching record low levels and the city manager estimated that
just three months of drinking water remained. Posted.

Addressing California’s Water Challenges Through Action and
Collaboration. California is in the throes of the worst drought
in the 160 years during which records have been kept. As a
result, the state’s overextended water system is in crisis. All
segments of California’s economy one of the largest in the world
are experiencing the effects of this drought. Posted.

Emergency water aid for Willits. As several California
communities face severe water shortages due to the drought, CAL
FIRE, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
(CDCR) and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) are
assisting the city of Willits, in Mendocino County, with the
installation of an emergency water pipe. Posted.


EPA appeals ruling that tossed 'certificates of conformity' for
engine maker. U.S. EPA yesterday asked federal appellate judges
to reconsider their ruling that threw out the agency's approval
of heavy-duty truck engines that did not meet its air standards.
In December, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of
Columbia Circuit sided with Daimler Trucks North America and
others in a challenge to "certificates of conformity" that EPA
issued to a competitor, Navistar International Corp. Posted.
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Greens fume at State's bet on oil sands as the new Bakken. The
State Department softened some of its sunniest growth predictions
for Canadian oil sands by rail in its final environmental review
of Keystone XL -- but greens still warn that only analysts in
rose-colored glasses could see trains as a viable substitute for
the pipeline. Underpinning State's outlook for rail shipments of
oil sands, the foundation of its prediction that KXL would not
wreak climate havoc…Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/energywire/stories/1059994362/print BY


No need to spend more than a few seconds idling to warm up car.
When the temperature drops below freezing, does it make sense to
spend time and fuel letting your vehicle warm up by idling? When
our staff put that question to highly-rated auto mechanics from
such cold-experienced cities as Chicago, Denver, Milwaukee and
Cincinnati, the general answer is that idling beyond 10 to 30
seconds isn't required. Posted.


CA solar jobs to exceed 50,000 in 2014. The number of jobs in
California related to solar energy grew by about 8 percent to
47,223 workers last year, according to a survey released Tuesday
by The Solar Foundation. The nonprofit research and education
group identified roughly 3,500 new positions in the state during
the 12 months ending in November 2013. Posted.

NASCAR, Lockheed Martin link arms to promote green technology.
NASCAR is aiming to make auto racing greener and spur interest in
renewable energy among the next generation of engineers and
scientists. The racing organization announced a partnership
yesterday with Lockheed Martin Corp. to promote renewable energy
at racing events, highlight the use of biofuels in NASCAR
http://www.eenews.net/greenwire/stories/1059994392/print BY


Newell: Climate change impacts winter sports. It took four years
of intense training, but I am now in Sochi as a proud member of
the US Cross Country Skiing Olympic Team. It is an incredible
honor to represent my country and my community at the Olympic
Games. While our U.S. team walked out together during the Parade
of Nations at the Opening Ceremonies, I was moved by the power of
almost 100 nations uniting behind a spirit of global competition
and collaboration. Posted.


Environmentalists dread Obama’s California drought trip.
Environmental groups said Monday that they are concerned that
President Obama will get a one-sided view of California’s drought
when he visits Fresno on Friday, as Republicans mount an
increasingly potent political attack on river and fish

First Scoping Plan Update Lays Groundwork for a Low-Carbon
Future.  The Proposed First Update to the AB 32 Scoping Plan
(Proposed Update), released today by the California Air Resources
Board (CARB), is a more focused and ambitious version of the
document first released last fall that is part of a larger
California climate strategy. Importantly, the Proposed Update
continues to build a framework for significant post-2020 carbon
pollution reductions needed for the state. Posted.

Global Warming Speed Bump? The Answer May Be Blowing in the Wind!
An interesting new paper by Matthew England and colleagues just
published in the journal Nature Climate Change tosses another hat
in the ring when it comes to explanations of the so-called
"hiatus" or "pause" (I prefer "speed bump") in global warming. 
As I have discussed previously, the fact that global surface
temperatures have not increased as much over the past decade as
many climate models predict they should have…Posted.

Obama, Hollande climate-change push: a boost for clean energy.
Climate change is among four key themes French President Francois
Hollande is emphasizing in his state visit to the US this week.
Mr. Hollande and President Obama say a 'renewed alliance' between
the US and France will help expand a global clean-energy push.

Cadillac confident attitude will attract the elite to ELR plug-in
hybrid. Cadillac is not going to pull any punches when it comes
to promoting its plug-in hybrid ELR. In the real world, the
company is showing off the Wreath And Crest's coupe with Chevy
Volt technology at exclusive events with "groups whose members
are affluent, green-minded and have an appreciation for design
and innovation," says Automotive News. Posted.

Renault planning Next Two self-driving EV for 2020.  The French
automaking giant is touting its Next Two prototype, which is
based on the Renault Zoe platform and marks the company's entry
into the autonomous-driving field. Renault says the
electric-powered Next Two, which may be ready for the world as
soon as 2020, will help city commuters by being programmed to
self-drive in traffic to speeds up to 18 miles per hour. Posted.

Yurok Tribe Tosses Cap in Trade Ring. The Yurok Tribe has entered
the carbon trade market, joining with sustainable forestry
investment group New Forests Inc. to sell carbon credits based on
a 7,660-acre patch of Doug fir and mixed hardwood forest the
tribe's promised to manage for increased carbon sequestration.
The tribe will be issued 704,520 credits, according to a news
release from New Forests. This will be "the first forest carbon
offset project developed under the California Compliance Offset

California is in a drought emergency.
Visit www.SaveOurH2O.org for water conservation tips.

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