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newsclips -- Newsclips for February 27, 2014

Posted: 27 Feb 2014 11:51:54
ARB Newsclips for February 27, 2014. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Los Angeles suburb holds off on Sriracha decision.  The waft of a
popular hot sauce will remain in a Southern California city for
now as council members on Wednesday night delayed a decision on
whether its spicy emissions are a public nuisance. The Irwindale
City Council unanimously voted at a public meeting to wait until
its April meeting before considering further action on the
Sriracha plant. Posted.

Tokyo Air Pollution Climbs, Approaches Government Alert Levels. 
Central Tokyo air pollution readings neared levels that could
require government alerts after thick smog blanketed parts of
China for much of this week. The pollution is originating from
both mainland China and Japan, Kansuke Sasaki, an air pollution
analyst at the Japan Weather Association said in a telephone
interview today. Posted.

Monitoring air pollution, one home at a time.  A Wilmington
environmental group has begun a neighborhood watch program that
will act as an early-warning system to detect air pollution
emitted from local oil refineries and freight corridors into the
ports.  Posted. 

AQMD still working on Sentinel peaker plant monitor.  Four months
after pledging to install a new monitor to track polluting
emissions from a natural gas power plant in North Palm Springs,
the South Coast Air Quality Management District has yet to
deliver — and agency officials said it could be a couple months
before the station is online.  Posted. 


Green Lobby Urges EU to Make All Airlines Pay for Carbon. 
Foreign airlines that failed to comply with emission curbs in the
European Union’s cap-and-trade program must be forced to pay for
their pollution, according to the Transport & Environment lobby
group.  Posted. 


Storms bring relief, new worries to California.  Southern
California got an overnight soaking Thursday as residents
prepared for a second, more powerful storm that could bring
heavier rain and prompted fears of mudslides in communities along
fire-scarred foothills.  Posted. 

DROUGHT: Don’t expect carpets of wildflowers this year.    The
start of this year’s wildflower season can be summed up in one
word: sparse. Jim Bremner, who has tracked wildflowers across
California for 15 years as publisher of DesertUSA.com, said the
lack of rain has turned this into a terrible year. He doesn’t
remember a season this dismal. “There are flowers here and there.
You can find them, but it’s like a treasure hunt,” he said. 

Committees approve $687 million in drought relief. A $687 million
drought relief plan is headed for floor votes in the Legislature
after winning quick approval Wednesday in legislative committees.
Assembly and Senate budget committees passed the bills, a week
after the package was announced by Gov. Jerry Brown and the
Democratic legislative leaders. Posted.

Drought-plagued Bay Area reaps much-needed rain with more coming
Friday.  The drought-plagued Bay Area received a desperately
needed drenching Wednesday, with another storm on the way Friday,
packing more powerful wind gusts and threatening power outages. 
"Nothing out of the ordinary," said National Weather Service
forecaster Steve Anderson, for what's typical this time of year. 
Posted.  http://www.mercurynews.com/news/ci_25236325 


Senators: Keystone pipeline needs review for health impacts. 
Saying the health impact of the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline
hasn’t been properly explored, two Democratic senators on
Wednesday called on the Obama administration and Secretary of
State John Kerry to conduct a comprehensive study on the human
health impacts of tar sands and the proposed pipeline. Posted. 


Tesla Plans $5 Billion Battery Factory for Mass-Market Electric
Car.  Tesla Motors said on Wednesday that it planned to invest
about $2 billion in a large-scale factory to produce cheaper
batteries for a mass-market electric car within three years. The
company, which makes all-electric luxury sedans, indicated that
it would build the factory in the American Southwest, without
specifying where. Nor would it name its partners, who it said
would invest up to another $3 billion in the factory through
2020. Posted

California Legislators Introduce Host of 'Livable Streets' Bills.
 The deadline to introduce new bills to the California
legislature was Friday, so a slew of new legislation is currently
being assigned to committees for hearing. Some of them are
so-called “spot” bills, as in “hold a spot in line for me, bub,”
containing a bare minimum of information, with the plan being to
shape them in legislative discussion.  Posted. 

Fremont residents leading Alameda County's electric vehicle
parade.  The East Bay city most closely tied to Silicon Valley
has the most electric vehicles in Alameda County, sending a
positive charge through city leaders who say their commitment to
high-tech businesses has followed residents onto the road. 


Weekly recognized as environmental leader by California Air
Resources Board.  The Monterey County Weekly has been recognized
as an environmental leader by the California Air Resources Board,
a distinction that comes a year after the newspaper company
became the first tri-county business to obtain the U.S. Green
Building Council’s top certification in green design.  Posted. 

How city dwellers can stay healthy using public transportation. 
The late-night shops, the diverse population, the variety of
restaurants, culture and clubs – what's not to love about living
in a city? Well, how about the air pollution, germ-ridden public
transport and stress?  Posted. 

Global Green party kicks off Oscar week.  Global Green USA kicked
off Oscar week with a worthy celebration dedicated to rebuilding
communities subject to environmental degradation. Actress Malin
Akerman applauded the organization's "conscience" party for being
the perfect way to jump-start the final days leading up to the
Academy Awards. Posted.



Viewpoints: Carbon tax proposal shines light on climate change
policies.  State Sen. Darrell Steinberg’s proposed carbon tax
will undoubtedly spark a spirited debate about how much
Californians are willing to pay to address global warming. From
our point of view, it’s the right conversation to have. 

Obama’s Pipeline. When I was elected to Congress in 2002, George
W. Bush was president and big business wrote environmental
policy. We all remember Vice President Dick Cheney’s energy task
force — a who’s who of mining and oil interests — and the
administration’s constant questioning of climate science. Posted.

Congress must not scrap EPA's wise carbon-reducing mileage
mandate.  The idea that Congress should scrap the EPA's vehicle
mileage standards to promote consumer choice in the marketplace
is not just wrongheaded, it poses a false dichotomy. There is no
incompatibility between having high mileage standards and giving
buyers plenty of choice.Consumers today choose from a wide range
of vehicles, from large trucks and SUVs to family sedans to
smaller hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and fully electric cars.


Global Warming Basics from the U.S. and British Science
Academies.  The National Academy of Sciences and its British
counterpart, the Royal Society, have published “Climate Change:
Evidence and Causes,” a fresh primer on greenhouse-driven global
warming that is a useful update on past reports from both
organizations. You can find helpful summaries of the findings on
the National Academy of Sciences website. Posted.

Honda, GM fuel-cell partnership wants to reduce hydrogen
refueling costs.  To paraphrase the old political adage, it's the
cost, stupid. Dollar signs are what's prompting Honda and General
Motors to partner up to accelerate development of a hydrogen fuel
cell system. Posted.

CA Carpool-Lane Stickers For Plug-In Hybrids Run Out By May--Or
Sooner.  One of the major incentives for buying a plug-in
electric car in California is the coveted sticker allowing
single-occupant travel in the carpool lanes on the state's
crowded freeways.  Now, the supply of stickers for plug-in
hybrids that can travel on battery power alone but also have an
engine as backup is close to running out.  Posted. 

California is in a drought emergency.
Visit www.SaveOurH2O.org for water conservation tips.

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