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harp -- HARP Emission Inventory Module v2_0 is now available.

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 17:17:07
The new HARP Emission Inventory Module v2_0 is now available for
This version is the first of three modules that will eventually
replace the existing HARP version 1 series.  ARB anticipates on
having the Air Dispersion and Risk Assessment Modules available
when the OEHHA “Hot Spots” Guidance Manual is adopted.  The new
version of HARP will include AERMOD and the updates to the OEHHA
“Hot Spots” Risk Assessment Guidelines.  HARP version 1 series
will continue to be available until all the HARP2 modules are
available.  Training for this program is still being developed. 
We will let you know as soon as it becomes available.  Please
send questions and report issues to harp@arb.ca.gov.   

Note: You must uninstall any test versions before installing the
program. Do not attempt to use data created during the testing

The software is available at
http://www.arb.ca.gov/toxics/harp/eim2download.htm.  There are
also sample files, user guide, and a Getting Started document on
the webpage.

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