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newsclips -- ARB Newsclips for March 11, 2014.

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 15:09:53
ARB Newsclips for March 11, 2014. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Quebec's Carbon Market. Rebounds After California Hook Up.
Quebec’s first auction of carbon allowances last year was deemed
a bit of a snooze-fest as buyers only snapped up about a third of
available allowances, but demand soared in last week’s provincial
auction following its linkage to California’s cap-and-trade
system. Posted.


High lead levels in soil near battery plant prompt health
warnings. State regulators order Exide Technologies to perform
more testing after elevated amounts of lead are found in the soil
of homes and a preschool near the Vernon plant. Elevated levels
of lead have been found in the soil of homes and a preschool near
a battery recycling plant in Vernon, prompting officials to issue
health warnings and order more testing in adjacent neighborhoods.

Phillips 66 fined $230K for SF Bay air violations.  Phillips 66
Company has been fined $230,900 by San Francisco Bay Area air
quality officials for numerous air pollution violations.  The Bay
Area Air Quality Management District says the settlement covers
19 violations from 2008 and 2009.  Posted. 

Deteriorating air quality expected today.  A warning that blowing
dust will cause poor air quality on the Nipomo Mesa was issued
today by the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control
District.  APCD and San Luis Obispo County Health Department
officials said deteriorating air quality is expected in the
Oceano Dunes and Nipomo Mesa areas from noon to 7 p.m. today,
with dust levels peaking between 1 and 6 p.m.  Posted. 

Traffic Column. A smog inspection for such a newer vehicle is
required when there’s a transfer of ownership, said ARB air
pollution specialist John Swanton, who noted, “One reason for the
inspection is exactly the situation here.” “ARB works closely
with aftermarket manufacturers to get as many of their ‘pending’
parts granted executive order exemptions as possible. Posted.

Court rejects challenge to EPA power plant standards on
procedural grounds.  A federal court this morning rejected a
challenge to U.S. EPA emission standards for power plants by the
state of Texas and industry groups -- largely on procedural
grounds. The opinion from a three-judge panel on the U.S. Court
of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit protects EPA's
New Source Performance Standards for particulate matter…Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/greenwire/stories/1059995934/print BY


Democrats clock all-nighter with climate talk. Democratic
senators clocked an all-nighter, working in shifts into Tuesday
morning to warn of devastation from climate change and the danger
of inaction. Addressing a nearly empty chamber and visitor
gallery, more than two dozen speakers agreed with each other
about the need to act on climate change. Naysayers - Republicans
- largely stayed away, arguing hours earlier that regulation
would cost Americans jobs in a sluggish economy. Posted.





Steel plant may be allowed to release more toxins. A Detroit-area
steel plant would be allowed to release higher amounts of toxins
under a revised permit proposed by the state Department of
Environmental Quality that would bring its allowed emissions more
in line with what the facility actually sends into the air. The
changes to a 2006 emissions permit would approve releasing more
than 725 times more lead into the air…Posted.

Climate change program hits record price. The cost for power
plants in New York to emit climate-changing greenhouse gases hit
an all-time high last week under the nine-state Regional
Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Spearheaded by former GOP Gov. George
Pataki, RGGI began in 2009 as the nation's first state-level
greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program. Posted.

Climate change and sensitivity: not all Watts are equal.  We hear
a lot of talk these days about climate sensitivity. It is often
considered the most important measure for predicting how much the
Earth's temperature will increase as we emit heat-trapping gases
like carbon dioxide.  Posted. 


In severe drought plan, California salmon may be moved by truck.
Starting next month, millions of young California salmon could be
migrating to the ocean in tanker trucks instead of swimming
downstream in the Sacramento River. On Monday, state and federal
wildlife officials announced a plan to move hatchery-raised
salmon by truck in the event the state’s ongoing drought makes
the Sacramento River and its tributaries inhospitable for the
fish. Posted.


Highest biodiesel awards honor industry champions.  Few states
have as significant an impact on environmental regulations as the
state of California. As the industry honored those who have made
significant impacts on the biodiesel industry during the National
Biodiesel Conference & Expo in San Diego recently, it is fitting
that multiple award winners reside within the Golden State. 

Air district bus program closes March 14.  San Joaquin Valley
school districts have until March 14 to apply for funding to help
replace their polluting buses with newer, cleaner models.  The
San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control launched its School Bus
Incentive Program last April providing school districts with
enough money to cover half the cost of each new school bus. 

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Coal to the Rescue, but Maybe Not Next Winter.  When the
temperature here dropped into the teens this winter, ice formed
on the inside of Ernestine J. Cundiff’s windows in the drafty
50-year-old apartment building where she lives. At 81, with
diabetes, poor circulation in her legs and both shoulders damaged
in separate falls last year, Ms. Cundiff said wearing leggings
and fur-lined slippers was not enough to keep her warm, so she
took to using an electric space heater in her bedroom. Posted.


Fracking exposes rift between Jerry Brown, Democrats. Fracking
has opened vast oil and natural gas deposits across the country,
creating legions of fans and foes alike. Now the technology has
exposed a rift between Gov. Jerry Brown and a very vocal part of
his Democratic base. Brown has come under increasing fire from
the state's powerful environmental lobby for his support of
hydraulic fracturing, the drilling technique that has
revolutionized America's oil and gas industry. Posted.


Hyundai Motor to launch first battery-powered electric car in
Hyundai Motor Co plans to start selling its first battery-powered
electric vehicle (EV) in 2016 as South Korea's champion of
fuel-cell cars hedges its bets in next-generation green
technology. Hyundai has leant toward engines which turn hydrogen
into electricity in response to stricter emissions regulations in
markets such as the United States. Research and development
partner Kia Motors Corp has focused on rechargeable batteries.

California mulls how to regulate 'driverless cars.'  California's
Department of Motor Vehicles is wading into the complex question
of how to regulate the use of cars that rely on computers — not
people — to drive them. Once the stuff of science fiction,
"Driverless cars" could be commercially available by decade's
end. On Tuesday, the DMV is hearing ideas on how to integrate the
cars onto public roads. Posted.

Toyota continues prepare the market for fuel cell vehicle in
2015.  Toyota Motor continues to lay the foundation for the
introduction of its production fuel cell hybrid vehicle in 2015;
the company began work on fuel cell technology in 1992. Showcased
at the Consumer Electronics Show in January in Las Vegas (earlier
post), the FCV Concept, which presages the introduction of the
series-production vehicle, made its European debut at the 2014
Geneva Motor Show.  Posted. 


Durango turns to renewable power. Durango is going to buy 100
percent renewable energy from La Plata Electric Association this
year. Customers pay a premium of 9 cents per 100 kilowatt hours
for electricity produced from non-fossil fuels, such as solar,
hydroelectric power or wind. Posted.

Owners love their green-certified homes, survey finds.  A recent
survey finds that a majority of home owners who bought a
green-certified home love their homes and would even buy another
green home in the future. Home owners were most satisfied with
their low utility bills, energy efficiency, and better
insulation, according to the survey. Posted.

Costs count most in clean-energy survey.  Consumers may say they
care about the environment. But when it comes to clean technology
items like hybrid cars or energy-efficient home upgrades, people
vote with their wallets. A national survey of homeowners released
Monday found that upfront costs and sustained savings are the top
concerns when adding rooftop solar energy, backup energy storage
and other big-ticket green technology. Posted.

Wind power has more than tripled in 6 years – report. The top 10
wind-energy-producing states are generating enough clean energy
to power roughly 11.5 million U.S. homes, according to data
released last week by the American Wind Energy Association. The
findings, based on an analysis of Energy Department data, provide
another snapshot of how and where wind power is growing in the
United States. Nationally, wind power now accounts for 4.1
percent of all electricity generated nationwide. Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/stories/1059995875/print BY


More choices, more rides bring transit renaissance. With more
trains and buses to take, and the appeal of using travel time for
pursuits other than dodging traffic, Americans are taking greater
advantage of a renaissance in public transit, according to a new
report. The number of rides taken on public buses, trains and
subways has fully recovered from a dip during the Great
Recession. And with services restored following economy-driven
cutbacks, ridership appears set to resume what had been a steady
increase. Posted.




Pollution: Causing Lung Cancer in China?  Can air pollution cause
lung cancer?  That’s the question many in China are asking as
they snap up face masks to avoid breathing hazardous particles in
the country’s often pewter-colored, polluted skies.  Posted. 

New research shows air pollution might make you bad at your job.
In 2011 researchers at UC San Diego and Columbia University were
the first to demonstrate a link between air pollution and reduced
productivity among outdoor agricultural workers. Now those
researchers are back with a new study, entitled “Particulate
Pollution and the Productivity of Pear Packers.” The study shows,
for the first time, a significant link between air pollution and
the productivity of indoor workers. Posted.

Big Oil says California's cap-and-trade system will raise gas
prices.  You try to do a good thing, but someone always has to
come around and say there's a down side. In this case, the good
thing is AB 32, also known as California's greenhouse gas
emission reduction law, and the potential down side is one that
could generate a lot of bad publicity. Posted.

Tesla investor says selling 500,000 EVs in 2020 is totally
doable.  Tesla Motors may make good on Chief Elon Musk's claim of
selling a half-million vehicles a year by the end of the decade,
Motley Fool says. Of course, the author of the Foolish report in
question owns Tesla shares but, now that we've gotten that out of
the way, let's check out the logic. Tesla moved almost 22,500
Model S vehicles last year and it was the best-selling plug-in
vehicle in the US during the fourth quarter. Posted.

Four new ozone-destroying gases found sneaking around the
stratosphere.  There are things we know that we know, there are
things that we know we don’t know, and there are four previously
unknown ozone-eating gases that we now know are eating the ozone.
(It goes something like that, right?)  Posted. 

California is in a drought emergency.
Visit www.SaveOurH2O.org for water conservation tips.

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