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cargo -- Information Item Regarding Implementation of the Cargo Handling Equipment Regulation

Posted: 21 Mar 2014 10:16:14
This advisory is for owners/operators of cargo handling equipment
(CHE) at the ports and intermodal rail yards. 

This is a reminder that non-yard truck equipment purchased,
leased, or rented after January 1, 2007, including both new
equipment and equipment purchased for compliance purposes, that
does not have a Tier 4 engine (interim or final), is required to
be retrofitted with a Verified Diesel Emissions Control Strategy
(VDECS) within one year of being purchased, leased, or rented. 
If a VDECS is not available for the engine/equipment combination,
then if a VDECS becomes available, it must be installed within 6
months of availability.

The following CHE Regulation subsections: 
     	2479(e)(1)(B)3., pertaining to newly purchased, leased, or
rented non-yard truck equipment, 
     	2479(e)(3)(B)1.b., pertaining to basic non-yard truck
container handling equipment, 
     	2579(e)(3)(B)2.b., pertaining to bulk cargo handling
equipment, and 
     	2479(e)(3)(B)3.b., pertaining to rubber-tired gantry
require the highest level available VDECS be installed on engines
certified to US EPA Tier 2, Tier 3, or Tier 4 Alternative PM
off-road engine emissions standards.  This requirement pertains
to all engines purchased, leased, or rented since January 1,
2007.  All CHE owners/operators that have purchased, leased, or
rented engines certified to these Tier levels (including Tier 3
engines flexed to Tier 4 engine emissions standards) must
retrofit these engines with the highest level VDECS available for
the engine family and model year within one year of
engine/equipment acquisition.    

If you have any questions, please contact Michele Houghton at
(916) 327-5638 or mhoughto@arb.ca.gov, or Kirk Rosenkranz at
(916) 327-7843 or krosenkr@arb.ca.gov.

Cargo handling equipment is used to transfer goods or perform
maintenance and repair activities and includes equipment such as
yard trucks (hostlers), rubber-tired gantry cranes, top handlers,
side handlers, forklifts, and loaders.  The Regulation for Mobile
Cargo Handling Equipment at Ports and Intermodal Rail Yards was
adopted in December 2005 to reduce diesel particulate matter in
communities located near ports and intermodal rail yards. 
Additional information on the regulation is available at the
following link:


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