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arbcombo -- 2014 Update to the Carl Moyer Cost-Effectiveness Limit

Posted: 03 Apr 2014 15:41:03
In order to receive Carl Moyer Program (Moyer Program) funding,
each project must fall below the specified maximum
cost-effectiveness limit.   Cost-effectiveness is a measure of
the dollars provided to a project for each ton of covered
emissions reduced.  To calculate Carl Moyer Program 
cost-effectiveness, the project grant amount is annualized
utilizing a capital recovery factor.  Per statute, Air Resources
Board (ARB or the Board) updates the cost-effectiveness limit and
capital recovery factors annually in the Moyer Program Guidelines
to account for inflation and recent interest rates.  

An update to the 2011 Carl Moyer Program cost-effectiveness limit
and capital recovery factors is now available.  
Mail Out #MSC14-04 announces this change to Appendix G of the
Moyer Program Guidelines. 

The cost-effectiveness limit is updated to $17,720.  The capital
recovery factors and discount rate of 1 percent are unchanged
compared to last year.  The capital recovery factors and the
updated cost effectiveness limit can be used by air districts for
contracts executed beginning April 1, 2014, and must be used for
any contracts executed beginning July 1, 2014.

This update is incorporated into the latest 2011 Carl Moyer
Program Guidelines and can be found at: 

If you have questions regarding these changes, please contact
Nancy Noble, Air Pollution Specialist, at (626) 459-4495 or

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