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newsclips -- ARB Newsclips for April 29, 2014.

Posted: 29 Apr 2014 14:17:58
ARB Newsclips for April 29, 2014. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


'Climate credits' appear on April PG&E bills. If your April PG&E
bill seems lower than usual, it's not a mistake. Millions of
California households will see a credit averaging $35 on their
April electricity bill thanks to the state's groundbreaking
efforts to address climate change through several efforts,
including the landmark cap-and-trade program.

Air Resources Board approves amendments strengthening California
’s cap-and-trade regulation, adds new offset protocol. Mine
methane capture is newest carbon reduction opportunity. The
California Air Resources Board today approved amendments to the
state's greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program. The Board also
voted to adopt a new protocol that would generate
compliance-grade carbon offsets for mine methane. These
amendments will be effective July 1, 2014. Posted.


Court revives EPA rule on cross-state pollution. The Supreme
Court on Tuesday handed the Obama administration an important
victory in its effort to reduce power plant pollution that
contributes to unhealthy air in neighboring states. In a 6-2
decision, the court upheld a rule adopted by the Environmental
Protection Agency in 2011 to limit emissions from plants in more
than two-dozen Midwestern and Southern states. Posted.







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Inslee signs executive order setting in motion carbon pollution
process. Gov. Jay Inslee on Tuesday signed an executive order
that sets into motion a process to reduce carbon pollution in
Washington State.  Climate change is one of the greatest
challenges facing the state, and the time to act is now, Inslee
said at a news conference at Shoreline Community College. "We're
doing this because the law requires it," he said. Posted.

Smoke coiling from Jamaica dump concerns residents. A growing
chorus of Jamaicans said Monday they are exasperated with the
government's failure to stop noxious, sooty smoke from billowing
out of a sprawling waste dump that has been burning for a week
and a half. People in communities around the capital say they are
concerned about the health effects of breathing in acrid smoke
and microscopic pollutants put in the air…Posted.

EPA to finalize wood-heater rule under settlement with states,
enviros. U.S. EPA has settled a lawsuit filed by seven states and
environmental groups on wood-heater emissions with an agreement
that the agency will release overdue regulations next year that
would make some of those products 80 percent more efficient. In a
consent decree at the U.S. District Court for the District of
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New greenhouse gas metric reflects impacts of multiple gases over
time. Carbon dioxide rules the pantheon of human-produced
greenhouse gases, but its companions in the atmosphere -- nitrous
oxide, methane and fluorinated gases -- play major roles in the
climate, as well. However, the gases come from diverse sources,
linger in the sky for varying amounts of time and trap heat
differently. Posted.
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Agency insiders, Obama's staff huddle amid energy, climate push.
U.S. EPA acting air Chief Janet McCabe probably knows her way
around the White House pretty well by now. She has been a regular
in meetings with some of President Obama's top staffers this
year, attending at least seven at the White House in January
alone, according to records released last week. Posted.
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Valley farmers face deadline, possible fine on groundwater. State
water quality enforcers are telling farmers it's time to join a
groundwater protection program that has been in the making for
many years -- sign up by May 19 or face fines. Many farmers
already are in the program, but for those who miss the deadline,
the state may remind them with a notice of violation. Those who
continue to delay could eventually be fined up to $1,000 a day.

Between Farmers And Frackers, Calif. Water Caught In Tussle.
California's extreme drought has drawn battle lines over who gets
water and who doesn't. As KQED's Lauren Sommer reports, fracking
and farming are vying for freshwater in California's Central
Valley. Posted.

Reaction Split on Gov. Brown's Newest Drought Proclamation.
California Governor Jerry Brown raised the stakes in the state's
response to the ongoing drought Friday, and reaction to the move
from environmentalists is decidedly mixed. The new declaration
increases the state's exemptions from environmental law for water
managers and others contending with the drought. The
proclamation, which builds on Brown's initial drought declaration
in January…Posted.


Economists back increased US oil and gas exports. Whether to
allow more exports of U.S. oil and natural gas has become a
matter of political debate in Washington. But to economists, the
answer is clear: The nation would benefit. The vast majority of
economists surveyed this month by The Associated Press say
lifting restrictions on exports of oil and natural gas would help
the economy even if it meant higher fuel prices for consumers.

Average Sacramento-area gas price hits $4.10 a gallon.
Sacramento-area gas prices continue to rise, but energy analysts
say they think the weeks-long trend will slow down soon. The
retail price of gasoline in the area rose 6.1 cents to an average
of $4.10 per gallon over the past week…Posted.

Busy Protesting, Keystone XL Opponents Missed This Massive
Environmental Shift. Oil from Canada's oil sands is dirtier than
most other oil varieties produced around the globe. That's one of
the big reasons why environmentalists don't want to see more of
it being produced. It's also one of the big reasons why there is
such a big protest over Transcanada's Keystone XL Pipeline.

San Diego County Gasoline Price Rises To Highest Amount Since
February 2013. The average price of a gallon of self-serve
regular gasoline in San Diego County rose Monday to its highest
amount since Feb. 27, 2013, increasing four-tenths of a cent to
$4.292. The average price has risen four consecutive days and is
1.5 cents higher than a week ago…Posted.

Methane leaks from natural gas distribution continue to fall --
industry group. The American Gas Association has released a
report highlighting the declines in leaks from natural gas
distribution systems, according to the latest U.S. EPA greenhouse
gas inventory. Methane is a greenhouse gas with 34 times more
warming potential than carbon dioxide over a 100-year period,
which is why emissions of methane from the natural gas system are
worrisome from a climate perspective. Posted.
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Efficiency bill may face roadblocks beyond Keystone XL.  Senate
Democrats may face tough votes on energy issues beyond the
Keystone XL pipeline -- potentially including the Obama
administration's broader climate changes policies -- if they want
to move a long-stalled bipartisan energy efficiency bill, its
lead Republican sponsor said today. Posted.
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'Excruciatingly slow' EPA approvals hurting startup companies.
NexSteppe, a startup seed company headquartered in San Francisco,
is hoping to capitalize on the federal renewable fuel standard.
The company has developed two varieties of sorghum, a type of
annual grass, engineered specifically for bioenergy. NexSteppe
believes fuels made from the crops could help refiners comply
with their annual biofuel mandates under the RFS. Posted.
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US Rep. pushes for larger electric car tax credit. Vermont U.S.
Rep. Peter Welch said Monday he wants to make it easier to buy
electric cars by increasing the size of the federal tax credit
for the vehicles and making those credits available at car
The Democrat said increasing the size of the tax credit to
$10,000 and making it easier to take advantage of would make the
vehicles more affordable for middle-income people. Posted.

Success puts pressure on clean-car rebates.  The state rebate for
low- or zero-emission vehicles has been extended into the summer
months, after funding for the popular payout became nearly
exhausted, the California Air Resources Board has announced. The
rebates offset the price of a new vehicle by as much as $2,500,
encouraging consumers to buy into new technologies that can
reduce smog and the emission of heat-trapping gases linked to
climate change. Posted.

BYD Motors delivers its first two California-built electric buses
to Antelope Valley Transit.  Electric bus manufacturer BYD Motors
revealed its first pair of vehicles manufactured in California on
Monday during an event that may be significant for both the
production of zero-emissions vehicles and U.S.-China trade
relations. “It’s a small beginning. A few buses. Posted.


Rail backers now downplaying mandate.  Supporters of California’s
plan to build a high-speed rail line that had promised to take
riders from Los Angeles to San Francisco in less than three hours
have long championed the voter-backed initiative (Proposition 1A)
that authorized its initial construction as a reflection of the
public’s desire to build such a system. Posted.


EU Putting Renewable Power to the Market Test: Will the U.S.
Follow? Power markets in Europe have been in bizarro world.
Renewable subsidies have actually led to more coal use and key
industrial markets like steel have been faltering because of
disproportionately high energy prices. The European Commission is
looking to do something about that, which will be a big test for
renewable energy and could set the stage for the United Stated
going down the same path. Posted.

Decision delayed on "bird friendly" wind turbine experiment for
Altamont Pass. An experimental project designed to test whether a
new type of wind turbine will prove less lethal to Altamont Pass
birds will have to clear a few more hurdles before gaining
approval of Alameda County. The three-member East County Board of
Zoning Adjustments on Thursday delayed voting on permits for the
40-turbine Sand Hill Wind project…Posted.


What Does Today Owe Tomorrow?  If you had driven north on Highway
101 toward San Francisco a few summers ago, you might have
noticed a banner hanging from a freeway bridge. “What have future
generations done for us?” it asked. The question not only answers
itself, but implies a follow-up question, as was presumably the
intention of the anonymous provocateur who posted it. Posted.

Sarah Rose and Andrew Grinberg: Mounting evidence of fracking
risks bring call for a time-out.  California lawmakers are
considering a new proposal, Sens. Holly Mitchell and Mark Leno's
SB 1132, to impose a moratorium on fracking, acidizing, and other
unconventional oil and gas drilling techniques in California. The
reason for the bill is simple: Posted.


What if Climate Change Were a Foreign Enemy? Part I What if
climate change were a foreign enemy that had declared it would
destroy civilization as we know it and we had only five to
fifteen years to defeat it? Would our president be taking his
political cues from opinion polls geared to the next electoral
cycle? Would our legislators be whining about deficits and debt
or overweening government regulation, or seeking to stall any
legislation? Posted.

Invest In the Future - Not in Fossil Fuels.  Americans are
worried about pollution – oil trains running through their towns,
fracking in their neighborhoods, coal dust in their air. They’re
worried about what the future will look like for their children
if carbon pollution continues unchecked. Wall Street is worried
about it too. Under pressure from a growing movement of people
who want their money out of fossil fuels…Posted.

Climate-Resilient Solar Hot Water Systems at Rockaways Firehouses
Save NYC Money, Cut Carbon. Solar hot water heating is the
redheaded stepchild of the renewable energy world. Most people
have no idea what it is. Or, they confuse it with its
attention-grabbing cousin, solar photovoltaics, the solar panels
we all know about that convert light into electricity and glint
on a rapidly increasing number of American roofs. Posted. 

Geely shows Emgrand Cross PHEV concept with 31-mile range.  Still
officially a concept, Geely showed off the Emgrand Cross Concept
PHEV (plug-in hybrid) at the Beijing Auto Show recently. Those in
the know say that the car looks production-ready, but Geely isn't
talking about this show car's future. So, it's no surprise that
official details for the Emgrand Cross PHEV are scarce, but
reports say it will be able to hit 62 miles per hour in ten
seconds and a top speed of 118 miles per hour. Posted.

Toyota's Texas Move: Prius Maker Lands In Highest-Carbon State
(Updated). Toyota announced yesterday that it would relocate the
headquarters of its U.S. arm from Torrance, California, to Plano,
Texas. Left unaddressed in the announcement was the fact that the
Japanese carmaker, known for its green image and its pioneering
Prius hybrid range of 50-mpg cars, is moving from a state that
has aggressively cut auto

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