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arbcombo -- ARB Research Seminar: Modeling Optimal Transition Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy in California

Posted: 30 Apr 2014 11:57:20
Presentations are available for downloading!

“Modeling Optimal Transition Pathways to a
   Low Carbon Economy in California”

Sonia Yeh, Ph.D., and Christopher Yang, Ph.D.
Institute of Transportation Studies,
University of California, Davis

Thursday, May 1, 2014 10:00 am, PDT (WEBCAST)
Sierra Hearing Room, 2nd Floor, Cal/EPA Building
1001 I Street, Sacramento, California

An optimization model of the California Energy System (CA-TIMES)
is used to understand how California can meet the 2050 targets
for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (80% below 1990 levels).

­  This model represents energy supply (energy resources
electricity generation, and fuel production and infrastructure)
and energy demand (commercial, residential, transportation,
industrial and agriculture) sectors in California and simulates
the technology and resource requirements needed to meet projected
energy service demands.
­  These model choices vary based upon policy constraints (e.g. a
carbon cap, fuel economy standards, renewable electricity
requirements), as well as technology and resource costs and

Multiple scenarios are developed to analyze the changes and
investments in low-carbon electricity generation, alternative
fuels and advanced vehicles in transportation, resource
utilization, and efficiency improvements across many sectors.

Results show that major energy transformations are needed but
that achieving the 80% reduction goal for California is possible
at reasonable average carbon reduction cost (-$75 to $124/tonne
CO2 discounted cost) relative to the baseline scenario.
Availability of low-carbon resources such as nuclear power,
carbon capture and sequestration, increased availability of
biomass/biofuels and wind and solar generation, and demand
reduction all serve to lower the mitigation costs.

Announcement and Presentation can be viewed at:

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California is in a drought emergency.
Visit www.SaveOurH2O.org for water conservation tips.

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