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newsrel -- Diesel truck and bus fleets fined for California air quality violations

Posted: 06 May 2014 16:21:12
Please consider the following news release from the California
Air Resources Board: http://bit.ly/1hvBwF7


May 6, 2014



Antonio Leaks
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Diesel truck and bus fleets fined for California air quality

Settlement of 256 cases generates $417,167 for community

SACRAMENTO - The Air Resources Board announced that in calendar
year 2013, it settled 256 cases involving air quality violations
by heavy duty diesel truck and bus fleets that failed to comply
with ARB’s various diesel risk reduction programs.

The amount collected will be distributed to the California Air
Pollution Control Fund and to the Peralta Colleges Foundation. 

The fund will receive $1,703,084 for research projects to improve
California’s air quality, with the remaining $417,167 going to
the college district to fund diesel emission education classes
and diesel technology certificate and degree programs, conducted
by participating California community colleges around the state,
and $57,562 to fund school bus diesel particulate filter
“ARB’s diesel risk reduction program is designed to limit the
amount of harmful pollution from diesel engines,” said ARB
Enforcement Chief James Ryden. “Companies who fail to comply with
the regulations are contributing to that pollution, and that is
when ARB must take action.”

The fines totaled $2,177,813. Violations included failure to
comply with the statewide Truck and Bus program and
verification/certification procedures for diesel particulate
filters, failure to properly self-inspect diesel fleets to assure
trucks met state smoke emission standards, and dispatching
noncompliant trucks on California highways, along with other
infractions. The companies paying the highest amounts were:

•    Thermo King Corporation - $213,200
•    California Gas Transport - $136,125
•    GC Harvesting - $120,000
•    KS Industries, Inc. - $230,250
•    Roly’s Trucking - $58,000
•    White Arrow- $50,700
•    THX Transport - $50,000

The companies involved in other settlements were:

•    Altos Brothers Trucking
•    Amador Transit
•    A.M. Ortega Construction, Inc.
•    Apple Valley Unified School District
•    Arctic Glacier Ice, Inc.
•    Bear Valley Electric Service
•    Berryessa Garbage Service
•    California American Water
•    Capital Drum, Inc.
•    Cardenas Markets, Inc.
•    CR&R Waste & Recycling
•    Daly Movers, Inc.
•    Dash Transport, Inc.
•    Dolphin Express/ Dolphin Transport
•    ESTES West
•    File Keepers, LLC
•    F.N.F Rolloff Services
•    Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport
•    Jerry Melton & Sons Construction Inc.
•    JLV Transport LLC, Lakeport Disposal Company, Inc.
•    Mike Tamana freight Lines, LLC
•    Mountainside Disposal, Inc.
•    MVP Trucking, Inc.
•    Old Durham Wood Co.
•    Oltmans Construction
•    Pacific Green Trucking
•    Pemer Packing Company
•    R &F Disposal
•    Redwood Debris Box
•    Reeve Trucking
•    Rodolfe Nunez DBA Nunez Transport
•    Selma Disposal &Recycling, Inc.
•    Smartway Express
•    Sterling Express Services
•    Transloading Express, Inc.
•    Victor Nunez DBA Nunez Transport
•    Vigold Transport Systems, Inc.
•    Water Reclamation Equipment, Inc.
•    Williams Tank Lines

The remaining 209 cases were individually settled below $10,000
for a total of $449,838 in penalties.

In 1998, California identified diesel particulate matter as a
toxic air contaminant based on its potential to cause cancer,
premature death, and other health problems.

For more information about ARB’s diesel risk reduction programs,
visit: http://www.arb.ca.gov/diesel/dieselrrp.htm

California is in a drought emergency.
Visit www.SaveOurH2O.org for water conservation tips.

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