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newsclips -- ARB Newsclips for June 3, 2014.

Posted: 03 Jun 2014 16:46:38
ARB Newsclips for June 3, 2014. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
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Politics May Sour Cap-And-Trade Sweeteners in Obama Plan.  Obama
administration officials gave new life to cap-and-trade
yesterday. Just don’t expect them to say so.  Republicans
championed the approach decades ago then rejected it when
President Barack Obama pushed it in 2009. States may now view the
politically toxic concept as a way to comply with limits on
carbon emissions from power plants Obama proposed yesterday. 


Obama plan might help boost climate talks. President Barack
Obama's proposal to curb U.S. greenhouse gas emissions might
improve the chances of completing a global climate treaty but is
unlikely to defuse demands by China, India and others for
Americans to do more. Governments have set a goal of signing an
agreement next year in Paris to curb emissions of
climate-changing gases. Posted.

Obama carbon rule to produce winners and losers. We'll
increasingly be turning to companies that can help us waste less
electricity - and generate cleaner power with nuclear reactors,
natural gas-fired plants, wind turbines and solar panels - in
response to the Obama Administration's proposed new carbon
dioxide limits. The proposed limits will likely help the biggest
U.S. natural gas producer, Exxon Mobil…Posted.

Australian PM backs Obama's greenhouse gas plan. Prime Minister
Tony Abbott, who wants to remove Australia's unpopular carbon tax
on industrial polluters, on Tuesday described President Barack
Obama's plan to slash U.S. greenhouse gas emissions as sensible
steps. Posted.


5 things to know about EPA's power plant rule. Five things to
know about the Obama administration's plans to reduce carbon
dioxide emissions, the chief greenhouse gas, from power plants.
Monday calls for the nation's fossil-fuel fired power plants to
reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent from 2005 levels by
2030. Posted.

Power plant plan further clouds coal's future. President Barack
Obama's ambitious plan to reduce the gases blamed for global
warming from the nation's power plants gives many coal-dependent
states more lenient restrictions and won't necessarily be the
primary reason coal-fired power plants will be retired. Posted.

Adviser says china considers cap on CO2 emissions, possible
turning point in climate talks. China is considering an absolute
cap on its CO2 emissions from 2016, a senior adviser to the
government said on Tuesday, a day after Washington announced new
targets for its power sector, signaling a potential breakthrough
in tough U.N. climate talks. Posted.

Historic EPA global warming rules: How will they affect
California? The Obama administration's announcement Monday of
sweeping new rules aimed at curbing global warming emissions from
power plants could boost profits at Silicon Valley companies that
make solar panels, energy efficiency software and other clean
technology. And California should have an easier time complying
than other parts of the country…Posted.

Taking Page From Health Care Act, Obama Climate Plan Relies on
States.  President Obama’s new plan to fight climate change
depends heavily on states’ devising individual approaches to
meeting goals set in the nation’s capital, a strategy similar to
the one he used to expand health care, often with rocky results.
Rather than imposing a uniform standard for reducing power plant
carbon emissions, the regulation unveiled on Monday offers the
states flexibility to pick from a menu of policy options. Posted.

In Debate Over Coal, Lessons From ’90s Tobacco Fight.  The
Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed regulation of power
plant emissions signals the beginning of a fight over coal and
climate change. Any chance of a resolution is likely to depend on
the combatants agreeing to a reduction in emissions in exchange
for help to coal-dependent regions and assistance to workers
struggling with higher energy costs. In that way, the so-called
War on Coal is reminiscent of the War on Tobacco during the
1990s. Posted.

Key Details of E.P.A. Carbon Emissions Proposal. A rule proposed
by the Enivironmental Protection Agency would cut carbon
pollution from power plants 30 percent from 2005 levels by 2030 –
the equivalent, according to the agency, of taking two-thirds of
all cars and trucks in America off the road. Here are some things
to know about the rule. Posted.

Health Experts See Benefits in Push to Cut Pollution.  The Obama
administration contends that its new plan to cut carbon pollution
from power plants will not just fight climate change, but will
also quickly improve public health, preventing up to 100,000
asthma attacks and 2,100 heart attacks in the first year the
rules take effect. Posted.

A sampling of states' reaction to carbon cuts plan.  A sampling
of states' reactions to President Barack Obama's plan for
reducing carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants:
states most reliant on coal for electricity. KENTUCKY: Not
surprisingly, the proposal is widely unpopular in Kentucky, which
gets 92 percent of its electricity from coal - more than any
other state except West Virginia - and is the nation's
third-largest coal producer. Posted.

Hawaii ahead of many states on Obama climate goal.  Hawaii is
ahead most other states in accomplishing President Barack Obama's
goals to cut carbon levels. The Obama administration announced a
plan Monday to cut carbon dioxide emissions from power plants
nationwide by 30 percent by 2030. Power plant emissions are the
largest source of greenhouse gases in the country. Posted.

California governor applauds global warming fight.  Gov. Jerry
Brown on Monday welcomed President Barack Obama's global warming
initiative, saying it shows the administration is willing to
confront climate change. The Democratic governor touted the
state's aggressive energy-saving programs, saying they already
generate billions of dollars in savings and more than a million
jobs as a result of clean-energy efforts. Posted.

Obama plan might help boost climate talks.  President Barack
Obama's proposal to curb U.S. greenhouse gas emissions might
improve the chances of completing a global climate treaty but is
unlikely to defuse demands by China, India and others for
Americans to do more. Governments have set a goal of signing an
agreement next year in Paris to curb emissions of
climate-changing gases. Unlike the previous 1997 Kyoto

New York in group welcoming pollution cuts.  While New York and
eight other Eastern states report cutting power plant pollution
by 40 percent over the past decade, the Obama administration has
proposed national guidelines calling for new steep cuts over the
next 15 years. The states' effort, the Regional Greenhouse Gas
Initiative, which sets pollution caps and requires using or
buying credits to exceed them, welcomed Monday's federal
proposal. Posted.

EPA proposes first-of-its-kind regulation to help curb climate
change.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Monday
proposed states reduce carbon emissions from existing power
plants by 30 percent in 16 years, an ambitious plan to curb
greenhouse gases that cause global climate change. A first-ever
nationwide proposal, local energy experts say it won’t have much
of an effect on California utilities. Posted.


El gran movimiento ambiental de Obama: exigir la reducción de
carbono.  El presidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, está
utilizando su autoridad ejecutiva para tomar su medida más fuerte
en contra del cambio climático, proponiendo nuevas regulaciones
de la Agencia de Protección del Medio Ambiente (EPA por sus
siglas en inglés). Posted.

OPINIÓN: Las nuevas reglas sobre el cambio climático son un
respiro.  El debate sobre el cambio climático terminó. Los
científicos están tan seguros de que es una amenaza real, creada
por el hombre, tanto como están seguros de que los cigarrillos
matan. Sin embargo, limpiar nuestro aire implica más que combatir
los cambios en la temperatura y el ambiente en la Tierra. Posted.

Reducirán emisiones contaminantes de plantas energéticas.  La
administración Obama busca reducir en 30% las emisiones de
plantas energéticas, lo que protegería la salud de la gente y el
medio ambiente. Posted.

The Obscure 1970 Compromise That Made Obama’s Climate Rules
Possible. On Monday, the Obama administration unveiled its plan
to establish national limits on carbon-dioxide emissions from
existing power plants. Critics of the move say that President
Obama is making an end run around Congress, stretching the law to
achieve by executive action what he could not accomplish through
the legislative branch. This is flat wrong. Posted.

Scars from last climate bill show up in ambitious EPA power plant
rule. Five years is a lifetime when it comes to the politics of
climate change. On June 26, 2009, people jammed the U.S. House
galleries to watch the chamber led by then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi
(D-Calif.) vote on a bill that would cap industrial carbon
dioxide emissions for the first time in U.S. history. Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/energywire/stories/1060000604/print BY


Drought prompts Roseville water surcharge. Roseville residents
will soon be paying a few more dollars on their water bill, a
direct result of the state’s drought. The city’s water utility
announced Monday it would be implementing a so-called “drought
surcharge” starting June 15. The temporary fee would be
equivalent to 15 percent of the monthly water use charge and
would apply to both commercial and residential customers. Posted.


CARB hits harvesting company with $141,000 fine. The California
Air Resources Board has fined JR Custom Harvesting Company Inc.
of Salinas and its associates New Venture Trucking LLC, and Zion
Harvest Company Inc., a total of $140,925 for a variety of air
quality violations relating to the company’s diesel vehicle
fleet. Posted.


Coal Will Survive as Efficient Power Plants Boost Demand.
President Barack Obama’s plan to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions
left coal with a future even as the industry accuses him of
trying to make the fuel obsolete. The proposal, released
yesterday by the Environmental Protection Agency, calls for
reductions in carbon dioxide pollutants of 30 percent by 2030
from 2005 levels to stem climate change. Posted.

Gas boom dulls carbon rule's effect. Despite fears that the Obama
administration's proposed rule to curb carbon-dioxide pollution
could wreak severe damage on the economy, the true effect is
likely to be much more modest. And a key reason can be linked to
the nation's boom in natural gas production. The Environmental
Protection Agency, in announcing plans Monday to reduce power
plant emissions 30% by 2030 from 2005 levels…Posted.


Eight U.S. States Promise to do More to Encourage Electric Car,
ZEV Adoption. Thanks to the combined effect of the Zero Emission
Vehicle Mandate from its Air Resources Board and neat perks like
being able to drive an electric car in the carpool lane
regardless of how many people are on board, California has helped
lead America’s electric car revolution. Posted.


Chevron Dims the Lights on Green Power. In January, employees of
Chevron’s (CVX) renewable power group, whose mission was to
launch large, profitable clean-energy projects, dined at San
Francisco’s trendy Sens restaurant as managers applauded them for
nearly doubling their projected profit in 2013, the group’s first
full year of operations. But the mood quickly turned somber.

Caltech breakthrough keeps solar energy generators from corroding
quickly.  The beach isn’t the only place where the positive
effects of sunscreen can be found this summer — it can also be
found inside Caltech laboratories. Researchers at the Joint
Center for Artificial Photosynthesis have created a new way to
keep semiconductors used in solar fuel generators from corroding
in a matter of minutes…Posted.


Carbon-Income Inequality. President Obama vowed last year that he
wouldn't wait on Congress to bless his anticarbon agenda, and the
rule his Environmental Protection Agency proposed on Monday is
equal to that promise. The agency is bidding to transform and
nationalize U.S. energy the way ObamaCare is doing to medicine,
but in this case without even the pretense of democratic consent.

Nearing a Climate Legacy.  The greenhouse gas reductions required
by the Obama administration’s proposed rule on power plants will
not get the world to where it has to go to avert the worst
consequences of climate change. But they are likely to be
enormously beneficial: good for the nation’s health, good for
technological innovation, good for President Obama’s credibility
abroad, and, in time, good for the planet and future generations.

Letter: Proposed carbon pollution standards worthy of support.
President Obama made a promise in his second inaugural address,
stating, “If Congress won’t act on climate, I will.” In line with
the president’s Climate Action Plan, the EPA has now proposed
carbon pollution standards for existing power plants across the
country. According to the Supreme Court, the EPA has the
authority under the Clean Air Act to do so. Posted.


6 Q’s About the News | Unveiling New Carbon Plan, E.P.A. Focuses
on Flexibility.  WHAT did the Obama administration announce on
Monday? WHAT is the largest source of carbon pollution in the
United States? WHO is Gina McCarthy? HOW is President Obama using
his executive authority to act on climate change, even though
Congress refused to pass climate change legislation during his
first term? Posted.
Nissan sells 3,117 Leaf EVs in May, climbs over 3,000 for first
time ever.  Chalk up a big win for the Nissan Leaf. In May, the
world's most popular electric vehicle sold a record 3,117 units,
the first time any pure electric vehicle has sold over 3,000
units in a month in the US (unless Tesla managed that feat but
rolled the number into a quarterly report). This marks the 15th
month in a row of record Leaf sales and the seventh where the
Leaf was the top EV seller in the US. Posted.

EPA proposes new rules to make US power plants 30 percent cleaner
by 2030.  A year ago, President Obama put the electricity
industry on notice and said that he would implement some sort of
limits on carbon emissions. Today, the Environmental Protection
Agency unveiled a proposed rule for cleaner electricity
generating plants and it would go a long way towards making the
"long tailpipe" of electric vehicles even cleaner. Posted.

Famous Sunset Paintings Reflect Key Air Pollution Events From the
Past.  Last month the Bay Area saw 2014′s first Spare the
Air alert, even as we face an extra-dry fire season with
prospects of worsening air quality. On the bright side, we’re in
for some beautiful sunsets! Air pollution scatters light,
producing vivid reds that have been faithfully captured by
landscape painters over the last 500 years.  Posted. 

California is in a drought emergency.
Visit www.SaveOurH2O.org for water conservation tips.

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