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arbcombo -- June 30, 2014 Allowance Price Containment Reserve Sale

Posted: 16 Jun 2014 12:04:34
As of the reserve sale application deadline of June 12, 2014, no
covered entities or opt-in entities had indicated an intent to
bid at the June 2014 reserve sale.  Therefore, the Air Resources
Board will not be holding the reserve sale scheduled for June 30,

The next reserve sale is scheduled for October 1, 2014.  A notice
for that reserve sale will be posted approximately 30 days prior
to the scheduled date.  All allowances for the June 2014 reserve
sale will be made available at the October 2014 reserve sale.

The California Cap-and-Trade Program includes an Allowance Price
Containment Reserve available to California covered entities and
opt-in covered entities in quarterly reserve sales.  More
information about the reserve sales can be found at: 

For further information about reserve sales, please contact Mr.
Chuck Seidler at cseidler@arb.ca.gov, or (916) 324-0931; or,
Ashley Dunn at adunn@arb.ca.gov, or  (916) 322-7156.

For questions regarding the California GHG Cap-and-Trade Program,
please contact the California Air Resources Board at (916)
322-2037. For more information on the California Cap-and-Trade
Program, please go to: 

California is in a drought emergency.
Visit www.SaveOurH2O.org for water conservation tips.

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