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newsclips -- Newsclips for June 19, 2014

Posted: 19 Jun 2014 13:26:08
ARB Newsclips for June 19, 2014. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


China completes pilot carbon market rollout, but take up
uncertain.  The Chinese city of Chongqing launched its pilot
carbon scheme on Thursday, the seventh and final one planned by
the country as it looks for ways to rein in its rapidly growing
greenhouse gas emissions, the highest in the world. Chongqing, a
sprawling metropolis of 30 million people on the Yangtze river,
follows the cities of Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing and the
provinces of Guangdong and Hubei in launching a trading scheme
that allows big local firms to buy and sell permits that cover
their carbon emissions. Posted.


Lawsuit Launched to Clean Up Lead Air Pollution Across United
States.  Three environmental groups filed a formal notice of
intent to sue the Environmental Protection Agency today for
failing to ensure that people across the country are protected
from dangerous lead in the air.  In 2008 the EPA revised
30-year-old air standards for lead, lowering allowable airborne
lead levels by 90 percent to protect health and environmental
quality.  Posted. 

Asthma rates drop but experts not breathing easier.  A new survey
suggests asthma in the U.S. may finally be on the decline. But
the results are so surprising that health officials are cautious
about claiming a downturn.  "I wouldn't say it's good news -
yet," said the study's lead author, Jeannine Schiller of the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Posted. 



Collaborating to meet San Diego's climate change challenges.  In
1980, no one could have imagined that we’d face the state’s worst
drought in decades in 2014 or experience frightening fires as
early as May. Today, we ponder, how is our region’s climate
changing? What will the San Diego region look like 35 years from
now as climate change effects are seen more clearly? From our
individual perspectives, we arrive at numerous conclusions.


CARB holds free compliance classes, including webinar.  Truck
owners wanting to stay on top of the latest in California
emissions rules have multiple opportunities in the coming weeks,
including one session that can be viewed online.  The California
Air Resources Board will hold multiple diesel education classes
in June and July. The courses are free and cover topics like
diesel emissions devices and filters, and how to comply with the
state’s Truck and Bus Regulation.  Posted. 

Long Beach named best green seaport in world.  The Port of Long
Beach was recognized as the “Best Green Seaport” in the world by
an Asian shipping publication, the port announced Wednesday.  The
port beat out two other finalists for the distinction, including
the Port of Hamburg in Germany and the Port of Singapore, said
Art Wong, a spokesman for the Port of Long Beach.  Posted. 


Survey provides fascinating insight into the reasons people buy
electric vehicles.  Ever wonder what motivates people to make the
big transition to owning an electric vehicle, either battery
electric or plug-in hybrid? The California Air Resources Board
(CARB) wanted to know this and a great deal of other information
concerning electric vehicles, so it conducted a detailed survey
of EV owners in the state. The results are intriguing to anyone
who follows the industry.  Posted. 

Harley-Davidson introduces electric motorcycle.  Harley-Davidson
will unveil its first electric motorcycle next week, and
President Matt Levatich said he expects the company known for its
big touring bikes and iconic brand to become a leader in
developing technology and standards for electric vehicles. Harley
will show handmade demonstration models Monday at an
invitation-only event in New York. The company will then take
several dozen riders on a 30-city tour to test drive the bikes
and provide feedback. Posted.


L.A. councilman wants to put ground-based solar arrays on pause. 
Worried solar farms could overtake prized patches of open space,
a Los Angeles councilman is asking the Department of Water and
Power board to put off allowing new arrays that are mounted on
the ground -- part of its Feed-In Tariff program -- until the
city can make sure they mesh with neighborhoods.  Posted. 

William Maclay’s Road Map to Get Off the Grid.  Four years in the
making, “The New Net Zero: Leading-Edge Design and Construction
of Homes and Buildings for a Renewable Energy Future” (Chelsea
Green Publishing, $90) marshals detailed architectural drawings
and impressive pie charts to show that net-zero-energy buildings
(those that make as much — or more — energy than they consume)
not only offer long-term advantages for the planet, but can also
save their owners money from the start. Posted.


Trash a waste no more.  At Foothill Landfill, an old flare stands
like a 35-foot-tall candle, its top blackened after burning
methane gas produced by millions of tons of trash buried there
over the past half-century. Today the flare has been snuffed out,
its flame rendered mostly irrelevant thanks to a new methane-gas
power plant recently built right next to it. Posted.

For Ideas on How to Live Greener, Think Mobile.  Smartphones and
tablets may not seem to be designed with the environment in mind,
being made of complex layers of plastics, metals and electronics,
with chemical batteries. But apps may help you adopt
environmentally sensible habits in your daily life. BrightNest,
free on iOS, is a beautiful general guide to improving your home.
One of its many categories is simply called Green. Posted.

Aston Martin Racing to Explore Solar Technology.  Aston Martin
Racing announced last week that it would join with the Hong
Kong-based Hanergy Global Solar Power & Applications Group to
find ways to apply solar energy to racecars. The partners plan to
use electricity from thin-film photovoltaic cells applied to the
car’s roof to power air-conditioning on the cars Aston enters in
Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile World Endurance
Championship events. Posted.

Smart umbrellas keep you dry and check the air you breathe.  The
sun is shining, the birds are singing, but no one's really
fooled. Lurking by everyone's side is an umbrella, ready to be
whipped out and unfurled at a moment's notice.  Capitalising on
the ubiquitous accessory, students Simon Herzog, Saurabh Datta
and Akarsh Sanghi from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction
Design have upgraded the humble umbrella to create a device that
measures air pollution levels via a small box mounted on the
shaft.  Posted. 


EPA's clean power plan will boost economy, create jobs.  In early
June, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed a
long-term plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions from existing
power plants. The agency describes its Clean Power Plan as a
"common-sense" way to reduce risks to public health and the
economy posed by climate change. Posted.



Viewpoints: Sticker shock coming at the gas pump. 
Congratulations to the state Legislature for passing an on-time
budget!  As always, though, the fine print reveals troubling
details. A significant problem is that billions of dollars
allocated to this and future budgets are new monies that will be
coming straight from consumers, thanks to a state program most
Californians have never heard of.  Posted. 


Chevy Volt owners log half a billion electric miles, 2015
production starts.  As General Motors gets ready to start 2015
Volt production Monday, Chevrolet is looking back at some of the
numbers that got the car to where it is today. The headline
number is that Volt owners have collectively put more than a
half-billion electric miles on their cars. The unsurprising
upshot is that, if you went out and bought a Volt, you're pretty
keen on getting as many electric miles out of it as possible.

DOE spending $20 million to get hydrogen costs down to $4/gallon.
 There is death. There are taxes. And there is the US Department
of Energy (DOE) periodically funding millions of dollars worth of
grants towards advancing hydrogen fuel-cell technology. This
time, the DOE says it will write checks for $20 million, and the
goal is pretty specific: bringing the production and distribution
costs of hydrogen to less than the equivalent of $4 a gallon.

World Gets 22% of Electricity From Renewable Energy. The
Renewables 2014 Global Status Report released earlier this month
has good news for the environment, namely that an estimated 22.1%
of the world’s electricity was generated from renewable sources
in 2013. That percentage is expected to rise as countries across
the globe pour money and resources into alternative, clean
energy. Posted.

Liquid air vehicles economic without subsidy, says report.  There
is ‘a compelling business case’ for introducing vehicles equipped
with liquid air engines in Britain, says a new report. The most
promising early applications include refrigerated trucks and
trailers, urban buses and delivery trucks, which could repay
their original investments within months or just a few years
without government subsidy.  Posted. 

California is in a drought emergency.
Visit www.SaveOurH2O.org for water conservation tips.

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