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harp -- The HARP Emission Inventory Module V2_0_2 is now available

Posted: 23 Jun 2014 15:16:31
The updated version of the new HARP Emission Inventory Module is
available for download. Please go to:
http://www.arb.ca.gov/toxics/harp/eim2download.htm to download
the software.  

Main changes made in this updated version:
1.	The Quality Assurance Report was modified to address issues
with converting non-condensable particular matter emissions into
tons per year and to correct an error that occurs when checking
2.	The importation of data using Excel files was improved to
address several issues including receiving inaccurate messages
when required data was missing.
3.	The New Area-wide Source Record window was changed to fix an
error that occurs when adding a new area-wide source.  And a Save
button was added to the Area-wide Data Entry Screen to make it
more user friendly.
4.	The New Receptor Record window was improved to include the
next available ID for a new receptor.  A Save button was added to
the Receptor Data Entry Screen to make it more user friendly.
5.	The Prioritization Report is improved to calculate
prioritization scores when stack information is not available. 
When a stack or stack height is not specified, a zero stack
height is assumed in the prioritization score calculation.
6.	The User Guide and Help Files are updated accordingly. 

Note: Please uninstall any previous versions of HARP2 before
installing the program.  Do not attempt to use data created
during the testing period.

To uninstall a previous version of HARP2, go to Start->Control
Panel->Programs and features, select the HARP2 program, and then
click “Uninstall” on the top menu bar.  Although uninstalling
HARP2 would only remove HARP2 program files, we recommend backing
up your data before uninstalling HARP2 to prevent accidental data

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