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newsrel -- ARB fines manufacturer of indoor air purifiers $120,000 for violations of air quality regulations

Posted: 24 Jul 2014 09:36:30
Please consider the following news release from the California
Air Resources
Board: http://bit.ly/1kYo5iW


July 24, 2014



Melanie Turner

(916) 322-2990


ARB fines manufacturer of indoor air purifiers $120,000 for
violations of air quality regulations

SACRAMENTO — The Air Resources Board has fined Envion LLC
$120,000 for air quality violations relating to two indoor air
cleaner models manufactured and sold by the company.

An investigation by the ARB showed that the Sherman Oaks-based
company manufactured, sold, supplied and offered for sale in
California indoor air cleaners that did not comply with the
state’s ‘Regulation for Limiting Ozone Emissions from Indoor Air
Cleaning Devices.’ These models — an air purifier for the home,
Ionic Pro Turbo, and a vehicle air purifier, Ionic Pro Car
Ionizer — were sold in California from October 2010 to November

ARB requires that air cleaner products be certified because of
their potential to exceed the health-based ozone emission limit
set for them. Ozone is a well-documented air pollutant that can
be harmful to public health and individual users. In addition,
any indoor air cleaning device not certified by ARB that is
advertised or sold via the Internet must display an advisory
stating that the product “Does not meet California requirements;
cannot be shipped to California.”  

“When purchasing air cleaners in California, consumers can look
for an ‘ARB certified’ label,” ARB Enforcement Chief Jim Ryden
said. “This label informs consumers that the product meets
California’s air quality requirements and can be sold in the
state. Our underlying goal is to protect public health.”

The settlement agreement, signed by ARB and Envion this spring,
indicates that Envion will pay $120,000 into the California Air
Pollution Control Fund, which provides funding for projects and
research to improve California’s air quality. 

Envion cooperated fully with the investigation. Envion took the
required steps to obtain certification and both models were
certified. The company also has taken steps to ensure future
compliance with California regulations. 

For more information about California certified air cleaners,
including tips for how to find a safe and effective air cleaner,
go to

California is in a drought emergency.
Visit www.SaveOurH2O.org for water conservation tips.

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