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consprod -- arbcombo -- New List Serves Established for Climate Change Early Actions

Posted: 26 Oct 2007 08:43:33
During the Air Resources Board Hearing on Thursday, October 25,
2007, the Board approved the additions of 7 Climate Change
Action measures to the existing list of 37 Early Action
that had been approved by the Board at its June 21, 2007
Hearing. The additions triple the previous list of 3 Discrete
Early Action measures. For future information about the Early
Action measures, please register into the newly established
serves for the measures by going to:


and choosing “Climate Change” as the Group of Lists, then click
“Display Email Lists & Archives” and select the list serves for
the Early Action measures.

Please note that some of the Early Action measures may be
covered under existing list serve groups. For example, one of
the Discrete Early Actions, “Reductions of High-GWP GHG
Emissions from Consumer Products”, will be covered under the
existing list serve group for “Consumer Products”.

Finally, we may be adding to the list. Please check back later
for those updates.

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