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arbcombo -- Diesel Truck and Bus Survey

Posted: 16 Nov 2007 12:00:25
We have posted an on-line survey to gather information on the use
of certain on-road diesel vehicles in California. The purpose of
the survey is to better understand the age and use of diesel
vehicles used in different operations such as long-haul, local
delivery, and other types of operations.  We are working on a
proposal that would currently require all diesel trucks and
buses subject to the regulation to meet 2007 engine standards by
2013 and 2010 engine standards by 2021.  We would like any
person, business or corporation that owns or is leasing, for
twelve months or more, any diesel powered truck, bus, pickup, or
other vehicle to complete the survey. The survey is available at
the following website:
A hard copy version is also available at the website.

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