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cc -- ARB 1990 Emissions Level Report Posted

Posted: 16 Nov 2007 21:16:13
ARB staff has posted a Staff Report titled “California 1990
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Level and 2020 Emissions Limit”.  The
posted staff report discusses the development of the 1990
statewide emissions level, provides a summary of the key
emissions sources, the methodologies used to calculate the
emissions, and the sources of the data. 


Staff will propose a 1990 statewide greenhouse gas emissions
level and 2020 emissions limit of 427 million metric tonnes
carbon dioxide equivalent (MMTCO2e) for consideration by the
Board at the December 6th Board hearing.  

Comments or questions on this report or its supporting
appendices should be directed to Webster Tasat, Manager of the
Emission Inventory Analysis Section, at (916) 323-4950,

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