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cc -- 1990 GHG Emissions Workshop Slides Posted

Posted: 26 Nov 2007 08:54:13
ARB staff has posted the slides for today’s workshop to discuss
the proposed 1990 greenhouse gas emissions level, which, if
approved by the Board at its December 6 hearing, would become
the 2020 GHG emissions limit.   More information on the
workshop, webcast links and presentation slides are available

ARB staff has also posted an updated draft 1990-2004 California
Greenhouse Gas emissions inventory, years 1990-2004.  The
1990-2004 inventory webpage provides links to the inventory in
summary and detailed pdf tables as well as the option to
download the full inventory in Excel.  A link to data
documentation pages for each GHG estimate in the inventory is
also available.


Comments or questions on the draft 1990-2004 inventory or
supporting information should be directed to Webster Tasat,
Manager of the Emission Inventory Analysis Section, at (916)
323-4950 or by e-mail at wtasat@arb.ca.gov

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