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arbcombo -- California Carbon Footprint Calculator

Posted: 03 Dec 2007 10:06:28
Help Us Develop a California Carbon Calculator

Our team is creating a comprehensive carbon footprint calculator
for use by individuals and businesses.  The calculator will rely
on user inputs to estimate greenhouse gas emissions for
individuals or households based on everyday activities.  It will
also provide information on ways to reduce these emissions. 
Three beta versions we are asking you to try out and comment on
are available at: www.coolcalifornia.org
  Your comments will help us as
we proceed to develop a single integrated calculator that is
easy to use and provides users with information to support low
carbon choices.  Therefore, we are requesting that you try one
or more of the three beta versions and complete the survey
linked to the webpage above.  We would appreciate receiving your
comments by December 15, 2007.  If you have any questions, please
contact Dr. Ken Bowers at  kbowers@arb.ca.gov
 or 916-323-1510.

Thank You

The California Carbon Footprint Working Group
  California Air Resources Board
  University of California , Berkeley - Berkeley Institute of
the Environment
  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  Next Ten
  California Energy Commission
  California Air Pollution Control Officers Association
  U.S. EPA

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