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newsclips -- ARB Newsclips for August 24, 2016.

Posted: 24 Aug 2016 15:06:21
ARB Newsclips for August 24, 2016. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Fares will soon decrease for buses from Orange County. The first
bus fare decrease in the Orange County Transportation Authority’s
history will go into effect along with its largest-ever service
overhaul in October, board members voted this week. Fare
reduction, approved 12-0 by the transportation authority board,
applies only to the day pass, which will drop from $5 to $4 for
six months starting Oct. 9…


Demand sags for California credits aimed at greenhouse gases.
California's latest carbon auction brought disappointing results
Tuesday as litigation and lagging support by lawmakers weigh down
the state's landmark programs combating climate change.
State officials said only 34 percent of the available carbon
pollution credits…

















California Lawmakers Move to Toughen Climate-Change Law. 
Assembly approves deeper cut in greenhouse gas emissions, but the
means are uncertain. Although California’s Democratic-controlled
Assembly voted Tuesday to expand and extend the state’s effort to
dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, the bill
left open the question of how it will be attained.















How air pollution is causing the world’s ‘Third Pole’ to melt. In
discussions about melting glaciers, most people think immediately
of the vast ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica. But there’s
another, less talked-about ice-filled region on Earth that’s also
experiencing dramatic melt, with millions of humans’ livelihoods
and water supply at stake. 

Air Quality Alert and close to 100 into the weekend. Today and
Thursday air quality is under a warning due to smoke from the
Cedar Fire and surrounding wildfires. The south valley floor is
affected through 11 AM. Mountain areas and the Kern River valley
affected through 4 PM each day this week. Skies are clear with
warm air still looming. Today into the weekend highs will near
the century marker. No rain for the next ten days!

Congestion in 2015 Affected Port’s Air Quality, According to
Annual Study. The congestion and type of energy sources used by
ships at the Long Beach port affected air quality, resulting
lower decreases in the emissions of harmful chemicals, despite
overall gains in environmental safety, according to a release.
The 2015 annual inventory of port emissions, conducted by an
independent consultant, found smaller decreases in emissions
between 2005 and 2015, in comparison to 2005 and 2014…



A Green Solution to Improve Indoor Air Quality. In 12 hours,
Dracaena plants removed nearly all the acetone from an airtight
chamber, suggesting they might be put to use as air filters in
nail salons. Christopher Intagliata reports.  Air pollution
outside is easy to spot, hanging over the city, or sputtering
from a tailpipe. But there's lot of indoor air pollution too,
even if it's not as obvious. It's caused by volatile organic
compounds, or VOCs.

Air pollution threat hidden as research 'presumes people are at
home': study. Previous investigations fail to reveal impact of
‘world’s largest human health threat’ because they do not account
for people’s movement, researchers say.  The true impact of air
pollution has been obscured by the failure to consider people’s
exposure as they move around during the day…


Hit by climate change, Central American coffee growers get a
taste for cocoa. Farmer Abelardo Ayala took a tough decision on
his estate in San Juan Tepezontes, a traditional coffee-producing
region of El Salvador: to swap his coffee trees for cocoa as a
warming climate hit his crop. Ayala said his plantation -
situated between 600 and 1,000 metres (1,969-3,281 feet) above
sea level… 

Human-caused climate change has been happening for a lot longer
than we thought, scientists say. A new paper is challenging our
understanding of how long human-caused climate change has been at
work on Earth. And the authors say their findings may question
existing ideas about how sensitive the planet is to greenhouse
gas emissions — with potentially big implications for our global
climate policy.

Feds weigh whether carbon pollution should be measured in highway
performance. The Department of Transportation is weighing whether
it should move ahead with new performance standards that would
require transportation projects to track, measure and reduce
carbon pollution.

EXCLUSIVE: New York City’s biggest buildings cut energy use,
greenhouse gas emissions. Thousands of the city’s biggest
buildings have slashed greenhouse gas emissions by 8% and energy
use by 6%, a new report found. The 3,000 buildings measured made
the cuts from 2010, when the city started requiring large
buildings to report their energy use, and 2013.

When will this massive Antarctic ice shelf break apart? Soon, say
scientists. A Delaware-sized chunk of ice could dislodge from the
Larson C ice shelf within the next few years, say scientists. A
crack is spreading rapidly across Antarctica’s fourth-largest ice
shelf, hastening the loss of a massive chunk of ice, say
scientists. Researchers from the British Antarctic Survey's
Project MIDAS found…

Australia will need to remove CO2 from air to keep warming below
2C, climate body says. Climate Institute report says
negative-emissions technology is imperative because risks of
global temperature reaching 2C are ‘unmanageable’. Australia will
blow its carbon budget with either the Coalition’s emissions
reduction targets, or those suggested by the Labor opposition,
highlighting the urgent need for negative-emissions technology…

Climate change is thawing deadly diseases. Maybe now we'll
address it? Earlier this month, an outbreak of anthrax in
northern Russia caused the death of a 12-year-old boy and his
grandmother and put 90 people in the hospital. These deadly
spores – which had not been seen in the Arctic since 1941 – also
spread to 2,300 caribou.


Why California’s Current Drought Is Different From the Past. In
1987, California was at the beginning of what would be a six-year
drought — the second driest in the state’s history. Fittingly,
that same year Peter Gleick helped to co-found the Pacific
Institute, a global think tank that would become a leader in
global environmental and California water issues.

Drought, labor costs concern table olive growers in down year.
Drought is still a concern for California table olive growers,
whose production in 2016 is expected to come in about 17 percent
lower than last year’s bumper crop. This year’s table olive crop
statewide is expected to come in at 65,000 tons, about 57,000 of
which are the Manzanillo variety and 7,000 of which are


Tesla Unveils Electric-Car Battery With a 315-Mile Range. The
company says its new ‘Ludicrous’ P100D will be the ‘fastest car
in the world’. Tesla Motors Inc. said it is offering its electric
vehicles with a battery capable of going up to 315 miles on a
charge, the first time a major auto maker has provided that much
electric range in a vehicle.
The company unveiled new versions of its Model S sedan…


VW Facing Uphill Battle Outside the U.S. in Emissions Claims.
German auto maker losing ground in Germany, Korea in bids to
forestall emissions claims. Governments, investors and car owners
around the world are gaining ground in efforts to pressure
Volkswagen AG for settlements over its emissions-cheating
scandal, aiming for terms similar to a $15 billion U.S.


Bond Market Smackdown: SolarCity vs. Sri Lanka. Elon Musk’s big
bond purchase should give his investors and Tesla shareholders
pause. The raging bond bull market evidently has its limits. That
is a problem for SolarCity, and quite possibly Tesla Motors

Calif. county rejects massive BLM-approved project. A Southern
California county refused to authorize a sprawling solar power
project yesterday, jeopardizing the contentious federally
approved project. The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors
yesterday voted not to approve the county's environmental review
of the 287-megawatt Soda Mountain Solar Project…

Price for solar at all-time low — lab report. The purchase price
of U.S. solar energy systems is at a record low, according to two
new reports from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The
"state of the market" reports examine both distributed solar
photovoltaic systems, such as those commonly found on residential
rooftops, and utility-scale solar.


Port of L.A. Takes Another Step Towards Zero Emissions.  Mayor
Eric Garcetti has appointed a new advisory board to support the
reduction of carbon emissions at the Port of L.A. The California
Air Resources Board (ARB) has announced that Los Angeles' mayor
Eric Garcetti has appointed a new advisory board, known as the
Sustainable Freight Advisory Committee, to support the reduction
of carbon emissions at the Port of Los Angeles (Port of L.A.).


Assembly OKs 2030 carbon goal, but cap-and-trade auction a bust.
Coincidence? Just moments after the state Assembly approved
legislation setting a new 2030 target for reducing greenhouse gas
emissions Tuesday, the Air Resources Board released results of
its latest quarterly auction of emission allowances, and they
were another financial debacle for the state.

Canadian carbon policy should not be an either/or proposition. A
study published this month by authors at U.S., Canadian and
British universities found that not only is there widespread
belief among Canadians that global warming is happening, but
Canadians also show strong support for adopting carbon-pricing
mechanisms in response.


California carbon market's August auction results see slight
rebound, but show need for post-2020 climate action. The results
released today from California and Quebec’s latest cap-and-trade
auction show a slight rebound in demand from results seen in May,
but still demonstrate the need for a continued commitment on
ambitious climate action beyond 2020.

CO2 Reduction Bill Finally Passes Assembly. It’s a big day for
cap-and-trade. First, the good news: SB 32, which would extend
the state’s CO2 reduction mandate to 2030, finally passed the
assembly. Unfortunately, the legislature did not agree to include
specific language extending cap-and-trade:  After an intense
floor debate, a bill extending California’s greenhouse gas
emission targets squeaked by in the Assembly on Tuesday.

Legislative Update: Climate Change, Cap and Trade, Fare Evasion.
The Senate’s signature climate change bill, S.B. 32, cleared a
hurdle this morning when it was approved by the Assembly on a
vote of 42 to 29.  The bill sets targets for California to reduce
its greenhouse gas emissions beyond 2020, when the current Global
Warming Solutions Act will expire. S.B. 32 will go back to the
Senate for another vote…

Legislative showdown on cap-and-trade on tap. With less than 10
days left in the legislative session, Sacramento politicians and
lobbyists and scurrying to cut deals.
One of the biggest ones is whether to extend AB 32—the climate
change legislation signed by former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
during his lousy term as the state’s leader.

Air Quality Regs Crucial to Truckers’ Health; Employer Negligence
Persists. Hey truckers, what are the emissions on your rig? If
you don’t know the answer, you could be in trouble — and we’re
not just talking about legal trouble, either. In 2008, the
California Air Resources Board (CARB) pushed through a series of
regulations related to heavy-duty diesel truck emissions.

This solar-powered pipe could produce 1.5 gallons of drinking
water for drought-stricken California. To improve conditions in
drought-stricken California, the organizers of this year’s Land
Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) recently invited artists,
designers and architects to come up with innovative plans for the
Santa Monica Pier…

California is in a drought emergency.
Visit www.SaveOurH2O.org for water conservation tips.

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