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newsclips -- ARB Newsclips for August 25, 2016.

Posted: 25 Aug 2016 15:09:15
ARB Newsclips for August 25, 2016.  

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Air Pollution = Huge Threat To Human Life In China. Fresh air is
missing as a core part of life in areas of China. Instead, air
that creates illness and hastens death is dominant. China is not
alone in terms of air pollution and water pollution. (See this
story or this one on the EU and this one on the US, for example.)
As a case of how bad it can get, however, China is a frightening


Global warming is melting the Greenland Ice Sheet, fast. The
Greenland Ice Sheet is losing 110,000 Olympic size swimming pools
worth of water each year. A new study measures the loss of ice
from one of world’s largest ice sheets. They find an ice loss
that has accelerated in the past few years, and their
measurements confirm prior estimates.

Limiting Global Warming Vital To Australia Preventing Global
Warming Entering “Uncharted Territory”. New research commissioned
by the Australian Climate Institute has concluded that it is
imperative for Australia to involve itself in limiting global
warming to well below 1.5°C to prevent the impacts upon Australia
entering into “uncharted territory.” The Climate Institute
commissioned globally recognized science and policy institute…

Man-made warming may have begun a lot earlier than we thought.
Before gasoline-powered cars crowded roads, before even the first
coal-fired power plant was built in the United States, humans had
begun warming Earth's climate. By 1831, the signals of man-made
global warming could be seen in the Arctic and the tropical

Climate change highlighted in Maine woods designation. Featured
in the work of Henry David Thoreau and a favorite hiking spot of
young Theodore Roosevelt, Maine's north-central forests have long
been a source of inspiration. Now climate change is being cited
as a reason to save it. "In addition to protecting spectacular
geology, significant biodiversity and recreational opportunities…

Coal official says it's 'no good' to reject climate change. It's
one thing when environmentalists say that fossil fuel companies'
positions on climate change are similar to Big Tobacco's past
deflections about the hazards of smoking. It's another entirely
when it's done by a coal official, who says his industry should
heed tobacco's costly lessons.

Climate change to double hay fever in Europe — study. More
miserable mornings with watery eyes, scratchy throats and
sneezing are on the horizon for allergy sufferers in Europe,
according to a new study. Pollen from ragweed, a plant that's
native to the Americas but is an invasive species in Europe, can
cause hay fever. By midcentury, the number of people sensitized
to ragweed pollen will double…

SB 32

Business groups urge members to lobby against climate change
bill. The California Assembly approved sweeping climate-change
legislation on Tuesday that is vigorously opposed by many
business groups in the Central Valley and throughout the state.
The bill, SB 32, would make the state reduce its greenhouse gas
emissions to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030.

Gov. Brown poised to sign 2030 climate targets. California will
set a sweeping economywide carbon emissions target of a 40
percent reduction below 1990 levels by 2030, after lawmakers
voted yesterday to approve a bill giving them more say in the
state's climate policies. The state Senate passed a bill to give
lawmakers more oversight of the California Air Resources Board,
the agency charged with writing...


API-funded study takes aim at biofuels' carbon neutrality. New
research funded in part by the American Petroleum Institute finds
that burning ethanol and biodiesel for fuel is not
carbon-neutral. The findings contradict the widely accepted
assumption that carbon released by burning biofuels will be
replaced through the growth of feedstock crops like corn…


Volkswagen to Compensate Dealers Affected By Emissions Scandal.
Volkswagen has reached a "deal in principle" to compensate 652 VW
brand dealers affected by its diesel emissions scandal, the
company announced today. The settlement amount has not yet been
disclosed, but will involve cash payments to "resolve alleged
past, current…


San Bernardino County rejects a controversial solar power plant
proposed for the Mojave Desert. The San Bernardino County Board
of Supervisors has rejected a controversial solar plant proposed
for the Mojave Desert’s Soda Mountains, citing concerns that the
project would destroy habitat and block ancient trails used by
bighorn sheep for thousands of years. In a 3-2 vote, the board on
Tuesday declined to certify documents required under state law in
order to issue county permits…


With new climate legislation, Gov. Brown gets even with the oil
industry. Gov. Jerry Brown got mad and one year later has gotten
even with the oil lobby. It’s a textbook example of what can
happen in a representative democracy when a leader is willing to
settle for realistic goals. It’s what results when one doesn’t
get too greedy and agrees to compromise. It’s also symptomatic of
one-party control. http://www.latimes.com/politics/ 

When did global warming start? It could be earlier than we
thought. Researchers say man-made climate change caused by
greenhouse gas emissions can be tracked as far back as the
mid-1800s, rather than the late 1800s, as previously thought.
When did manmade global warming begin? A new study suggests it
could have been decades earlier than we had thought.  Until now,
scientists believed that climate change started in the late

Oil companies stoke class warfare to stop climate-change
legislation. To the editor: The oil industry excels at pitting
poor people’s concerns against needed climate legislation. (“A
big question complicating the climate debate: Are current
policies only benefiting the rich?” Aug. 22) Assemblyman Jimmy
Gomez (D-Echo Park) is the latest to carry water for the oil

Climate change is the culprit in fires and floods alike. Gee,
what a fire season we’re having. At least five major fires in
California alone, one in our county. And it seems, year by year,
this situation is only getting worse. It is not difficult to see
the link between this and climate change, aka global warming.
Another scary feature of these times is the prevalence of heavy
rains and floods in many parts of the country.

How the Voters Feel About Climate Change Legislation. When the
greenhouse gases extension bill seemed to be stalled in the
legislature, Gov. Jerry Brown’s Executive Secretary, Nancy
McFadden, said that the administration would get its way on the
climate change: Either the bill would pass the legislature or the
governor would take his agenda to the ballot. He filed papers for
a ballot measure committee as a first step.

California's emissions regulations are about to get even
stricter. The Golden State wants its greenhouse-gas emissions to
be 40 percent lower than 1990's levels by 2030. California has
led US states when it comes to strict emissions regulations. But
being ahead of the pack clearly isn't good enough for the Golden
State, as it's on the verge of signing into law even stricter
regulations for cutting down on pollution.


Coal Executive Says His Industry Must Confront Climate Change.
Richard Reavey says climate denial is eerily parallel to the
tobacco industry’s old tactics, which hurt that business
long-term. It’s one thing when environmentalists say that fossil
fuel companies’ positions on climate change are similar to Big
Tobacco’s past deflections about the hazards of smoking.

California is in a drought emergency.
Visit www.SaveOurH2O.org for water conservation tips.

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