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arbcombo -- CARB Research Division Vacancies

Posted: 18 Dec 2007 17:17:46
If you're looking for career fulfillment, excellent benefits and

a supportive work environment, the Air Resources Board’s 
Research Division (RD) may be the place for you.

The Board’s Research Division has several job openings for 
positions reflecting the growing importance of climate change 
and the need for the ARB to deploy highly focused and 
scientifically strong groups to identify, develop, and implement

climate change emission reduction strategies that are consistent

with the goals of the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 
32). To see these and more ARB job openings visit our web page

The Research Division has multiple vacancies for Air Pollution 
Specialists and Air Resources Engineers. The most competitive 
candidates will have a strong technical background and knowledge

of climate change science. The most desirable qualifications are

an advanced degree in science or engineering, coupled with 
specific knowledge and experience with the regulatory 
development process, developing effective communication and 
outreach materials, knowledge of the research process, and a 
clear understanding of clean air technologies, as well as 
experience with data analysis/database management. Excellent 
written and verbal communication skills; ability to work 
effectively and cooperatively with a diverse stakeholder group 
including the public, other government agencies, and research 
organizations; and strong interpersonal and leadership skills 
are essential. We are seeking candidates who are team players 
with a positive attitude and dedication to work on one of the 
most important subjects of our time for California and the 

The applications will be screened and only the most qualified 
candidates will be interviewed. Only one application is 
necessary to apply for the openings. Please contact Teresa
Lestingue at tlesting@arb.ca.gov or 916-324-6747 if you have any
questions. The deadline for applications is 12/31/07 or until
filled. These positions are subject to the enactment of the
2007/2008 State budget. 

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