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gmbond -- ARB Workshops on Prop. 1B: Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program

Posted: 21 Dec 2007 15:47:19
The Air Resources Board (ARB) staff has scheduled the next round
of workshops to solicit public comment on the Proposition 1B: 
Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program.  Proposition 1B
authorized $1 billion in bond funding for ARB and local agency
partners to quickly reduce air pollution emissions and health
risk from freight movement along California’s priority trade
corridors.  ARB received the first installment of $250 million
this year.  

In the workshops, we will discuss staff’s recommendations for
adoption of proposed Program Guidelines, funding targets, and up
to $25 million in “early grant” projects at the January 24, 2008
Board hearing.  Workshops will be held:

January 7 in Sacramento;
January 8 in Oakland;
January 9 in Fresno;
January 10 in Long Beach; and 
January 11 in San Diego.

The complete meeting notice is available on ARB’s website at: 
http://www.arb.ca.gov/gmbond.  We expect to post the Staff
Report by the end of the year or shortly thereafter, and the
proposed Guidelines no later than January 7, 2008.

If you have questions, please contact the Goods Movement
Information Line at (916) 44-GOODS or gmbond@arb.ca.gov.

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