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asbestos -- Public Workshop to Discuss Potential Revisions to Test Method 435

Posted: 24 Dec 2007 10:29:49
The California Air Resources Board (ARB) staff invite you to
participate in the first workshop to discuss potential revisions
to Test Method 435 – Determination of Asbestos Content in
Serpentine Aggregate.  This test method is referenced by two ARB
airborne toxic control measures (for surfacing applications and
for construction, grading, quarrying, and surface mining
operations) that aim to limit public exposure to
naturally-occurring asbestos.  

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the Naturally-Occurring Asbestos list serve.  You may have been
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The purpose of this first workshop will be to discuss staff’s
rationale for modifying the test method as well as to discuss
potential areas of Test Method 435 to be revised.  Staff’s
proposed revisions will only focus on the laboratory sample
preparation and analytical portions of the test method.  In
addition, the two airborne toxic control measures are not being
considered for revision.  The workshop notice can be found at: 


Interested parties can follow activities related to this method
modification process at the newly created Test Method 435


You will receive another list serve notice when the workshop
agenda is posted on the homepage (approximately one week prior
to the workshop).  The agenda will include conference calling
instructions for those who want to participate but are unable to
attend in person.

If you have questions about the public workshop or the method
modification process, please contact Rebecca Neumann at (916)
324-1145 or via email at rneumann@arb.ca.gov.

Thank you.

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