Maps Available on this Website

This page last reviewed October 10, 2018

Map of California Air Basins There are several areas within this website that provide air quality management information along geographical lines called Find Your Community. In addition, there are a variety of maps throughout this website. The following is a list of the commonly requested map areas.
  • Fire Planning and Mapping Tools or California Wildfires
  • Gasoline Programs Maps
  • GIS Shapefiles (Projection: Teale Albers NAD83).
  • Health Outcomes (Resources for...) Interactive health maps from non-ARB sources
  • Hotspots Analysis Reporting Program (HARP) California County Street Maps in Three Different Formats
  • Prescribed Fire Incident Reporting System (PFIRS)
  • Quality Assurance Air Monitoring Site Information
  • Rail Yards in All of California
  • Railyard and Individual Communities
  • Regional Haze
  • Smoke Management Program - Technical Tools
  • State and Local Air Monitoring Network Plan
  • Street Maps to California Air Resources Board Facilities
  • Wilmington Community Maps

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