Mobile Source Emission Inventory -- EMFAC2011-HD

This page last updated on January 2013


EMFAC2011-HD is a new module of EMFAC2011 that estimates emissions for commercial diesel trucks and buses exceeding 14,000 pounds GVWR.  The module is written in Visual Basic on a MySQL platform.  Activity estimates are identical to those developed for the Statewide Truck and Bus Rule.  Emission rates are calculated regionally using updates developed for the Statewide Truck and Bus Rule, and the EMFAC method for assessing regional emission rates. 

  • EMFAC2011 output is available here.
  • EMFAC2011-HD cannot be used for conformity assessments.
  • EMFAC2011-HD is only compatible with the Windows 7 64-Bit Operating System and requires this additional free software to be installed in order to run:  .NET Framework 4, MySQL Community Server 5.5 winx64.msi, MySQL Connector Net 6.2, and MySQL Workbench 5.2.   
  • EMFAC2011-HD does NOT
    • estimate emissions for gasoline vehicles, diesel vehicles <14,000 pounds GVWR, urban transit buses or motor homes; 
    • correct CO2 emissions for the Pavley-I or Low Carbon Fuel Standard regulations;
    • include an estimate of emissions benefits for the Heavy Duty Tractor Trailer Greenhouse Gas Regulation.
  • The official ARB Statewide greenhouse gas mobile source emissions inventory is based upon fuel sales data and not EMFAC2011. However, EMFAC2011 does output greenhouse gas pollutants and may be used to estimate regional greenhouse gas emissions. For more information click here.
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