Off-Road Emissions Inventory Program

This page last reviewed April 14, 2010

The off-road emissions inventory is an estimate of the population, activity, and emissions estimate of the varied types of off-road equipment. The major categories of engines and vehicles include agricultural, construction, lawn and garden and offroad recreation, and includes equipment from hedge trimmers to cranes. The OFFROAD Model estimates the relative contribution of gasoline, diesel, compressed natural gas, and liquefied petroleum gas powered vehicles to the overall emissions inventory of the state.

For information, contact David Chou, Manager of the Off-Road Inventory and Assessments Section.

REVISION NOTICE: Both the EMFAC and OFFROAD Models develop CO2 and CH4 emission estimates; however, they are not currently used as the basis for ARB's official GHG inventory which is based on fuel usage information The ARB's official GHG inventory can be found at the link below:

ARB is working towards reconciling the emission estimates from the fuel usage approach and the models.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: The OFFROAD2007 Model does not reflect the following in-use rules/regulations:
  • Portable Equipment ATCM
  • Transportation Refrigeration Units (TRU) ATCM
  • Red/Green Sticker Program (Recreational Vehicles)
  • Carl Moyer Program
  • In-use Off-road Diesel Vehicle Regulation
  • Local Rules (e.g. Ban on 2-stroke gasoline pleasure craft on certain local lakes)


OFFROAD2007 [ZIP file, 1.3MB] Dated December 15, 2006 includes:
  • Install Files: offroad2007setup.exe and offroad2007.msi

*Note: If a previous OFFROAD2007 is already installed, please uninstall or move to another directory

For system requirements and a general overview of OFFROAD2007:

For a how-to-run guide on pleasure crafts and recreational vehicles:

For installation instructions and a quick how-to-run the model:

For a summary of the program structure of OFFROAD2007:

Mobile Source Emission Inventory Program