SWCV Regulatory Documents and Advisories

This page last update on July 9, 2012.

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Outreach to waste hauling companies regarding implementation of the solid waste collection vehicle regulation MSC 06-14 : ARB has posted an advisory regarding continuing outreach efforts to the waste hauling community.
Solid waste collection vehicle installation of BACT MSC 06-13: ARB has posted an advisory concerning the installation California verified Best Available Control Technology for solid waste collection vehicles.
Letter to cities regarding the solid waste collection waste regulation 2004 Report letter: ARB update to city and county officials on the highlights of the 2004 Report with a request for ongoing support of the program.
2004 report on solid waste collection vehicle rule 2004 Report: ARBís Solid Waste Collection Vehicle Rule 2004 report detailing the results of the first full year of implementation is available.
Fleet and Fee increase information survey letter Survey letter: The ARB is requesting from the waste collection companies fleet and fee increase information for compliance with the Diesel PM Control Measure for On-road Heavy-duty Diesel-fueled Residential and Commercial Solid Waste Collection Vehicles. Please provide this information by email no later than June 30, 2006.
Compliance extension for Group 2a Waste collection engines MSC 06-05: The ARB has posted mail-out addressing a Compliance Extension for solid waste collection vehicles with Group 2a (MY 1960-1987) engines.
Implementing the solid waste collection vehicle rule MSC 06-01: Regarding an update on the SWCV rule to remind municipalities and waste hauling companies about issues of concern.
Ashburn air quality and use of biodiesel fuel MSC 05-21: The California Senate passed Senate Bill 975, which allows within California any federal, state, or local agency; any regulated utility, and any owner or operator of solid waste collection vehicles to use B20 with retrofit devices through 2008 whether or not the device is verified with its use. An advisory letter, clarifying the use of B20, diesel that contains 20 percent by volume biodiesel, in conjunction with retrofit devices is now available.
Enforcement of the solid waste collection vehicle regulation begins Advisory 331: An advisory concerning the beginning of enforcement activities for the Solid Waste Collection Vehicle rule has been posted.
Early compliance extensions for solid waste collection vehicles MSC 05-02: The SWCV Regulation, section 2021.2 (d)((1), allows owners to be granted compliance deadline extensions based on early implementation, provided the Executive Officer has received a letter by the applicable early compliance deadline (July 1, 2005 for MY 1988 -2002 engines) stating the owner's intent to use early compliance.
Compliance deadlines approaching for solid waste collection vehicles MSC 04-18: As of December 31, 2004, ten percent of your 1988-2002 engine model year (MY) collection vehicles must be in compliance with ARB-verified Best Available Control Technology (BACT). In addition, as of December 31, 2004, all California collection vehicles must have appropriate labels.
Compliance extension until 12/31/2005 for Group 1 solid waste collection vehicles if no VDECS are available for specific engine families EO G-04-050: In September 2003 the ARB adopted a new rule requiring owners of collection vehicles to phase-in the use of best available diesel particulate matter control technology on collection vehicles with 1960-2006 model year engines between 2004 and 2010.
Letter to Cities and Counties regarding implementation of the solid waste collection vehicle regulation City and County Letter: The ARB is moving ahead with implementing regulations to reduce toxic particulate matter (PM) emissions from diesel-fueled commercial and residential waste collection vehicles.