AQIP and Low Carbon Transportation Advanced Technology Demonstration Projects

This page last reviewed September 4, 2018

The purpose of the Advanced Technology Demonstration Projects is to help accelerate the next generation of advanced technology vehicles, equipment, or emission controls which are not yet commercialized. Typically, local air districts, other public agencies, and California-based non-profit organizations would be eligible to apply for these projects to demonstrate promising technologies to reduce emissions.

For more information regarding the Advanced Technology Demonstration Projects, see the Low Carbon Transportation and AQIP Funding Plans or contact Earl Landberg at 916.323.1384.

The table below shows the list of all Advanced Technology Demonstration Projects funded by Low Carbon Transportation Investments and/or AQIP, including a status of each project.  A link is provided to view the Final Report for all completed projects.

Advanced Technology Demonstration Projects
Fiscal Year Grantee Project Solicitation Project Title Award Amount Status
2016-2017CALSTART NEW! On-Road Advanced Technology Demonstration ProjectsOpposed Piston Engine Class-8 Heavy-Duty On-Road Demonstration$6,994,601In progress
Gas Technology Institute Fast Track Fuel Cell Truck Project$5,081,478In progress
Long Beach Harbor Department (Port of Long Beach) NEW! Off-Road Advanced Technology Demonstration Projects C-PORT:  The Commercialization of POLB Off-Road Technology Demonstration Project $5,339,820 In progress
The Center for Transportation and the Environment Demonstration of Zero-Emission Technologies for Freight Operations at Ports $6,508,543 In progress
Bay Area Air Quality Management District (AQMD) Zero-Emission Hydrogen Ferry Demonstration Project $3,000,000 In progress
Project Clean Air San Joaquin Valley Electric Tractor Development and Demonstration $1,500,000 In progress
San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (APCD) San Joaquin Valley Zero-Emission Cargo Handling Demonstration Project $772,555 In progress
Los Angeles Harbor Department (Port of Los Angeles) Zero-Emission Track-Miles Locomotive Demonstration $2,768,830 In progress
2014-2015 Los Angeles Harbor Department (Port of Los Angeles) Multi-Source Facility Demonstration Project Port of Los Angeles Green Omni Terminal Project $14,510,400 In progress
San Bernardino Associated Governments Multi-Class Heavy-Duty Zero-Emission Truck Development Project for Intermodal and Warehouse Facilities $9,100,800 In progress
2014-2015 South Coast AQMD Zero-Emission Drayage Truck Demonstration Project
California Collaborative Advanced Technology Drayage Truck Demonstration $23,658,500 In progress
2012-2013 Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach
Zero-Emission Off-Road Equipment Electric Yard Truck Demonstration (EYTD) $1,000,000
Project Complete
Final Report (PDF- 3.07MB)
2011-2012 San Diego County APCD
Advanced Hybrid Technology in School Buses Economical Electric School Bus Project $503,304
Project Complete
Final Report (PDF- 2.40MB)
Kings Canyon Unified School District Central Valley Electric/Hybrid School Bus Demonstration $421,661.50 Project Complete
Final Report (PDF- 4.22MB)
2010-2011 San Joaquin Valley APCD Cordless Zero-Emission Commercial Lawn and Garden Equipment Cordless Zero-Emission Commercial Lawn and Garden Equipment Demonstration $250,000 Project Complete
Final Report (PDF- 859KB)
Mojave Desert AQMD Can Green Take the Heat?  $15,000 Project Complete
Final Report (PDF- 16.74MB)
South Coast AQMD Demonstration of Cordless Zero-Emission Lawn and Garden Equipment for Commercial Use $51,667 Project Complete
Final Report (PDF- 712KB)
Bay Area AQMD Ultra Low-Emitting Locomotive Emission Levels Tier-4 NREC Genset Switcher $508,466 Project Grant Expired
Final Report (PDF- 2MB)
Bay Area AQMD DPF Retrofit of a Genset Switcher: GTE Device $229,830 Project Complete
Final Report (PDF- 7.38MB)
Bay Area AQMD Technologies to Reduce Main Engine Usage or Other Emission Reducing Technology while Maintaining Operational Requirements on Marine Vessels Wind Assist Marine Demonstration Project for Ferry Districts on San Francisco Bay $164,250.20 Project Complete
Final Report (PDF- 2.33MB)
South Coast AQMD Retrofit a Tugboat with Hug Nauticlean DPF/SCR System $439,000 Project Grant Expired
Final Report (PDF- 7.95MB)
2009-2010 Sacramento Metropolitan AQMD Advanced Locomotives After Treatment Technologies EMD Line-Haul DPF Retrofit $502,865 Project Complete
Final Report (PDF- 1.33MB)
Port of Los Angeles Tier-4 PM Retrofit System for a Genset Switcher: Johnson Matthey Device $346,178 Project Complete
Final Report (PDF- 8.80MB)
Port of Long Beach Hybridization of an Existing Marine Vessel Hybrid Tugboat Retrofit $1,000,000 Project Complete
Final Report (PDF- 7.44MB)