AB 118 Air Quality Improvement Program Project Solicitations

This page last reviewed August 22, 2012

The Air Resources Board will issue competitive grant solicitations for each project category listed in the
Air Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) FY 2011-12 Funding Plan. All project solicitation documents will be located on this web page.  When the application period begins, a solicitation announcement will be sent to the AQIP List Serve and the work group for each of the AQIP project categories. Each project solicitation will be open for an application period of approximately one month.

Fiscal Year 2011-12 AQIP Grant Solicitation Schedule
Project Application Period Solicitation Documents
Clean Vehicle Rebate ProjectClosed August 25, 2011
Application Review Complete
Grantee Selected: California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE)

Solicitation Announcement (PDF- 80KB)
CVRP Solicitation (PDF- 78KB)
Appendix A - Application (PDF- 48KB)
Appendix B - Draft Implementation Manual (PDF- 366KB)
Appendix C - Sample Grant Agreement (PDF- 94KB)
Applicant Workshop Q&A (PDF- 137KB)
Hybrid Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive ProjectClosed January 16, 2012
Application Review Compete
Grantee Selected:  CALSTART
Solicitation Announcement (PDF- 186KB)
HVIP Solicitation (PDF- 81KB)
Appendix A - Application (PDF- 49KB)
Appendix A - Application (Word - 103KB)
Appendix B - Draft Implementation Manual (PDF- 287KB)
Appendix C - Sample Draft Grant Agreement (PDF- 85KB)
Applicant Workshop Q&A (PDF - 82KB)
Advanced Technology Demonstration Projects: Advanced Hybrid Technologies in School BusesClosed December 14, 2011
Application Review Complete
Grantees Selected: Kings Canyon Unified School District and San Diego APCD

Solicitation Announcement (PDF 25K)
Advanced Hybrid Technologies in School Buses Solicitation (PDF- 109K)
Appendix A- Application (PDF- 50K)
Appendix B- Sample Grant Agreement (PDF- 183K)
Appendix C- Cost Effectiveness Methodology (PDF- 39K)
Applicant Workshop Q&A (PDF- 157KB)
Advanced Technology Demonstration Projects: Locomotive Technologies that Approach, Meet, or Exceed United States Environmental Protection Agency Tier 4 Emission LevelsReleased: February 29, 2012
Closed April 30, 2012 5:00 PM
No Applications Received
Solicitation Announcement (PDF- 80KB)
Locomotive Technologies Solicitation (PDF- 278KB)
Appendix A - Application (PDF- 122KB)
Appendix B - Sample Grant Agreement (PDF- 471KB)
Appendix C - Cost Effectiveness Methodology (PDF- 181KB)
Applicant Workshop Q&A (PDF- 138KB)