Transit What's New Archive 2003

This page last reviewed December 21, 2010


Transit Agency Fleet Rule Annual 2004 Reporting Forms along with the Non-Urban Bus Survey Form for 2003 have been posted. Go There.


The workshop presentation on the Proposed Modifications to the Exhaust Emission Standards for Heavy Duty Urban Bus Engines and the Fleet Rule for Transit Agencies for December 2 and 3, 2003 is available. Go There.


Cal Transit Fall Conference:
The ARB presentation given by Dr. Nancy Steele and Kathleen Mead on November 12, 2003, at the California Transit Association Fall Conference is available. Go There.


A draft of the proposed modifications to the exhaust emission standards for heavy duty urban bus engines and the fleet rule for transit agencies is now available for discussion. The proposed modifications will be discussed at the December 2 (El Monte) and three (Sacramento) workshops described below. If you cannot attend either workshop, the December 3 workshop will be audio-cast.


Public workshops regarding proposed modifications to the fleet rule for transit agencies have been scheduled for December 2 (El Monte) and 3 (Sacramento). At this time, ARB does not have draft regulations available and there is no attachment to the notice. Draft regulations will be available one week prior to the workshops and will be posted on this website.


The letter to Orion Bus from ARB regarding the use of 2003 MY engines in 2004 chassis buses has been posted to the general information and letters site: Go There.


Mailout: MSC #03-05
Notice of Public Availability of Modified Text: Public Hearing to Consider Amendments to the Public Transit Bus Fleet Rule and Emisison Standards for New Urban Buses and Attachment II - Regulatory Amendments Text of the 15-Day Modifications (See attached web page.) Go There.


We are conducting a survey to gather information pertaining to your non-urban buses in your fleets. Please see link attached to retrieve the Fleet Information Survey Form. Go There.


Mailout: MSC #03-04

Public Workshop Regarding Proposed Diesel Particulate Matter Control Measure for On-Road Heavy-Duty Diesel-Fueled Publicly Owned and Operated Fleets Including Non-Urban Transit Buses to view or download a copy, please visit the following web page: Go There.


Kathleen Mead is the new lead person for the fleet rules for transit agencies as of January 2003. Kathleen is not new to ARB or air pollution, having worked in the air pollution field since 1986 at the local and state levels in regulation development, compliance inspection and assistance, inspection training, and as an ombudsman. As an ombudsman, she tracked regulation development to assure adequate stake holder participation, resolved issues, coordinated with local and national business assistance programs, and participated in outreach activities. For the past three years, she designed and implemented the Cal/EPA Inspector Certification Program and the Cal/EPA Basic Inspector Academy. Kathleen's new role will focus on regulatory issues, analysis and changes, reports to the Board, and outreach regarding the transit fleet rule.

Angela Iniguez continues in her critical role as your primary contact person for records, report development, submittals, and surveys. Please feel free to contact either of the transit bus fleet team members or me if you need assistance. Go There.
Nancy L. C. Steele, Manager
Retrofit Implementation Section